Awesome / Roblox

  • Just about every game that doesn't have "zombie", "tycoon", or "obby (n00bspeak for 'obstacle course')" in the title or says "Who killed _____?".
    • More specifically, games with advanced scripting, or just are simply awesome.
  • Use the Gravity hammer gear on anything unanchored. Watch as it EXPLODES from awesomeness.
  • This. It's an old video made by Telamon- may bring back good memories for Robloxians who were active back then.
  • Just about the whole thing really. It's a place where you get to build your own creations. So you get to make anything you want. People have made pretty cool things.
  • This.
  • This and this.
  • And don't forget this.

  • When admin abusers get what's coming to them (rarely), it can be a moment of awesome.