Awesome / Tales of Hearts

  • In the backstory, the parents of the main cast fought the Emperor possessed by Creed to a draw. The most powerful man on earth and a handful of unknown Somatics stop him cold.
  • A terrifying example appears when Shing breaks Creeds seal. He effortlessly slaughters Incarose and takes the party apart in a single attack, then takes all of two seconds to undo everything Lithia fought for over two thousand years.
  • During the Xerom attack on Straga, the General and Archduke finally put aside their differences and nearly give their lives in defense of the Empress.
  • Creed attacks the party inside the sky whales Spiria, blasting them away with the same ease as before. Except for Shing, who slipped through the attack and actually slashed open his cheek in retaliation. Even Creed acknowledges that this was awesome.
  • Chal, Peridox, and Pyrox taking down an Incarose through nothing but good old fashioned teamwork.
  • Chal taking on two Incaroses simultaneously and winning. Also for Peridox and Pyrox, who blast one with Pyrox's Soma to help their captain....after being stabbed through the heart.