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Talking crack-bat: Welcome to the Game Master's Board! You've been chosen to play! Would you like to know the rules?
Me: Not really.
Talking crack-bat: There can only be one champion by the end of the Game! If you want to win, eliminate your fellow players – every death earns you points! Use those points at the Pawn Shops to buy the things you need to survive! Round one is a free-for-all – you'd better get going.
Me: ...Yeah sure whatever.
Talking crack-bat: And remember – the Hearts are around for medical aid, so-
Me: How many points do I get for killing you?
A conversation between Tisiphone and a talking bat explaining the basic plot.

The Game Master's Tournament is a group of blogs that take place within The Fear Mythos. They all feature dfferent characters, but all begin the same way: the character wakes up on "the Game Board," a place with a checkerboard ground and orange skies, and they are instructed that they are a part of the "Game Master's Tournament" and there will only be one winner. To win, everyone else has to die.

Here are the characters:

There's also a large group of other characters that appear in the story, many of which act as antagonists. These include:

  • The Hanging Man
  • The Jack-In-The-Box/The Jack of All
  • The Pied Piper of Hamelin


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