Funny / Tales of Phantasia

  • DeJap's SFC Fan Translation has its moments of comedy, particularly the sea trip to Alvanista with its famous Spiced-Up Subtitles like, "I bet Arche fucks like a tiger", Arche passing out and fantasizing about having sex with Cress, or Arche telling Mint that "[she's] got the biggest tits [she's] ever seen!" The last two actually do happen in official translations, it's just not as explicit.
  • In the Japanese versions of the game, Mint earns the Boing-chan title (basically named after the comical sound effect of breasts bouncing) from one sidequest. In Phantasia's prequel, Tales of Symphonia, the character who can earn the same title is ... Sheena. 'nuff said.
  • In the PSX Fan Translation, after first encountering Sylph at Lone Valley:
    Claus: Ah... the spirits are being hurt by miasma!
    Cress: They're being hurt by your asthma? I thought it wasn't contagious!