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The Daniel-Verse Phase 2 is a continuation of the Daniel Verse created by Acelegin, and is part of the Fear Mythos. It currently consists of the following blogs;

  • Bring On The Fear; A blog by Daniel Ferris and Tony Helioson, and sequel to Daniel & Friends.
  • Lone Timberwolf; A blog by Puppy Dog, a Timberwolf who is hunting Daniel.

Tropes appearing in the story include:

  • Appropriated Appellation: Puppy Dog
  • Back from the Dead; The Bloody Biker and Bill Dawson both survived, then they were presumed dead.
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  • Big Damn Heroes; Para Dan shows up at the just in time to save Tony from Bill Dawson.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome; Daniel continues to suffer. In fact, his inability to safe everyone has been driving him over the edge.
  • Cluster F-Bomb; Tony delivers one just for the sake of annoying HELLFIRE.
  • Enemy Mine; Daniel has been driven to seek help from Abdalin, a former servant of The Game Master.
  • Human Weapon; The Fury's purpose.
  • The Bus Came Back; Keursio returns, after a long absence, as well as Damien Monroe.
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