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Characters: Eddsworld
A list of characters from Eddsworld.

NOTE: UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Help where needed. Some pictures might be nice.

    The Main Four 

Pictures of Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord by ScaredyAsh006, used with permission.

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The unofficial leader of the quartet/trio, an optimistic artist fond of cola, bacon and puns.

Voiced by: Edd Gould (2004-2012), Tim Hautekiet (2012-present)


The sarcastic bitter eyeless alcoholic in a blue hoodie. Resident Jerkass and voice of reason, whenever Edd doesn't fulfil that role.

Voiced by: Tom Ridgewell


The square-chinned ginger, he wears a purple hoodie and green overcoat. Vain and dumb, though the latter trait was absent in earlier episodes.

Voiced by Matt Hargreaves


Tord was the fourth main character in the show. A Norwegian trigger-happy gun nut wearing a red hoodie, Put on a Bus after the episode "Moving Targets", because Larsson wanted to start his own carrer. (This didn't go well, see the YMMV page.)

Voiced by: Tord Larsson (2005-2008), Alex Labbe (Zombeh Attack 1)

  • Affably Evil: While he isn't evil, he is violent.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Zanta Claws acknowledges this in-universe. He even asks to take his place in the Zanta Claws 2 when he finds out that he left. In Zanta Claws 3, Zanta indeed takes his place for some time; he even wears a matching hoodie.
  • Gun Nut: Has an unhealthy obsession with guns and firepower for that matter.
  • Norse by Norsewest: Averted. He isn't portrayed as a stereotypical Scandinavian: he's ginger-ish, average looking, and pretty damn violent.

  • Put on a Bus: In "25 ft. Under the Seat"
    • The Bus Came Back: In a comic story arc drawn by guest artist SuperSmash3DS, AmeriCAN'T he's seen as taxi driver. He also appears in the background in Fun Dead.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Moreso than Tom. Paintball with real guns, anyone?
  • Trigger Happy: Oh, that's scratching the surface...
  • With Friends Like These...: He didn't get on well with Tom.

    Other Characters 

Zanta Claws

Evil zombie Santa Claus, appearing in three Christmas Specials.

Voiced by Joshua Tomar


A Dutch guy with large eyebrows and a lot of jobs.

Voiced by Paul ter Voorde

Future Edd

Future version of Edd, coming back in time to kill himself and not witness Cola being outlawed.

Voiced by Edd Gould.

Christopher Bingbong/Evil Director Man

A director who clones the main four in Spares.

Voiced by Chris "Bing" Bingham


Evil Director's assistant in Spares.

Voiced by Edd Gould.

Commander Bai's Crew

Aliens who abducted the trio to use Matt's vanity to fuel their ship.

Commander Bai voiced by Jamie Spicer-Lewis

Pilot voiced by Eddie Bowley

Legacy Donators

People who donated enough money during the Eddsworld Kickstarter campaign.

Katey "Red" Harding note  voiced by Jenny Bingham

Patryk the Co-Pilot voiced by Patryk Dudulewicz

  • Author Avatar: Of sorts. Katey Harding drew a few guest comics.
  • As Himself: Subverted, Katey for technical reasons is voiced by Jenny Bingham, Tom's then-girlfriend. Played straight with Patryk.
  • Butt Monkey: All of them suffered some horrible fates: got zombehfied, got left on another planet, burnt by a jet engine, crashed a plane or dated Matt. Patryk does survive the plane crash, though.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Patryk, along with Paul, causes the zombie apocalypse.
  • Those Two Guys: Patryk, with Paul.

Eduardo, Mark and Jon

The gang's neighbors and rivals.

Voiced by Chris O'Neill, Eddie Bowley and Ben Rudman respectively.

Sgt. "Hilary" Hilarson

A senior drill instructor in the British Army.

Voiced by Josh Tomar

General McCoy

An American General who gets involved with aliens, the British Army, and scaring Matt.

Voiced by Unknown

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