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Please note there is NO real episode 4 for this series. The music video OVA called Episode 4 has no new characters and therefore is omitted from this Character List.


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    Main Characters 

Yohko Mano

Actor(s): Aya Hisakawa (Japan), Amanda Winn-Lee (USA)

The 108th generation devil hunter.

  • Action Girl: The main action girl who fights in all five episodes, six if you include the music video episode.
  • Clothing Damage: You never see an episode where Yohko is fully clothed throughout an episode. Not one.
  • Red Is Heroic: She often wears a red uniform, especially when battling demons.

Chikako Ogawa

Actor(s): Chieko Honda (Japan), Tiffany Grant (USA)

The 108th generation devil hunter's best friend and manager.

Azusa Kanzaki

Actor(s): Konami Yoshida (Japan), Kimberly Yates (USA)

The 108th generation devil hunter's relative and apprentice devil hunter.

  • Action Girl: The secondary action girl of the series. She doesn't really do all that well, though.
  • Jumped at the Call: The second episode has Azusa come to Tokyo to join Yohko as an assistant.
  • Put on a Bus: Episode 6 features Azusa going to visit her parents. Another Azusa comes and DOES NOT take her place.

Madoka Mano

Actor(s): Yūji Mitsuya (old), Satomi Koorogi (young) (Japan), Sharon Shawnessey (old), Laura Chapman (young) (USA)

The 107th generation devil hunter. Yohko's grandmother.

  • Action Girl: Back in the day, Madoka Mano was an action girl herself.
  • Badass Biker: Leather jacket, check. Googles and scarf that cover her face, check. A motorcycle that can speed through Tokyo highways and somehow survive to crash through a skylight? Check.
  • Consummate Liar: Never gives Yohko a straight answer when it's important. Like in Episode 1 when demons try to rape or kill her. Or in Episode 6 when rivals try to oust her.
  • Never Mess with Granny: A major lampshade. Ninja devil hunter since she was a child.

Sayako Mano

Actor(s): Hiromi Tsuru (Japan), Carol Amerson (USA)

The 108th generation devil hunter's mother.


    Episode 1 Characters 

Osamu Wakabayashi

Actor(s): Kappei Yamaguchi (Japan), Steve Bosco (USA)

The only person that tried to have sex with Yohko. Ever. Never seen since Episode 1. If you have information about his whereabouts, please contact someone who cares, because Yohko doesn't.

  • Love Hotel: Where Osamu takes Yohko after hypnotizing her on the bridge.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: Poor Osamu. The principal got hot for Osamu, curses Osamu to rape Yohko, grandmother breaks in to stop them, then last seen at a party being hit in the head by Yohko tearing her already torn battle dress. Not seen at all for the remainder of very short series.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: One of the only male survivors of the franchise and no more is heard from him after Episode 1.

School Principal

Actor(s): Mika Doi (Japan), Marcy Rae (USA)

The principal of Yohko's high school. Her job? Discipline students and assist a demon queen to take over the world.

  • All Women Are Lustful: Dirty Old Woman and a pedo to boot. She's hot for students.
  • Evil Plan: Stop the devil hunter from slaying the upcoming Black Queen before the eclipse at midnight, so that Earth falls into demon rule.

    Episode 2 Characters 

    Episode 3 Characters 

Master Biryuu

Actor(s): Kaneto Shiozawa (Japan), Milton Lawrence (USA)

The love interest of Yohko in Episode 3.

Princess Yanagi

Actor(s): Sumi Shimamoto (Japan), Kim Sevier(USA)

The woman who is in love with Master Biryuu in Episode 3.

Dragon King

Actor(s): Kiyoyuki Yanada (Japan), Tristan MacAvery(USA)

The dragon that forbids romance between Biryuu and Yanagi.

Old Woman

Actor(s): Reiko Suzuki (Japan), Marcie Corder(USA)

The retainer to Master Biryuu.

    Episode 5 Characters 


Actor(s): Issei Futamata (Japan), Matt Greenfield (USA)

The main demon of Episode 5.

    Episode 6 Characters 

Ayako Mano

Actor(s): Aya Hisakawa (Japan), Amanda Winn-Lee (USA)

Yohko's rival.

  • Dark Action Girl: The main rival to Yohko, thanks to a family feud between two sisters of all things.

Azusa Number 2

Actor(s): Konami Yoshida (Japan), Kimberly Yates (USA)

The apprentice to Ayako. Won't somebody give the poor girl a last name?

Chiaki Mano

Actor(s): Shigeru Chiba (Japan), Laura Chapman (USA)

The twin sister of Madoka Mano and bitter rival.

Yuusuke Sano

Actor(s): Shin-ichiro Miki (Japan), Brayn Bounds (USA)

One of the love interests of Yohko in the final episode.


Actor(s): Issei Miyazaki (Japan), Doug Smith (USA)

Another of the love interests of Yohko in the final episode.



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