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The Tale Weaver Challenges is a direct sequel to The Game Masters Tournament and is a competition that places characters (usually the people that Malachai Dewitt a.k.a The Tale Weaver knew in his former life. It is sort of a revenge plot against all of them. The Tale Weaver of course is the former apprentice/successor of the Game Master. He awakes some of his old companions even from the dead. Each character goes trough a certain personalized challenge or hell if you will to redeem themselves in one way or another.


It includes:

  • The Tale Weaver also keeps a blog where he gives updates on what is happening in the challenges.
  • Axiom, who was brought back to life by his girlfriend Ivory.
  • Emily Kim was brought back to life by The Tale Weaver. quickly killed off by Axiom
  • Saylo Xdranyl a former Vision servant brought back to life by mysterious means.
  • Drake Miri former host of Genome.
  • Calyber, an anime obsessed teenager.
  • Gordon Tayler, Saylo's rival, a duelist who was brought back by mysterious means
  • Sinclair Volaria, Dewitt's former competitive rival and fellow private investigator.
  • Vance House, Dewitt's old poker buddy and self proclaimed "luckiest man in the world."
  • Charles Carter, a former member of the British Army during World War 2.
  • Chris Wilson, A runner of the Cold Boy.




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