Funny / Roblox

  • Many of the descriptions for the official accessories and gear are this.
  • Most of the games in the Comedy genre are this.
  • Youtuber Micheal P makes satire Roblox videos and occasionally some other things. However, all of them are downright hysterical thanks to his screaming, made ten times better by his faulty microphone.
  • The death sound. It's more of a kid being punched in the stomach than a sound someone would make when dying.
  • The Roblox death animation is quite funny. Your player will lose their hair, and fall to pieces (literally) like a Lego video game character. The best part is how the player's expression never changes, meaning you'll find a decapitated head with a smiley face.
  • A random game called the future which has players turn into humanoid-esque things which can either beat other players up or put away boxes. The game is also (most likely on purpose) ridden with bugs, such as being able to fly when picking up objects in a specific way.