Funny / Tales of Legendia

  • Poppo translating the Grand Gaet's language. Apparently, they bro speak.
    Senel: You have got to be making that up!
    Poppo: I would never dream of it!
  • Whenever Norma sleep talks.
    • Norma falls asleep in a monster shaped like a bed.
  • Also the Star Festival Event. Mostly Will's wish.
    Will: "May the dinner table be at peace."
    • Norma's wish as well. Along with her explanation.
      Norma: Heh heh. All your wishes are nothing compared to mine.
      Chloe: So what did Miss Not-Goody-Goody decide to wish for?
      Norma: "Hook me up with a drop-dead gorgeous bod!"
      Moses: What kind of a wish is that?
      Norma: Don't sound so disgusted! It's a really serious problem for me! I haven't been growing at all lately! I'm not asking for a G-Girl level, but a C at least! ... So to speak...
      Chloe: Leave me out of this. ... Besides, if you're going to shoot for someone, surely it should be Grune, not me.
      Norma: *Sigh*
      Chloe: Wh... what?
      Norma: This is why I hate dealing with amateurs! You don't get it! You don't get it at all! Do you have any idea what it's like to be flat as a board?! Huh?! It ain't easy, you know!
      Chloe: Ah—
      Norma: G-Girl's beyond human! She's the ultimate work of art! A miracle to behold! In the realm of the gods! Do you think I could win against a god?! She's like every man's dream! You know what I am? I'm every carpenter's dream! So me and my pancakes have to shoot for something more realistic. That's you and yours, C, so shut up! Even I know there's no way for a girl with mosquito bites like me to match G-Girl at this point short of the Everlight and that's way gone! You should really take pity on the less endowed, you insensitive clod! How can you not understand the complexities of the female heart, C?! Unbelievable!
  • The Bantam Bouncers. They look like they came out of a Disco Music Video, and get the crap beaten out of them by Senel. Despite being beaten up so easily, they wind up being able to kick ass if they want to.
    • Course it's also pretty funny to hear them sing and beat up people who break the rules. Especially when the Oresoren and Norma join in about 20 or so hours after the last time they sang.
    • "The boy is here, we found him at last! Let's hurry up and kick his a-"
  • Senel can throw just about anything, physics be damned.
  • The first time Chloe actually joins the party;
    Senel and Chloe: You're...
    Senel: that hair-brained chick!
    Chloe: How dare you address me like that!
  • Pick a moment involving Grune before her awakening, any moment. Especially if Norma is involved. For the best, some nominations include:
    Norma: Okay, let's find out what color underwear G-Girl is wearing today!
    Grune: *checks* ...Oh. It looks like I forgot to put them on today...
    Norma: ...*SWEATDROP*
  • The Jerkass Knight from the mainland is REALLY getting on our heroes nerves. You expect a big fight scene, but then a certain music starts playing...
    Senel: *Gasp*
    Norma: Oh no!
    Curtis: Hey noble knight causin' trouble, don't you know the rules of this town?
    Quppo: You're not supposed to fight!
    Pippo: No acts of violence! <3
    Curtis: Exactly boys, just what they said. You gotta obey the rules at all times, you dig?
    Poppo: What if you break them?
    Curtis: No-ho-hoh!
    Grune: What if you disobey?
    Curtis: Ohhh!
    Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: What'll happen? What'll happen?! What'll happen?!? *Ors?!?!*
    Curtis: Those who break the rules will get to feel, the iron hammer of justice and hear its thunderous peal.
    Norma: Sounds good! You're in for it now!
    Curtis: If there's a crime, we'll stop it; if there's a brawl, we'll squash it; Oh, yeah! That'!
    Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: *Ors!* *Ors ors!*
    Knight: Aren't you...
    Curtis: Feel the iron hammer! *WHACK*
    • Followed by this line from Senel:
      Senel: Wow. For once I'm actually glad you're here.
  • When Norma is trying to worm her way into the team...
    Norma: Join my team and let's be friends dammit!
  • Early on, when the "Cooking" mechanic is introduced, there is a sketch wherein Senel mentions that cooking is harder than it looks... but he says it in response to making TOAST.