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Characters: Detective Conan Core Recurring Characters
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     Dr. Hiroshi Agasa 

Dr. Hiroshi Agasa / Hershel Agasa

Voiced by Kenichi Ogata (JP)

Shinichi's next door neighbor who makes a living developing odd inventions; some of which are put to use by Shinichi throughout the series. Shinichi appears to have the utmost trust in him, having no problem of revealing his identity to Agasa only moments after being shrunk by the APTX-4869 pill.

Later on, most of his appearances amount to playing the adult who looks after the Detective Boys, becoming the unintentional guardian of Ai Haibara (aka Shiyo Miyano) when said character shows up at Shinichi's doorstep, and providing insight for Shinichi to help combat the Black Organization.

During most cases that involve the Detective Boys, Shinichi will force Agasa into the spotlight to explain the case at hand.

Mandatory Naming Note: "Agasa" is the Engrish pronunciation of Agatha Christie.Phonological Note 

  • Absent-Minded Professor: Most Triumphant Japanese Example
  • Big Fancy House: The mansion located next to the just-as-big Kudo home.
  • Big Fun: A chubby old man with a heart of gold and a cheerful disposition
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer
  • Einstein Hair
  • Friend to All Children
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He made Conan all those assistive technology gadgets.
  • Herr Doktor: Drives a German car, a Kfer. In the dub, he has a German accent.
  • Nice Guy
  • No Name Given: Averted, but not with a bit of Ass Pull. His given name, given as Hiroshi only later on, is an Alternate Character Reading of Hakase, the Japanese term for the title of Doctor, while devoid of the latter's connotations.
  • Parental Substitute: For Shinichi, to a degree. Even moreso for Haibara, who lives in his house and unlike Shinichi, no longer has any real family. She grows to love him like a real father and often tries to protect him above anyone else. He's even her cellphone background picture! It turns out he knew her dead parents.
  • Secret Keeper: With the distinction of being the first person ever who found out about Shinichi.
  • Smart Ball: Pocketed it. Shinichi said he never invented anything useful right in the beginning, yet he eventually became one of the most Gadgeteer Genius in anime without any further explanation (to the point where actual secret agents express jealousy at his skills). That being said, several of his inventions still do malfunction from time to time, but those are few and far between.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Fusae Campbell Kinoshita.

    The Detective Boys/The Junior Detective League 

The Detective Boys/The Junior Detective League

Clockwise from The Big Guy; Genta, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, Conan and Haibara

Consisting of Conan, Haibara, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Ayumi, they are a Five-Man Band of kid detectives.

Mandatory Naming Note: Their group name comes from the group of the same name in Edogawa Ranpo's novels.

  • Five-Man Band
    • The Leader: Conan (Conan leads the investigations, but Genta insists on the credit.)
    • The Lancer: Haibara, like Conan, is a genius adult shrunk to child form but her coldness contrasts his heroics
    • The Smart Guy: Mitsuhiko thinks he's the smartest because he's Locked Out of the Loop. He provides information Conan lacks.
    • The Big Guy: Genta, the tallest and strongest (and chubbiest) of them.
    • The Chick: Ayumi is a cheerful girl who's friends with everyone; even First Name Basis with Haibara.
  • Free-Range Children: The kids spend a lot of time wandering around without even nominal adult supervision. They regularly do things like take bus trips, canvas neighborhoods, and explore caves, forests and scary mansions alone. True, Conan and Ai are Older Than They Look, but almost any adult who isn't Professor Agasa doesn't know that since Conan and Ai look about seven.
  • Limited Social Circle: They are rarely seen spending much time with classmates outside their group but Ayumi at least is shown with a list of her other friends. Justified with Ai and Conan, who simply don't have any reason to make more friends at elementary school.
  • Love Dodecahedron: Genta likes Ayumi, Mitsuhiko likes Ayumi and Ai, Ayumi likes Conan, Ai is believed to like Conan and Conan is Ran-sexual.
  • Oblivious to Love: Among the group, Ayumi is blissfully unaware that Mitsuko and Genta both have a huge crush on her. Conan knows Ayumi likes him, but dismisses his mother's suggestion that Ai also has a crush on him as absurd.
  • Snooping Little Kids: The group together is mostly seen as this to grown-ups; particularly, the police department and Kogoro.
  • They Are All Grownup: OVA 9.
  • Tag Along Kids: Conan is pretty much followed by the three actual kids of the group, Mitsuhiko, Genta and Ayumi. Ai on rare occasions takes Conan's place here sometimes. Otherwise, she stands along side Conan.

    Ayumi Yoshida 

Ayumi Yoshida/ Amy Yeager

Voiced by Yukiko Iwai (JP) / Monica Rial (EN)

The one and only emotional girl of the Detective Boys before Ai Haibara joined the group later in the series.

  • The Cutie
  • First Name Basis: Ayumi is the only child of the group who calls Haibara by her first name.
  • Hair Decorations: Always seen with a headband.
  • Hopeless Suitor: For Conan, due to the latter age problem. Though to her defense, it's more like admiration than crush.
  • The Smurfette Principle: She was the only girl of the group before Haibara joined.
  • Third-Person Person: In later chapters, Ayumi constantly refers to herself as such.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Pretty self explanatory seeing how all other major or secondary female characters in the series is either a teenager or an adult not counting the shrunk Haibara.

    Genta Kojima 

Genta Kojima/ George Kaminski

Voiced by Wataru Takagi (JP)

The big kid of the group who enjoys to eat, but isn't the brightest of the bunch.

  • Big Eater: Eats a lot for his age. Although he is fat.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows
  • Bridal Carry: Give one to Haibara in Movie 5 to stop her Senseless Sacrifice.
  • Dumb Muscle: Seen to be the least intellectual of the group, but at least makes up for it for being the biggest and the strongest of the Detective Boys.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: During the Tragedy of the Pier in Plain Sight case (episodes 366-367/volume 45), his uncharacteristic action of fully concentrating on fishing (to the point of almost skipping lunch) turns out to be a secret plan to catch a rare fish for Professor Agasa's birthday.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The Manly Man to Mitsuhiko's Sensitive Guy.
  • Talkingto Himself: On rare occasions if Takagi and Genta are in the same episode. Both share the same voice-actor in Japanese.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Unajuu, or eel on rice.

    Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya 

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya/ Mitch Tennison

Voiced by Ikue Otani / Ai Orikasa (JP)

The lead boy before Conan joins the group who genuinely tries to provide Conan with legitimate feedback on cases that the group comes across; most of the time to no avail.

    Sonoko Suzuki 

Sonoko Suzuki/ Serena Sebastian

Voiced by Naoko Matsui (JP) / Laura Bailey (EN)

The love-seeking daughter of a very rich family, and Ran's best friend. On rare occasions, mostly from cases that involves just her and Ran, Shinichi will put Sonoko to sleep and talk as her in a manner similar to how he uses Kogoro as the scrape-goat for explaining the case at hand.

She eventually gains an actual boyfriend in the form of an international karate champion, Makoto Kyougoku, but still finds time to flirt with other men (Kaitou Kid in particular) to compensate for the fact that she can't handle being in a long-distance relationship.

    Yuusaku Kudo 

Yuusaku Kudo / Booker Kudo

Voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka (JP)

Famous mystery writer and Shinichi's father.

He currently lives with his wife Yukiko in Los Angeles, but he and Yukiko drop by regularly to check on Shinichi.

Mandatory naming note: Yusaku's name comes from Shunsaku Kudo (protagonist of the TV Drama Tantei Monogatari aka Detective Tales) and actor Yusaku Matsuda (who portrayed Shunsaku Kudo).

    Yukiko Kudo 

Yukiko Kudo (ne Fujimine) / Vivian Kudo

Voiced by Sumi Shimamoto (JP)

Shinichi's mother, an old friend and rival of Ran's mother Eri, as well as a former teen model and actress; past jobs that have even brought upon her a connection to the Black Organization's member, Vermouth.

She currently lives with Yusaku in Los Angeles, but they drop by regularly to check on Shinichi.

Mandatory naming note: The name Yukiko Fujimine (藤峰) name is a Shout-Out to Lupin III's Fujiko Mine and Fujiko's first seiyuu, Yukiko Nikaido. An alias she used twice, Fumiyo (文代), comes from Fumiyo Akechi, wife of Edogawa Rampo's Kogoro Akechi.

    Eri Kisaki 

Eri Kisaki / Eva Kadan

Voiced by Gara Takashima (JP)

Ran's mother and the estranged wife of Kogoro. She's a very successful attorney.

Mandatory Naming Note: The name comes from Ellery Queen; Kisaki means "Queen."

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