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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Note: These options aren't mutually exclusive. Please exercise judgment. They don't conflict with the Incredibly Lame Pun 1, 2 or A Worldwide Punomenon crowners either

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Merge Punny Stuff into Pun?

Pro: Having separate pages for a supertrope and the index of subtropes is redundant.

Split the In-Universe reaction on Incredibly Lame Pun to another page (name TBD) and redirect Incredibly Lame Pun to Pun, leaving both Pun and ILP as Pothole Magnets

Pro: As it currently stands, Incredibly Lame Pun is In-Universe on the page and a Pothole Magnet in the wicks. This redirect transplant would upgrade the In-Universe form of ILP to a full grade trope while also keeping the Pothole Magnet and redirecting it to a more correct trope.

Move the current Incredibly Lame Pun wicks to Pun. Restrict Incredible Lame Pun to the in-universe reaction, which is what the page currently claims to cover.