Awesome / Eddsworld

  • The battle with the ghost in Hammer and Fail 2. Even though it was more like a Hopeless Boss Fight, the ghost was actually friendly. Turns out he's really after Eduardoooooo...
  • Edd and crew against hundreds of their clones in Spares... it's a Curb-Stomp Battle delivered by Edd and crew.
  • The fact that the show's still going, even after Edd's death. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • In Climate Change, Edd stops a tsunami tearing up London by unplugging everything in his house. Even he's amazed by it. It even goes backwards, reversing the damage.
    Edd: Well, that's just silly.
  • Edd, while he was still around, turned down several offers to have Eddsworld on TV. Even though it would boost popularity, it wouldn't work out with the fans of the original version. It takes guts to do that.
    • There was another reason to this, as stated in one of Tom's vlogs, which could depend on a CMOF or a huge facepalm: the BBC (as Tom believes) had sent an email to Edd, asking to create a show for Eddsworld, which used a word (the word being "monetization") that Edd didn't know. Instead of looking up the word, Edd asked the BBC what the word meant. According to Tom, they never replied back.
  • Tord's return in The End.
    • The climax of the aforementioned episode, with Tom taking down Tord's giant robot with a Chekhov's Harpoon Gun:
    Tom: *emerges from the rubble, with Berserker Tears in his eyes* I! AM NOT! YOUR! FRIEND! *fires the gun*
  • Is it really "The End"? Not yet, gang.