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Changelog - what just changed on TV Tropes?! Posts: 2,337 Apr 16th 2024 at 2:26:33 AM
Visual Editor FeedbackPosts: 68 Apr 16th 2024 at 12:50:52 AM
TV Tropes 2.0: Database level redesign (Not in active development yet)Posts: 466Jul 21st 2023 at 12:18:40 PM
Questions Asked Frequently in Wiki Talk Posts: 1Aug 24th 2012 at 9:34:41 AM
Trope Report RevivalPosts: 6,444 Apr 16th 2024 at 4:07:45 AM
TLP workstation threadPosts: 1,103Apr 15th 2024 at 6:12:19 PM
Video uploadingPosts: 1,325Apr 15th 2024 at 6:06:09 AM
The problem with the rating scales on videosPosts: 8Apr 15th 2024 at 12:31:57 AM
New Work Page Workshop ThreadPosts: 660Apr 14th 2024 at 12:52:26 AM
Repairing the Trope Repair ShopPosts: 108Apr 13th 2024 at 5:14:26 AM
Confused about what I've done wrong with indexing a page, involving the quotation marks.Posts: 3Apr 13th 2024 at 4:46:21 AM
Relationship Status: not setPosts: 575Apr 13th 2024 at 1:50:09 AM
New project suggestion: Fighting link rotPosts: 2Apr 13th 2024 at 12:40:20 AM
Is this an example?Posts: 3Apr 12th 2024 at 3:41:23 PM
Potential and Persistent Problems with Product Placement Posts: 3Apr 12th 2024 at 4:51:00 AM
Troping playable charactersPosts: 22Apr 11th 2024 at 4:56:07 PM
CM/MB Policy and Thread CulturePosts: 5,754Apr 10th 2024 at 1:11:28 PM
Outdated Administrivia PagesPosts: 2,888Apr 9th 2024 at 10:18:45 AM
Subjective trope pages for DisneyPosts: 25Apr 8th 2024 at 10:46:22 AM
All-Purpose Namespace Icon Thread: Sandbox.Namespace IconsPosts: 1,496Apr 5th 2024 at 10:10:53 PM
On the subject of Notifiers (and how to improve them)Posts: 498Apr 5th 2024 at 7:21:36 PM
Why can't YMMV pages be indexed?Posts: 5Apr 5th 2024 at 12:50:05 AM
Followed Pages/Threads Improvements & ChangesPosts: 11Apr 4th 2024 at 11:53:58 AM
How Crowners SHOULD WorkPosts: 20Apr 4th 2024 at 4:21:00 AM
Thoughts on the edit warring policyPosts: 125Apr 3rd 2024 at 11:52:58 PM
Sexy new way to boost forum coolness. (The Herald Thread)Posts: 1,361Apr 3rd 2024 at 9:26:03 PM
Ban-Evader General Policy DiscussionPosts: 27Apr 3rd 2024 at 9:01:51 AM
Fanfic Recs page linking to offsite listsPosts: 3Mar 31st 2024 at 2:29:42 AM
Redirect discussion threadPosts: 608Mar 30th 2024 at 7:23:29 AM
Are search results prioritizing forum posts over pages now?Posts: 2Mar 28th 2024 at 6:15:51 PM
Folders not opening on Trope pages Posts: 3Mar 27th 2024 at 7:49:11 PM
What counts as a Video Game or a Visual NovelPosts: 36Mar 27th 2024 at 10:49:09 AM
How much information should go in an entry's info/introduction blurb?Posts: 2Mar 26th 2024 at 6:31:42 PM
Editing Improvements & ChangesPosts: 323Mar 26th 2024 at 4:53:34 PM
"Works About X" indexes Posts: 334Mar 24th 2024 at 5:43:50 PM
Recap subpagesPosts: 2Mar 23rd 2024 at 12:45:29 PM
Scope of laconics
Posts: 243Mar 21st 2024 at 11:12:23 PM
Why can't I edit anything without waiting 20 minutes? Posts: 3Mar 21st 2024 at 10:07:09 PM
Translation Policy
Posts: 143Mar 21st 2024 at 3:42:50 PM
Trope Launch Pad Improvements & Changes Posts: 546Mar 21st 2024 at 7:45:34 AM
Should You Know That Show be renamed?
Posts: 186Mar 20th 2024 at 1:00:50 PM
Can't get rid of Trivia Tag Posts: 2Mar 20th 2024 at 10:07:47 AM
Tropability standardsPosts: 85Mar 17th 2024 at 11:42:27 PM
Trope Epitaph concern and suggestionPosts: 23Mar 17th 2024 at 2:17:51 PM
How to handle genre pagesPosts: 46Mar 17th 2024 at 8:45:29 AM
Clarification on indentation grouping shared examplesPosts: 6Mar 16th 2024 at 10:15:55 PM
Image Pickin' Backlog DiscussionPosts: 46Mar 16th 2024 at 9:05:47 PM
Examples "by author"Posts: 41Mar 16th 2024 at 8:38:19 PM
General Media Categories DiscussionPosts: 55Mar 11th 2024 at 3:09:20 PM
TRS entry deletionPosts: 5Mar 11th 2024 at 5:31:51 AM
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