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Administrivia / What to Put at the Top of a Page

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The Golden Rule for picking page images and quotes:

Pick something that demonstrates the trope in the image or quote. This is why we don't allow Just a Face and a Caption.

  • Picking an image that shows something that demonstrates the trope only in context doesn't help. Be especially wary of Fan Myopia. The relevance should be obvious to anyone who has never read or watched said work.
  • Read How to Pick a Good Image. Now. We'll wait.
  • Keep it Safe For Work.
  • Just as multiple page images look ridiculous, multiple page quotes only weaken the intro. You can add a quote page by changing the namespace to "Quotes" in the URL.
  • Page quotes should not have any trope potholes in them, although it is okay to link to a work or genre which is referenced directly. Quotes do not have potholes in their original medium, and extraneous Blue Links above the trope description just distract the reader. If potholes are not necessary to understand the quote, then they are redundant. If potholes give context that is needed to understand the quote, then the quote does not truly illustrate the trope.
  • If you have a new page image or quote that's objectively better than the current one by these guidelines, move the old one to Image Links Wiki or Quotes Wiki instead of just removing it. This will allow fans of the old one to still have easy access to it, and will go a long way toward preventing an Edit War.
  • There is this thread dedicated to page quotes. Don't be afraid of asking for help there.