Pantheon: Power

The Power Dome

A dome created to test every type of power of the Gods. Like the Combat Dojo, the Power Dome is also indestructible and has various obstacle courses based on the super powers the Gods have. Exactly What It Says on the Tin, this house overflows, and in some cases, glows with an awesome POWEEEEERRRR!!!! UUUUUNLIMITEEEED POOOOOWEEEEEEERRRR!!!!

It's connected side-to-side with the House of Combat.

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The Powerhouse Trio

The Guards of the House of Power, they ensure that no deities abuse their power.

    Son Goku 
Son Goku, God of Ki Attacks, Super Modes and Battle Auras (Son Gokou, Son Gokuh, Kakarot, Kakarrot, Kakarotto, Son-Kuh, Son-Kun, The Hope of the Universe, The Champion of Christmas- not a real title but don't tell him that)

    Ryu (Street Fighter) 
Ryu, God of Staple Fighting Skills

Hercules, Pantheon's Strongest God (Heracles, Herc, Berserker, Champion Of Rome)