Pantheon: Power

The Power Dome

A dome created to test every type of power of the Gods. Like the Combat Dojo, the Power Dome is also indestructible and has various obstacle courses based on the super powers the Gods have. Exactly What It Says on the Tin, this house overflows, and in some cases, glows with an awesome POWEEEEERRRR!!!! UUUUUNLIMITEEEED POOOOOWEEEEEEERRRR!!!!

It's connected side-to-side with the House of Combat.

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The Powerhouse Trio

The Guards of the House of Power, they ensure that no deities abuse their power.

Hercules, The Pantheon's Strongest Demigod (Heracles/Herakles, Herc, Berserker, Champion Of Rome, Raging Destoyer)
Hercules, without Mad Enhancement
Hercules, with Mad Enhancement 

    Ryu (Street Fighter) 
Ryu, God of Staple Fighting Skills (The Wandering World Warrior, Tireless Wanderer)

    Son Goku 
Son Goku, the Master of the Kamehameha and God of Super Modes and Battle Auras (Son Gokou, Son Gokuh, Kakarot, Kakarrot, Kakarotto, Son-Kuh, Son-Kun, The Hope of the Universe, The Tenacious Super Saiyan, The Champion of Christmas, Dumbass, Paragon till Death)

Unknown/Variable Rank

    The Neuroi 
The Neuroi, Those With Destroyable Cores (Kaii, Rätsel)
  • Variable rank, ranges from Demigods (Drones, Light, Medium), to Lesser Gods (Heavy, Witch-like), to Intermediate Gods (Large, Capital and Super-Heavy)
  • Symbol: A red, glowing polyhedron.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Destroyable Cores, Hexagonal Structure, Regeneration, Alien Invasion, Taking Over Majority of Europe, Massive Amount of Lasers, Black, Red and Belligerent, So-and-So Mechanical Lifeforms, Based on Real Aircrafts, Loud Screeches, Disappearing into Nothingness
  • Domains: Aliens, Technology, Cores, Lasers
  • Followers: Big Cores
  • Allies: Brainiac, supposedly
  • Enemies: The Strike Witches are in high priority. Really, everyone in the Pantheon
  • Where there are many species-wide deities, most of them more or less invaded the Pantheon. The Neuroi, however, were brought here as a single core to experiment on them. As with the previous times, it failed epically. The single Neuroi core managed to cut connections to House of Technology, and then rose to the skies, taking many vehicles with it. Creating the dark cloud-like Hive above House of Technology, it unleashed a dozen of new Neuroi models based on the vehicles it absorbed, causing everyone to evacuate, allowing the Nest to feast on the House itself.
    • The Neuroi Hive above House of Technology was "defeated" when the ascended Strike Witches, alongside others like the Vic Vipers came and started defeating the Neuroi horde. However, the Hive was only driven off the actual Pantheon arena, and once it came across a massive land of nothing, it unleashed an entire armada of Neuroi to shake off the pursuers and settled there.
  • Neuroi come in different shapes and forms, mainly aerial, each looking like a mechanical thing covered in hexagonal plating, with red plating being able to shoot lasers. They can generate destroyed parts, requiring some one to destroy their core if they have one to defeat them.
    • What might be the most sought-after form are the Witch-like Neuroi like the X-11 "Neuroi Girl", due of their appearance. However, their purpose is no other than a regular Neuroi, aside of maybe acting as a lure.
    • Some historical records seem to indicate that Neuroi existed way far back than they are known as now, as ancient monsters like dragons, the Hydra and even as Orochi.
  • Since the Neuroi get their energy by feeding off the earth, they cannot move on water, making the Abyssal Fleet still the true threat of the sea. Though they are trying to work around that problem...
    • Speaking of which, both Akagi and Yamato fret the day Neuroi came into the Pantheon, due the fact that both of them were Neuroified.
  • The only one/thing they consider being ally is Brainiac. Though it is hard to tell if Brainiac has actual control over them for that to happen. He also finds it annoying how they might destroy valuable monuments and such on their wake.
  • Due of them being completely machine-like, they do not fit with other species-wide deities like Daleks, Tyranids and The Flood. Even the Goo are not save, as the Neuroi do not seem to like how they try to consume everything before they can.
  • Might have a closely related cousin of mechanical alien creatures called the Alone.
  • Its hard to say how they became the mooks of The Robotic Ravagers, considering that unlike the other members, Neuroi only destroy and kill to get rid of any and all potential threat. They already know what Ultron plans to do with them... and if he manages to hijack the current Hive, well, there is always a Super-Hive.
  • The current Neuroi Hive seem to have started some communication channels to mimic some other Neuroi Hives. It is mainly used to ensure the Hive's own survival and not much else. The Hive itself says it uses its forces to simply "get rid of any immediate obstacles" but threatens that if someone tries to attack the Hive full-force, it will make sure that "there won't be much of your forces left, either".

Alternative Title(s):

Power Intermediate Gods, Power Overdeities And Greater Gods