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Characters: Tales of Hearts

Shing/Xing Meteoryte

Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara

"If an adult has to hurt someone, even to save the world... I'll just be a kid!"

A young boy who wants to either save the world, become a grown-up or help Kohak, depending on his mood. He has a very powerful sense of empathy which allows him to connect with just about anyone, both literally (via Soma Link) and metaphorically; one of his signature lines is, "We feel the same way, right?". Despite this, he does have bouts of cluelessness, like being oblivious towards Beryl's flirting.

He uses the Soma Asteria, a sword and buckler combo, and his favoured element is Light. He mainly uses sword techniques, and is one of two party members to have no spells.

Tropes associated with Shing:

Kohak/Amber Hearts

Voiced by: Marina Inoue

"'She' told me so..."

A girl on the run from a mysterious and powerful sorceress. Her Spirtune- the core of her Spiria- is shattered early in the game, reducing her to an emotionless doll. The first act of the game revolves around the party's quest to restore her to normal by travelling the world and finding the missing pieces of her Spirtune. She is kind and energetic, but a little clumsy with people.

Her Soma, Elrond, is composed of an anklet and a fire-spewing baton. Her element likewise is fire. She fights using martial arts, combining baton strikes with kickboxing. She also possesses several elemental and lesser healing spells.

Tropes associated with Kohak:

Hisui/Jadeite Hearts

Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze

"Yeah, I'm scared all right, but not of you. I'm scared that my sister and all these monkeys with me are gonna get hurt."

The Hot-Blooded older brother of Kohak. He's fiercely protective of his sister because they lost their mother at a young age. Late in the game, he strikes up a relationship with Richea Spodune. His favored element is wind.

He receives a double-bowgun Soma called Gale Arc from Innes. He is the primary healer of the party, combining healing techs with powerful projectile attacks.

Tropes associated with Hisui:

Beryl Benito

Voiced by: Saeko Chiba

"My painting isn't about "adventures" or "heroes" any more. It's about "things you can't fight". Shing, you're perfect for it!"

A young girl whose ambition is to become the Imperial Painter. She's eighteen years old, but looks and acts a lot younger, frequently slurring long words and using her immaturity to get her own way.

Her Soma, Thiers, is a giant hat and paintbrush set. She mainly casts earth and water-elemental spells, and also wields supportive magic.

Tropes associated with Beryl:

Innes Lorenz

Voiced by: Shizuka Ito

"An adult is someone who does what's necessary, even if it hurts."

Innes is a woman who singlehandedly runs the traveling Soma shop "Every Day is a Peaceful Day". She has superhuman strength and several contacts as shifty as she is. She is (mostly) composed and graceful, and often ends her sentences with "I wonder?" ("~kashira?").

Her Soma, Folseus, is a pair of greaves and a huge axe-like blade. Her element is water, but she has few techniques that utilize it, choosing to instead specialise in techs that enhance her abilities and deliver powerful blows to the enemy.

She's secretly an operative for the Macus Empire's Special Ops Soma Unit, trying to get her hands on Kohak's Spirune for the sake of her Captain, Isaac Silver, with whom she is in love.

Tropes associated with Innes:


Voiced by: Hozumi Gouda

"Now requesting... negative. Please, I ask of you... everyone, in order to protect Master Richea, please lend me your power!"

ID Code IS206-mark-11 Jack-type Mechanoid, and Guardian Knight to Richea Spodune. He insists that his only motivation is to serve his master, but many times he shows a hot-blooded or kind side of his personality, especially when dealing with Richea or Kohak. As he gradually realizes his own nature, he gains titles to match, starting from "Cold-blooded Mechanoid" and ending with "Like Human".

His Soma, Vex, incorporates katars on his arms and extra blade arms mounted on his back. He fights similarly to Judas from Tales of Destiny 2 and Leon from Tales of Destiny Remake. He also uses offensive dark and wind type magic and can cast debilitating spells.

Tropes associated to Kunzite:

Chalcedny Arcome

Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya

"If you would bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, I will hold you up."

Captain of the Valeia Church Crystal Knights 13th Unit, also called the Chalcedny Squad. He begins as a Crystal Knight who wants to capture Kohak's Spiria under the orders of his father, one of the people who fought Creed seventeen years before the game began.

After meeting Shing he rebels against his father, begins a Heel-Face Turn, and becomes The Rival and the Sixth Ranger. He gains the courage to confess his love to the Empress Paraiba Marin de Rai, becoming her Knight and giving her the confidence to take control of the two factions driving her country to civil war. At Bamal Volcano, his loyal squad goes down fighting three of Incarose's bodies at once to buy Chalcedny enough time to complete the Soma Evolve ritual needed to reach Gardenia. Though the ritual is a success, Chalcedny over-strains his Spiria and becomes incapacitated for the rest of the game.

His Soma, Wahrheit, is a breastplate that produces large wings as well as a BFS. It was formerly used by Iola Hearts, the mother of Hisui and Kohak. It becomes converted by the Soma Evolve ritual into the Aerial Soma Lianheit, a small plane used by Shing's party and controlled by Richea.

He is officially a playable party member in Tales of Hearts R.

Tropes associated with Chalcedny (and his squad):
  • The Ace
  • Badass: He takes on TWO Incaroses. Bonus points in Hearts R where it becomes a solo boss battle. Possibly the most badass party member in Hearts R
  • Global Airship
  • [[Tagalong Kid Tagalong People: In Tales of Hearts R, Peridot and Byrocks join the party but they are not playable, unfortunately.]]
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He doesn't die, but his body is incapacitated. Averted in Hearts R where he joins the party
  • Power Gives You Wings: It also makes him have the power to summon the Global Airship Lianheit in Hearts R
  • The Rival
  • Ship Tease: With Paraiba Marine De Rais who he has strong feelings for. He confesses to her. She reciprocates.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: He has eyes for only his Paraiba-sama which is a mix of Likes Older Women as well since she's at least 6-8 years older than him. Turns out that Marine likes him too. She has known him since he was a baby and even changed his diapers
  • Sixth Ranger: He is a permanent party member in Tales of Hearts R.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair (His subordinates: Peridot's hair is hot pink. Byrock's is bright teal.)

Galando Grinus

Voiced by Hideo Ishikawa

"The strength to fight for someone even if you're aware you can't win: that is the strength which forges Spiria."

A new character introduced in Tales of Hearts R. Galando is a veteran Soma Master who lost both his wife and daughter to Despir Disease. Believing that Kohak's unique strain of Despir Disease may hold the key to eradicating the sickness once and for all, he joins Shing and Hisui on their journey to cure her.

His Soma, Astore, is a set of shoulder pauldrons from which he can draw and dual-wield an axe and sword. He can also control the axe like a boomerang for medium-range attacks.

Tropes associated with Galando:

The Old Party

A group of Soma Users who fought Creed Graphite (in the body of Paraiba Zirconia de Reis) seventeen years before the game began.

The party is composed of Zex Meteoryte wielding Asteria, Dona Meteoryte wielding Elrond, Iola Hearts wielding Wahrheit (and acting as host to Richea Spodune), and Labrado Arcome and Tekta Paraiba both wielding unknown Soma.

Creed was fought to a standstill and nearly drained of power when Guardian Knight Incarose interrupted the sealing Arte. Creed, knowing Zirconia's body was becoming unusable, attempted to possess the unborn Shing Meteoryte in Dona's womb, but Dona used her own life as power to seal Creed inside Shing's Spiria. Zex was instructed to raise the baby with a strong Spiria, and not to allow the child's anger to peak, which would allow Creed to break the seal.

Richea Spodune

Voiced by: Kaori Shimizu

A mysterious girl residing within Kohak's Spiria. She matches the description of the girl in the nursery rhyme, "The Sleeping Princess of the Forest of Thorns".

Richea is one of the last surviving members of the ancient Quartz race, and has been jumping from body to body with each passing generation to continue her battle against Creed Graphite and his campaign to revive Gardenia. Because she's been body-hopping for so long, she's become something of a legend and her visage is worshipped as a goddess.

Having possessed Iola Hearts, she now possesses the body of her daughter, Kohak. When Kohak's Spirtune is shattered, her essence is shattered as well, which is why Creed's faction is determined not to let them be reunited.

Creed Graphite

Voiced by: Shinichiro Miki

One of the last survivors of the Quartz race, Creed is at the centre of events in Tales of Hearts. Two thousand years ago, Creed created Gardenia: a device that would end the wars raging across the world by calcifying any Spiria that held a desire to fight. Unfortunately, it worked too well and calcified everyone on the planet save for his lover Flora, and her sister Richea. Flora pulled a Heroic Sacrifice and became a Barrier Maiden to stop Gardenia, but Creed, distraught by her loss, attempted to force her back out at the cost of reviving Gardenia. Richea moved to stop him, and the ensuing battle separated their minds from their bodies. Since then, Creed and Richea have battled throughout the generations by jumping from body to body.

At the beginning of the game, Creed is sealed within Shing's Spiria. The seal is broken by Incarose tapping into Shing's anger, and Creed fully possesses Shing until he returns to his real body. He then attempts once more to unseal Gardenia and save Flora.


Voiced by: Junko Minagawa

A mysterious sorceress who is chasing after Kohak Hearts. She murders Zex Meteoryte, shatters Kohak's Spirtune and does everything in her power to piss off Shing and stop the party from reuniting the Spirtune pieces. She is a mechanical being similar to Kunzite, and was created to serve Creed. She is classified as a "Queen-Type" mechanoid, and is an experimental model with seven bodies linked to a single Spiria.

Her final body is upgraded into Incarose-ILL with the bodies of Chlorseraph & Clinoseraph, but is still defeated by the party.

Chlorseraph & Clinoseraph

Voiced by: Koji Yusa and Kenjiro Tsuda

Two robotic brothers that serve Creed's faction. They are classed as "Ace-Type" mechanoids, the strongest fighting type. They can also resonate their artificial Spiria in order to boost their abilities, in a manner similar to the party. Chlorseraph is the one at the front with the twin blades; Clinoseraph is the one at the back with the stronger armour.

They were once guardians to Flora Spodune. They are eventually defeated by the party, and their bodies are used to upgrade Incarose's last body into Incarose-ILL.


Voiced by: Tomoko Kaneda

A Robot Girl who serves as the Villainous Harlequin of Creed's faction. As a Joker-Type mechanoid, she's designed more for practical use and data-gathering rather than battle. She's obsessed with gathering information, and is driven more by curiosity than anything else.

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