Tear Jerker / Eddsworld


  • A harsher in hindsight example:
    Tom: Without Edd, it would just be me and [Matt], and, well...that would suck.
  • The "desire room" bit in Space Face is quite lighthearted until the very end of the scene, when Commander Bai stands there, looking sadly at the image of a small planet.
    Matt: What's that?
    Bai: Home. Let's move on.
  • Tord. Though his departure was COMPLETELY unexpected, it basically drove his fans insane to the point they NEVER LEAVE THE POOR GUY ALONE. HE CAN'T EVEN USE HIS REAL NAME ANYMORE. Even Tom agrees the fans went too far.
    • It got worse when Tord came back and posted his feelings and thoughts on Edd's passing and was willing enough to answer questions fans had for him. He also clarified he left Eddsworld because he wanted to do his thing. He ended up disappearing again because fans lost it.
    • There is a glance of hope, as one of Tord's friends, Sadak Kahie, announced on Twitter and Tumblr that he is returning to Youtube, but we may not know for sure.
    • Confirmed it wouldn't later happen sadly. Matt said he did get a message from Tord back in 2015 for Christmas, although Tom said he hasn't had contact with Tord in years.
  • "Hey Eddheads. We have some bad news..." The way this was said, along with the news is pretty depressing. We all saw his struggle throughout his videos, and to see it end is just... Well, tear jerking, to say the least.
  • Tom spends most of "Space Face: Part 2", the first episode since the real Edd Gould's death, looking sullen with few speaking lines and a drinking flask in hand. This dialogue from the end of the episode has some uncomfortable Reality Subtext considering Tom Ridgewell suffered from severe depression and a drinking problem around this time:
    Edd: You know, you've been pretty quiet today, Tom.
    Tom: I am very drunk.
  • Tom finally having his spirit broken:
    I know I shouldn't be typing this out but.. I don't know what else to do.
    I am desperately unhappy. I'm failing to run Eddsworld and the guilt is killing me. Grief has broken my spirit.
    To you, the viewers, I'm sorry for the delays. I promised you so much and have consistently disappointed you. You gave me your trust, your patience and your money and I'm yet to come through with anything. You deserve a lot better and you WILL get it.
    To my coworkers (Paul especially), I'm sorry I've been such a poor director/producer. You've been grounded by my lack of input for months now and people need to understand who is responsible.
    Finally, to Edd, I'm sorry I've let you down, man. I can't do this without you. I'm just not strong enough.
    Thank you all for waiting; I'm sorry you have to. Things will get better.
    Until then,
    - Tom
  • Tom seems to be suffering from breakdowns following Edd's death. According to one tumblr post (along with the above mentioned one which have been deleted..), Tom stated his devastation over Edd's passing, and was heart broken by the fact he wasn't there when Edd passed (stating he was actually celebrating with friends..).
    My close friend, business partner and - if I'm being honest - muse Edd Gould was dead. Cancer had made its final move on him the night before. While I partied, he fought for his life and lost. (...) I miss him so fucking much.
  • A brief one occurs in Tom's Tales of Crazy. In the beginning Tom narrates how the 'Tom's Tales of...' started with the first two installments with two drawings of his and Edd's heads, before jumping on quickly describing asdfmovie and then stating 'stuff got kinda wierd', with Edd's head disappearing and for a small moment, Tom looks saddened.
  • Tom confirming on his Tumblr that he will be indeed stepping down as the showrunner, admitting he couldn't do the show without Edd, as well as lamenting over his promises on he did to the fans and crew only to screw them over when he didn't mean to.
    • And now, through both Twitter and Tumblr, Tom has confirmed that he now wants nothing to do with Eddsworld due to a small yet very toxic section of the fandom. He doesn't want people asking him questions about it, he doesn't want anything to do with the fandom, and he doesn't even want to be part of the viewing audience for any new episodes.
  • The Ex-Girlfriend comic strip. it's kinda sad seeing Eduardo (one of Edd's neighbours) sighing on a picture of him and his dead girlfriend (You're not gonna believe who she is) See for yourself.
  • The End: Part 2 is a huge one:
    • Watching Tord punch Matt in the face in "The End: Part 2" can be a bit hard if you're a Matt fan.
    • Tom's (failed) search for a new home leaves him disheveled and living in a cardboard box in an alleyway. He tries to reassure himself that everything will be just fine...before bursting into tears. Unlike other times we've seen the boys cry in Eddsworld, this is most definitely not played for laughs.
    • Jon's death at Tord's hands.. It's not played for laughs, and Eduardo is at the verge of tears as his friend/roommate literally dies in his arms.
    Eduardo: Jon? Jon?! Speak to me, buddy! Say something! Say something, you idiot!
    Jon: Something. (laughs weakly, dies)
    • In Part 1, Eduardo reacts to Jon annoying him by growling "I wish you were dead!" Be Careful What You Wish For...
    • Hell, Tord's betrayal of the gang in The End is a major downer. Edd was so overjoyed about his old friend coming home, only to realise it was for the wrong reasons...
  • This tweet from Matt. He misses Tord so much.
    "Tord, if you're out there... it'd be nice to hear from you."
    • Another one from Matt. He posted an image on Twitter, with the caption "Here's the complaint box." Said image is of Matt forlornly looking at the box containing Edd's ashes. Makes it worse when it seems Matt's commenting on the fandom's neverending complaints about the show..
      • Fridge Horror sets in when you remember Tom had Edd's ashes beforehand, which makes it more heartbreaking since Tom hasn't (and probably won't) moved on from Edd's death.
  • Tom's status regarding Edd's birthday. He really misses Edd so much...
    "You would've been 28 today. I was a fool to think we'd always have more time. I'll miss you until mine runs out too."
    • It's ten times depressing on his instagram where he admits he spent so much time hiding from Edd's passing, he's forgotten every other moment with Edd. Poor Tom..