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Administrivia / A Guide to Easy Launching of Your TLP

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Your proposed trope has survived the Trope Launch Pad process. Now, how do you launch it?

Here are a few suggestions to minimize the difficulty for everyone involved in the launching of new tropes:

  • Don't hit the launch button until you have the page up. That way, you can avoid the "Blank launch" problem.
  • Write up the initial version in Notepad, or some other primitive text editor that you can easily copy and paste from. That way, you can avoid losing your work because you took too long. Make sure you're using a text/code editor, not a word processor. Alternately, turn off smart quotes. That way, you can avoid the page being covered in random html unicode junk.
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  • Hit the permanent link button on the TLP, and then hit the "Show All Markup". This is the best to copy/paste from TLP. However, there can be bugs in the markup that cause extra special characters, slashes, etc. so be careful not to do this blindly.
  • Make sure you've dealt with all major objections that came up in the TLP. That way, you avoid it being immediately cutlisted.

What not to do?

  • Mislaunch (Blank launch). It happens when you think you know how to launch a trope, but it's not true. It results in a TLP displayed as launched but a red link instead of the real article. Before you launch, learn how to do it!
  • Ninja Launch. Launching other peoples' tropes (that are not Up for Grabs) without their permission. If they think they didn't finish the trope, you will anger them. If you mislaunch someone's unfinished trope, you're a cad, sir, and you're probably worse than Hitler and Scrappy-Doo!

Tropes can be un-launched, so if someone screwed up and it needs to get sent back to TLP, report it over at Ask The Tropers and a moderator should fix it for you shortly.

See also the Launching section of TLP Guidelines, which this is something of a supplement to.

Alternative Title(s): A Guide To Easy Launching Of Your YKTTW


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