Funny / Tales of Hearts

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    Main Story 
  • At the beginning of the game. Shing's grandfather is named Zex Meteoryte. Just think about what that sounds like for a moment. And bear in mind that he's got to be like, what, sixty-odd? Averted in the dub where he takes more of a less-offensive-sounding name, Sydan.
  • In the original DS version, having Shing, Hisui, and Kunzite participate in a very long (non-boss) battle will have all three guys naturally exhausted at the results screen. What makes this particular setup hilarious is that Shing is lying on the ground from sheer exhaustion.
  • The descriptions of each party member in the army's wanted posters qualify. Of note is Innes's entry, which is extremely vague because the soldiers were too distracted by her jiggling to come up with a proper description.
  • In the Vita remake, there's this scene where Chalcedny ends up as a waiter or sorts... And proceeds to freak out against cockroaches and centipedes like there's some massive army assaulting him.
Hilarity Ensues.

    Side Quests 
  • During the hot pot side quest, we get two funny events: The Icy Queen Hotpot makes the female members suddenly become extremely sadistic, and then the monster Hotpot causes Hisui and Kor to be hit with an aphrodisiac....that only works on the same sex.
  • If you check on the Kohakuzakura tree after reaching Gardenia, you get a scene about the tree regrowing quickly. What is originally heartwarming turns hilarious as the villagers plan a festival and ask Hisui to do the traditional naked dance. Hisui has no problems with it....until its pointed out that Lithia saw him do it every year.
  • Kor tries to make banana crepes for everyone...only for some to only have either to crepe, banana or otherwise. Kor was basically having his portrait very intense and sweating buckets from the result, only to confess that there weren't enough ingredients. Everyone else tells him to try harder next time.
  • Beryl and Hisui really wanted to try and find out what Kunzite looked like without his helmet, though only one of the two managed to see it, Lithia eventually ordered him to show it later on. Beryl in her hat-collecting persona decides to try the helmet on....only for it to be far too heavy for her.
  • At one point Beryl tries to paint Kohaku's portrait. Commenting that there isn't much art in painting someone who is already beautiful, she gets Kohaku to stick her fingers up her nose and grimace. Hisui sends Beryl flying for it.
  • On the skit where Kor wonders if Ines' foods all go to her chest, Kunzite quickly corrects that, saying that Lithia has been eating as much as Ines for 2000 years, and she's still completely flat chested. While explaining this, both Kor and Hisui walked away while Kunzite did not realize Lithia was silently walking towards him, obviously mad at the remark. Screen black out and cue Kunzite's scream of pain.
    • Also on the subject of chests, where's a skit where one of the choices is to see if Ines' power all goes to her breasts.....Kunzite as per Beryl's request grabs them...only for Ines to leave him nearly disabled from one blow in retaliation. Hisui remarks that Beryl must've gotten her revenge in that fashion.
  • There's a series of skits where everyone stole Hisui's Soma and started shooting out things towards him, all of it usually resulting shooting out a type of food they liked. Hisui being a Butt-Monkey here is fine, but this is topped when they called in Chalcedony, and when he tried it... he instead shot out tons of centipedes, freaking everyone out.
  • A skit on the volcano pretty much has everyone sweating buckets....while they're all annoyed at the fact that Kunzite was dense enough to cook curry for them during such an occasion. Lithia in particular was not pleased and immediately told Kunzite to never attempt such a thing ever again.

    After Battle Quotes 
  • As is natural in a Tales Game, many of the after battle quotes are hilarious.
    • One involving Beryl, Shing, Hisui, and Gall has Gall say something cool, which the two boys praise him for. At which point Beryl points out Gall's fly is down, resulting in a Skyward Scream from Gall.
    • Another from the same party has the three younger ones yell out that their greatest weapons are their Somas, resulting in Gall snarking at them for it.
  • Chalcedny going Large Ham post-battle to beckon his enemies to become stains of his blade... just in time for Kohaku to remind that there's no enemies left. "Oh. Ahem."