Awesome / Tales of Xillia 2

  • The pre-battle cutscene in Chapter 12 between Ludger and Victor is pretty awesome, and is one of the best-directed action sequences in the entire Tales franchise.
  • Near the end, you get into a final battle with Rideaux and Ivar, who are trying to prevent you from leaving. Afterward, it's suggested to take care of Rideaux, and a dialogue option comes up - choosing the left only gives the jerk more fuel to hurl at Ludger. Gaius tells him not to listen, before getting down and punching Rideaux in the face.
  • In the Final Battle, the Eleventh Hour Superpower of Ludger unlocking his full-power Chromatus, complete with Theme Music Power-Up and copious amounts of ass kicking.
  • The Xillia crew includes a Badass Normal from another world, a girl with an overdeveloped mana lobe even Maxwell recognizes as a genius, a General who controls battlefields like conductors control symphonies, the daughter/student of a legendary staff fighter, and a pair of Physical Gods alongside their equally powerful human companions. Ludger kills them in the Julius Ending. ALL of them. Alone.
    • Considering that his alternate universe counterpart Victor also did the same thing in his world, that means Ludger killed the entire Xillia party twice over. Ludger may very well be the most powerful Tales protagonist to date.