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The Place for Purging Porn and Pedo-Pandering (AKA P5 flag evaluations)Posts: 14,387 May 23rd 2022 at 1:15:13 PM
Content Policy DiscussionPosts: 2,312Mar 12th 2022 at 10:19:40 AM
Replacing the 5P systemPosts: 88Sep 19th 2021 at 4:22:41 PM
Page Restoration PetitionsPosts: 2,921Aug 23rd 2021 at 1:25:17 AM
Post-links Pertinent to the P5 Perusal ProcessPosts: 67Sep 2nd 2012 at 5:08:14 AM
P5 Decisions and Announcements Posts: 2Apr 28th 2012 at 3:49:02 PM
Needs Help: Posts: 1May 9th 2021 at 8:09:19 AM
More testing Posts: 1May 9th 2021 at 6:17:56 AM
Wanted! New 5P Members! Apply Here! (November 2016) Posts: 62Jan 18th 2017 at 4:13:10 PM
Divi-Dead (Feedback Requested) Posts: 8Sep 14th 2013 at 3:47:39 PM
Lotte no Omocha (feedback requested) Posts: 104Mar 25th 2013 at 9:31:27 AM
Popotan (P5 only) Posts: 28Sep 19th 2012 at 9:45:37 AM
Nozoki Ana (Feedback Wanted) Posts: 15Sep 5th 2012 at 6:23:00 AM
Omamori Himari- Feedback Wanted Posts: 23Jul 30th 2012 at 12:56:34 PM
Sengoku Rance - P5 only
Posts: 128Jul 27th 2012 at 8:30:14 PM
Ironwood - P5 only Posts: 8Jul 27th 2012 at 8:30:44 AM
Baldr Sky (P5 only)
Posts: 239Jul 23rd 2012 at 6:55:01 PM
Patalliro (Feedback requested) Posts: 10Jul 20th 2012 at 7:06:26 AM
Bliss Stage (all versions, feedback needed) Posts: 58Jul 17th 2012 at 11:37:25 AM
Ai No Kusabi (Feedback Requested) Posts: 55Jul 11th 2012 at 3:54:53 PM
Eiyuu Senki (Feedback Requested) Posts: 17Jul 11th 2012 at 2:03:54 PM
Lucky Dog 1 (feedback requested) Posts: 42Jul 10th 2012 at 12:03:33 PM
Sky Girls (Feedback Requested) Posts: 51Jul 9th 2012 at 9:42:51 AM
Otoko no Ko wa Meido Fuku ga Osuki (input needed) Posts: 57Jun 30th 2012 at 3:04:11 PM
Atlach=Nacha (feedback requested) Posts: 35Jun 25th 2012 at 12:50:15 PM
Franchise/Rance (P5 only) Posts: 80Jun 21st 2012 at 7:15:56 AM
Kagami Hiiragi Snuggling After Sex (Feedback Requested) Posts: 81Jun 18th 2012 at 8:53:24 AM
Ghastly's Ghastly Comic (feedback needed) Posts: 25Jun 14th 2012 at 8:02:45 PM
Intense (feedback requested) Posts: 8Jun 6th 2012 at 2:38:12 PM
What to do with FanFic/Naruto Veangance Revelaitons (P5 only) Posts: 4Jun 6th 2012 at 12:07:52 AM
The Blonde Marvel - 5P Only Posts: 9Jun 3rd 2012 at 3:51:12 PM
Arcade Gamer Fubuki (P5-only) Posts: 58May 31st 2012 at 12:54:45 AM
Morenatsu (Feedback Requested) Posts: 75May 30th 2012 at 5:41:02 AM
Katahane - Feedback Wanted Posts: 70May 28th 2012 at 6:09:33 PM
Dragon Crisis (Feedback Requested) Posts: 12May 24th 2012 at 7:36:04 AM
Manga/Onani Master Kurosawa (feedback needed) Posts: 15May 22nd 2012 at 4:02:44 AM
Tales of the Unrefined (feedback needed) Posts: 28May 20th 2012 at 3:39:28 PM
FATAL - feedback needed Posts: 48May 17th 2012 at 6:02:09 PM
Mysterious Skin - Feedback Wanted Posts: 8May 15th 2012 at 4:16:28 PM
Body Bags - Feedback wanted Posts: 37May 15th 2012 at 1:14:12 PM
Gor - 5P Only Posts: 17May 14th 2012 at 6:07:28 AM
Decadent Habits (Feedback Requested) Posts: 29May 13th 2012 at 2:46:51 PM
Strike Witches
Posts: 126May 12th 2012 at 9:48:09 AM
Youju Senki AD 2048 (Feedback needed) Posts: 18May 12th 2012 at 7:48:23 AM
Monster Girl Encyclopedia - 5P ONLY Posts: 31May 11th 2012 at 8:43:28 AM
Hen Zemi (Feedback requested) Posts: 8May 9th 2012 at 5:36:35 PM
Tarot - Witch of the Black Rose (5P Only) Posts: 5May 9th 2012 at 9:49:27 AM
My Balls (input needed) Posts: 20May 8th 2012 at 11:32:41 AM
Mezzo Forte (P5 only) Posts: 5May 8th 2012 at 4:58:26 AM
Kiss X Sis (input needed) Posts: 70May 7th 2012 at 4:37:45 PM
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