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Video Game: Roblox

ROBLOX was started in 2005, by David Baszucki. Roblox is very much like LEGO In the way that it's all Built With LEGO. In ROBLOX, you have a character you design yourself made out of simplistic bricks or something. You use this character to go to places made by everybody else with a ROBLOX account and have fun. However, if you want to make your own place, you either have to master a scripting program named Lua, or use free models that the others made. Another element is the Graphical User Interface, or the GUI, which requires more scripting, yet mastering it creates cooler things. Just about anything is possible with enough scripting; Machine guns, remote-controlled cars, on-demand meteor storms, 3D Mario-style adventures, explorations of the second dimension, and much, much more.

Visit Roblox here.

Roblox and its users contain examples of the following tropes:

  • Amusing Injuries: Ragdolls have become a staple in some places on Roblox, with some of them dedicated to acts such as falling down lengthy flights of stairs, leading to these.
    • Ragdoll death scripts, among other scripted ragdoll activities and actions, further this.
  • Artificial Brilliance: With lots of scripting, almost player-like AI like the ones this place uses can be made.
  • Artificial Stupidity: Most commonly-used player-following AI has absolutely no pathfinding code or other intelligent actions assigned to them. Justified if you look at the source code - all you'll find is that they're simply programmed to move towards the closest player. They'll just walk into walls, barriers, and other objects, fruitlessly, while trying to get to their goal.
  • Ascended Glitch: The "double/triple hat glitch" in 2008, which allowed users to wear 2 or more hats at once instead of the default one, eventually became a part of the game when users complained about it being patched.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: A common theme in Roblox are "morphs" that change your character's appearance, sometimes making them incredibly large.
    • One user created a place where the player is under the illusion of growing larger because the environment gets smaller in scale; you start out smaller than a molecule and grow to be bigger than entire stars.
  • Big Ball of Violence: Like many other combat-oriented videogames, several enemies can gang up on one player, which creates this, though usually minus the smoke.
  • Blatant Lies: Occasionally, a place will slip onto the front page that promises something along the lines of "Finish the obstacle course, and win 1,000,000 tux for real!" Did we mention people fall for it?
    • Also proven by a feature that allows users to use custom images and YouTube videos as a thumbnail preview for their game, most users use screenshots of games like Minecraft and Angry Birds to lure the other users in.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Three memberships, the ability to buy Robux, and Roblox gift cards. Mainly the three memberships, since they give a lot of (optional) benefits. A lot.
    • Allegedly Free Game: It's free to play, but the magnitude of some of the Builder's Club updates are making users believe that this is becoming more of a reality.
      • As of the 9/25/13 catalog update, the market minimum fee for T-shirts, Shirts, and Pants has risen from 5 tickets to 300 tickets, meaning that free members will have to go a month without spending any money to buy one of the three items (all free Roblox players get a recurring stipend of Tix). Reminds you of any other allegedly free game?
  • Boss Rush: A common theme in Roblox places are boss battles against various monsters and creatures. This once-popular game is nothing but a long string of boss battles.
  • Bottomless Pits: Every level is above one.
    • Falling past the ~-30 point mark on the Y axis in the game's coordinate system will cause you to instantly die.
    • Going too far from the origin of the coordinate system (there is no limit) will cause floating-point errors and will cause visual distortion and other nasty effects, even crashes in some situations.
  • Built with LEGO: Though mentions to LEGO, or any similar brick-building videogame (excluding Minecraft now) is censored, and the devs make a point that ROBLOX is "not sponsored, authorized or endorsed by any producer of plastic building bricks".
  • Cats Are Mean: The Kittypult shoots angry and evil cats at players. If they touch a player, the cat begins to assault the player it touched in a ball of smoke.
  • Cool Hat: There's tons of them, considering that Roblox rivals Team Fortress 2 in being a glorified hat simulator.
    • Users sometimes even make their own cosmetics and, if they aren't able to upload them to the game (T-Shirts can be uploaded, while things like hats cannot), can put them in their place and have other users try them on there.
  • Cosmetic Award: Badges, including user-created ones. But you need a paid account to create them.
  • Cut and Paste Environments: The most common types of games are "tycoons", "Survive the X", and obstacle courses that are all usually very similar in both gameplay and looks.
    • With the addition of the "Free Models" system, where users can save and share small creations of theirs (or even entire levels if they see fit), even less effort can be put into a good place.
      • This, really, makes the trope literal copy-pasting.
  • Departmentof Redundancy Department:
    • From a programming standpoint: Tends to happen in the object-oriented hierarchy of the game, because multiple copies of something all need to have copied children, as well; so if you have a fully-furnished house, and want to make a copy of it, all the contents of the house, even the house itself, has to be copied as well. This leads to bad performance issues and graphical clutter.
    • From a place standpoint: Many places on Roblox borrow ideas from one-another. Knowingly. Without remorse.
    • From an interactivity standpoint: One such example is the (now-defunct, but hugely popular in their time) "Script Builder" category of places that used scripts that let visitors run scripts.
      • Some people even ran their own script builders inside script builders to have more creative control.
  • Dialogue Tree: With the new Dialog feature, these sometimes pop up, under the name "Dialog Choices". They can be organized in the object hierarchy of the game engine or scripted with Lua.
  • Die, Chair! Die!: There are some places dedicated to nothing more than blowing things or other people up. A lot.
  • Difficult but Awesome: GU Is, among some other more in-depth features, require a lot more effort to get working in a place, but when mastered can really raise the production value of your game.
    • The same is true with Lua scripting in general. Hard to master, but worth the time.
  • Dramatic Gun Cock: Some guns allow you to do one; entirely up to the creator of the weapon. There are a few official Gears that do this.
  • Epic Fail: During many of the Easter events, the admins dropped collectible egg hats from the sky in every game. Unfortunately, most of the time the eggs never fell, and if they did, they were broken. Not to mention, hackers (and even experienced scripters in Script Builders) expoited early events and managed to get hundreds of copies of every egg hat.
  • Eternal September: Yeah.
    • To the uninitiated, after the old developers of Roblox were superseded by new members or simply stopped caring, things took rather drastic turns, usually for the worst. New pay systems were devised (Turbo Builder's Club, Ultra Builder's Club), with subscriptions going into the hundreds of dollars. Scripting was locked down, with many game-breaking changes implemented that angered the scripting community.
  • Fixed Camera
  • Floating Continent: Every basic level structure. Most levels are just a flat base on nothing, and anything that falls off the side of the level falls until they hit the area where all bricks are removed. Some levels play the trope more straight, with actual floating islands.
  • Follow the Leader: Obstacle courses ("obbies" as they're called), which are usually floating masses of land normally filled with free models. (Which are models which people release to the public which are normally slapped onto places to make a place with little effort, like Lava Bricks, Spinners, Obby Pieces and such. Though they are models that have been released to the public, so I guess there isn't much excuse not to use them. ) It's impossible to browse the front page without seeing at least one "WHO KILD SPONGBAWB OBBI" or something similar.
  • Foreshadowing: The Sword Pack hat's description hinted at the Ascended Glitch entry above.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: This gear
  • Fun with Acronyms: Most the chosen names for war clans are acronyms. Running trend, probably to imitate government agencies that usually do such things.
  • Game-Breaking Bug:
    • The HUD update completely removed user messages and hints in-game, which made some places potentially Unwinnable if those hints/messages contained clues or passwords. note 
    • Changes in the physics engine have broken many popular places that depend on certain physics objects. The Super Roblox Galaxy series, for example, was broken when the "RocketPropulsion" object was nerfed to be non-functional as a child of a brick controlled by a Player (namely, the torso).
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Sometimes a model or two will slip by that are not for our youth.
  • GIFT: Justified, usually. It's a site aimed mainly towards kids, so most of the time they're just... y'know... being kids.
  • Guide Dang It: A few of the presents in the Christmas events were difficult to figure out before they were released.
    • By far, the worst of it had to be the Elite Gift of Hax0r in the original 2007 event, where this trope was played intentionally. First off, before the gift was even given away, you were supposed to notice this shirt on the user ROBLOX's inventory. And even if you did notice it, there was no telling you would ever get the hint that "0x5f3759df" was Carmack's number — in other words, you had to be a programmer just to figure this out. It was supposed to clue you in to message a user by the name of JohnCarmack; even if you did get this far, there was absolutely no hint you were supposed to message him, let alone even find a user in the first place. This one had the lowest amounts of awards that year, with only 174 giveaways (for comparison, the gift with the most giveaways had almost 50,000).
  • Healing Factor: Your avatar can heal damage in most cases.
    • Some places, such as Reason 2 Die, don't allow damage to be healed unless the avatar uses a health kit.
  • Hot Potato: This gear, that after being activated, can be passed onto another player. And then the player explodes.
  • Hypocrite: "All of those spam things don't work, so I created this new hack that gives you 100,000 r$ and tix!"
  • Improbable Weapon User: So, so many. One of the default weapons is a superball, and there's nothing preventing you from making a cannon that shoots teapots or ducks.
  • Interface Screw: The official Paintball Guns will splatter on your screen in red, blue, green, magenta, or orange when they hit. Also, the Agonizingly Ugly Egg of Screensplat from the Easter 2010 event displayed a large fried egg whenever you picked it up. A few scripts using fog and ambience can screw your interface, particularly with malevolent exploiters.
  • Kill It with Fire: The flame graphic. Many players have already made their own flamethrowers, and there is an official Roblox-made one. The Noir Periastron Psi can briefly bring darkness that only light from Dynamic Lighting will light up.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: When a player dies, they fall apart, allowing their limbs to be kicked around. It's even better when they're killed by a explosion, as all their parts go flying into the air.
    • Some places even have scripts that make the player's guts blast out in different directions the instant they die to expand on this trope.
  • Madness Mantra: This game has one written in blood saying "The world is the patient." Have a good night's sleep, kids!
  • More Dakka: Some weapons are this. One truely insane weapon is the Dual Vulcans. That's right, dual-wielding miniguns.
  • Never Say "Die": "Bloxxed" and "Wipeout", apparently.
    • Some places avert this, saying "Kill" and "Death" instead of "Blox" and "Wipeout".
  • Nice Hat: There's a lot of weird/nice/awesome hats. And I mean A LOT.
    • Over 1000 awesome hats! Can be taken to the extreme because you can wear three hats at once.
  • Please Subscribe to Our Channel: Try finding a comment that isn't advertising a place or one of those "do this, earn 400000 Robux" scams.
  • Press X to Die: A very common tool is the Reset tool, which kills the player so they can respawn. More recently, it's been integrated into GUI form.
  • Product Placement: Roblox has been advertising the cards that are being sold at various convenience stores for some time.
  • Ragequit: Newer players and Guests will often do this when they get killed, but it's less of a Ragequit and more of a "Oh my god, my character has fallen apart! What do I do, what do I do, what do I do?!" quit.
    • Some people announce they're quitting on the forums. No one gives half a crap.
  • Randomly Drops: All the the eggs during the egg hunt, but the Fabergé Eggs take the cake. They all are eggs-tremely rare, and the Golden Fabergé egg of Hivemind is so rare that the calculated drop chance for it is about 3 in 190 Blue Fabergé eggs. See this for a bit more detail.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: Just about everyone is a humanoid robot made of plastic.
    • And bodies can take it a step further, creating Mega Man-esque Robloxians.
    • Averted when characters die and fall apart. But, some places have ragdoll scripts, which keep your character in one piece upon death.
  • Rule of Fun: Really, the entire game is based on this. Why are you in an accident prone house trying to survive over 80 different disasters? Because it's fun. Why are you falling down a flight of stairs, probably breaking all of your bones in the process? Because it's fun. Why are you using a sword to dig underground into the other team's base to capture their flag? Because it's fun. Why are you on a series of mountaintops, fighting with swords? Because it's fun. Why are you playing around in a group of planets? Because it's fun. And most important, why is Everything built with LEGO? Because it's fun.
  • Scenery Porn: Very prevalent in some levels. There are several sky boxes which play this trope very straight.
  • Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale: One popular map was a space map with different planets you could visit and build things on. If the avatars were 6 feet tall, the planets would be less than a mile apart. Justified because who wants to spend hours flying through featureless space when you could be building interplanetary bridges?
  • Screwball Serum: The Witches' Brew makes your head grow and change colors.
  • Shout-Out: The 8-bit Wonder hat is pretty much a Shout Out to 8-bit Mario games.
  • Skybox: What makes the skies in the majority of games.
  • Sturgeon's Law: Inevitable in a game where 95% of the content is user-created.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Since everything is made out of bricks, explosions can reduce a destructible building into rubble.
  • Super Not-Drowning Skills: By default, characters cannot drown in water. However, due to the highly versatile nature of ROBLOX, individual games may avert this by programming oxygen meters, or even having characters die the instant they touch the water.
  • Sword Fight: Some places are dedicated to it, but others may have the sword along with other weapons.
  • The Many Deaths of You: Some places take this to the extreme by making the whole level define this trope.
  • Troll: The forums are vast troll feeding grounds.
  • Toilet Humor: There is a countless amount amount of places where you can get eaten, see the insides of that person, then go into a toilet as a poop.
  • Tropes For Dummies: The hat Quantum Thermodynamics for Dummies.
  • Utility Weapon: Several, one of the most popular being the Gravity Coil.
  • Virtual Paper Doll: You can customize your avatar with a variety of hats, shirts, etc.
  • Wide Open Sandbox: And how!
  • You Have Researched Breathing: Some things that are simple and easy to do in everyday life are either impossible to do in Roblox, or need a ridiculous amount of scripting to be able to be done. Like skateboards, bicycling, or even swinging on a swing set.
  • Your Head A Splode: Early space levels have a script that, unless you are wearing an astronaut helmet, causes your head to swell up and explode.
  • X Meets Y: Team Fortress 2 meets Minecraft.

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