YMMV: Edds World

  • Cargo Ship: Sometimes joked about throughout the show.
  • Creator Backlash: Pearl "Prikle" Zhang wants to forget she animated Tom's Tales of Crazy.
  • Designated Hero: In Zanta Claws
    Santa: (Giving them presents) You earned these, kids.
    Edd: But we didn't do anything.
    Santa: Ho ho ho. (leaves)
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment / Harsher in Hindsight: By the crapload, because of Edd's death.
    • In WTFuture, Tom says "Without Edd, it'd be just [Matt] and me, and, well, that would suck." Doubly harsh, because Tom had numerous difficulties picking up the show after Edd's death.
    • From the same episode: it turns out the laser Eddsworld!Tom took to the face gave him cancer.
    • The entire episode can be considered one, considering it's about Edd ten years in the future going into the past to kill his past self.
    • The epilogue for This World of Edd narrates Edd going crazy and killing himself (and Dying Alone); darkly-humorous then. Now...
    • Edd Vs. Cancer, a video that dealt with Edd's cancer in a very light-hearted and optimistic way, becomes much harder to watch when you know what ultimately happened.
    • At the end of Matt Sucks, Matt says, "Oh well, at least Edd's dead."
    • In Christmas Visitor Edd's visited by Death himself.
    • This sketch on Matt's channel.
    • "Rock Bottom", which was released about a month before Edd died.
    • Would be hilarious if it wasn't for Edd's death, but in one of the Zombeh Attack flashes one zombie is clearly drawn by Paul (visible differences in style). Now he's the lead animator of the show.
  • Idiot Plot: Coke is outlawed in the future. Edd has a time machine. He decides to go back in time to commit suicide by killing his past self, instead of, y'know, going to the store and getting the drink. No one calls him out on that.
    • Or, if he's so determined to commit Time-Travel Murder, how about killing the people responsible for banning Coke in the first place and preventing the horrible, Coke-Free future?
  • Les Yay: In The Dudette next door, it is revealed that Kim's true love was Katya.
  • Memetic Mutation: Just a Bit Crazy.
    Edd: Yep.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Several of their videos.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Fans are complaining about the show's Art Shift (which happened for obvious reasons). Paul explained this on his blog.