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Idle Game
An Idle Game is a genre of game defined by the primary feature of its strategy: leaving the game running by itself for long periods of time. This is not necessarily the only way to win; some Idle Games allow and even reward active participation, but if you 'win' an Idle Game, whether there's an actual end or you just got a High Score, most of your gameplay was likely in the form of letting it run while you were asleep, at work, or otherwise not involved. Because active play isn't the primary strategy, sometimes the best 'move' is counter-intuitive — one that provides an immediate benefit to active play doesn't pay off as well in the long run during idle times as another one that has a less-noticeable immediate effect but is more effective during idle play.

Note that certain games have an idle mode (sometimes also called observation mode) that allows the player to sit back and watch the AI play the game. Examples of this would be Unreal Tournament and Europa Universalis.

Kongregate has a tag for these.

Examples of Idle Games:

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