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I know I'm about to commit heresy here, but still I'm tempted to ask: Do we seriously need a whole "trope" page to exist for the sole reason of being a pothole for each and every pun tropers make? (Regardless of what it's called, Pun, Incredibly Lame Pun, Worldwide Punomenon, Just for Pun, or whatever)

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[up] My personal opinion? No. But I think that particular sinkhole habit is so entrenched in the troper hive mind that it would be a pain and a half to break. Worth the effort? Maybe. But this discussion would be better to be had in the Incredibly Lame Pun TRS thread.

And here's the example and wick check:

Examples: 137

Wick Check

Wick check summary:
  • Total wicks checked: 115 (10%)
  • Total number of uses: 152
    • sinkholes: 97 (64%)
    • used for "this is a pun" or "this work uses puns": 39 (26%)
    • used for non-person Punny Names: 8 (5%)
    • used for World of Pun: 3 (2%)
    • other (mostly misuse for one of the other pun tropes): 5 (3%)

EDIT: I have no idea why that one link (the My Little Pony redlink) is broken. It's not typed the way the redlink shows.

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Heh, I suggest we just create a page called Pothole For Puns. And the only text on this page would be "Use this page as a pothole for your puns."cool
Maybe Pun Intended/No Pun Intended, to actually communicate a message besides "har har I made a funny". That's not heresy at all, but using potholes to communicate complex ideas with a short phrase is kind of a "style" associated with TV Tropes culture, fighting that seems like spitting against the tide.

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Becky: Who are you? The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.
Huck: What's your name? The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.
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[up] That lost the crowner in the Incredibly Lame Pun thread.

Returning the the question of what to do with A Worldwide Punomenon, I understand Routerie's suggestion to redirect and start over in YKTTW with the "pun heavy work" trope, but I'm reluctant to go that route for one main reason: I like A Worldwide Punomenon as a name: it's clever* while still being understandable. And it's more unique/interesting than, say, World of Pun (the only alternate title I can think of), without really being any less clear. I would really rather not see A Worldwide Punomenon consigned to the alt-titles ghetto.

That said, it's probably not a bad idea to put the pun-heavy-works trope through YKTTW.

Also, from the wick check, it looks like Worldwide Punomenon was being used to cover cases where episodes or work titles were puns. So the question is, is that covered under Punny Name, or should we create a different trope to catch those examples?

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[up]That said, World of Pun would be the same format as World of Ham or World of Snark, which might make it easier to understand at a glance.
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I'll write up a description for the World of Pun trope.

We need to decide whether we're going to transplant that to A Worldwide Punomenon or if we're going to redirect A Worldwide Punomenon to Incredibly Lame Pun.
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Disagree, but look it up
I thought this trope was about how some puns simply can't be passed up when the opportunity arrives, and was largely the antithesis of "Incredibly lame pun", that it was kind of the "Tropes Are Not Bad" equivalent.
Should we have a pick that requires a caption in order for the demonstration to be clear?

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Helps but does not require.
Becky: Who are you? The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.
Huck: What's your name? The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.
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I've created a page-action crowner.
Crowner glued to thread.
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Bumping for votes.

Also, if anyone could help me with the description for World of Pun (see the YKTTW), that would be appreciated.
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Re-bumping for votes.
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More votes would be good.

World of Pun is nearly ready for launch.
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One question here: This supertrope pun, in which way is it related to the Incredibly Lame Pun Pothole Magnet? It seems like the latter could easily be redirected to pun and an In-Universe trope split off.
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[up] It's separate. I agree that a redirect/change in Pothole Magnet would make sense, but that lost the Incredibly Lame Pun crowner, so it's not going to happen.

What I have been trying to figure out is how Pun, the definition, should interact with Punny Stuff, the index for all pun-related tropes. Pun would be the supertrope of all (or almost all—I haven't looked that closely) of all the tropes on Punny Stuff.
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[up]I wonder if a merge of Punny Stuff with pun would be in order there - but I am not sure if I should bring it up here.

Re Incredibly Lame Pun: Such a split is probably for the future to consider.
Calling crowner. The top option should be implemented.
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Should cleaning A Worldwide Punomenon wicks (because it's been widely used as a general pun pothole magnet) get its own SE thread?
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[up]Yes, they should go to Incredibly Lame Pun. Btw, Nocturna, the crowner was about which page would be the Pothole Magnet - redirecting it to Pun and splitting the In-Universe form to another page would be OK.

I say that Punny Stuff and Pun look like they could be merged (unless I said this already)
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I've made a definition page Pun, but it needs some expansion.

I've also made a crowner to clear up the relationships between Pun and Incredibly Lame Pun and Punny Stuff, but I'll wait until we get the World of Pun YKTTW done before starting it.
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Are we going to merge Punny Stuff into Pun?

Alternative Titles: Incredibly Lame Pun
24th Jul '12 4:51:24 AM
Vote up names you like, vote down names you don't. Whether or not the title will actually be changed is determined with a different kind of crowner (the Single Proposition crowner). This one just collects and ranks alternative titles.
At issue:
Note: The lameness being acknowledged In Universe is an important part of Incredibly Lame Pun. It's not just about lame puns and a name like "<Adjective> Pun" will almost certainly be misused as a Pothole Magnet.

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