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  • Actor Shipping: It gets easier to ship real-life pairs when they oblige (like Jack Wagner and Kristina Crump, Frisco and Felicia, did when they got married seven years after their characters did).
  • Asshole Victim: There have been a few. Joe Scully Jr, a mobster, a murder and a rapist who was shot by Ceasar Faison (disguised as Duke Lavery). Lisa Niles was murdered by Matt Hunter. Anthony Zacchara was murdered by his grandson, Johnny Zacchara. Claudia Zacchara is killed by Michael Corinthos II who she was responsible for putting in a coma when ordering a hit meant for Sonny
    • Arguably Carly when Tony Jones kidnapped Michael. Granted, Sarah Brown is an excellent enough actress that it was easy to feel sorry for Carly, but what led up to the kidnapping was all Carly's fault. She'd spent a great deal of time emotionally manipulating Tony, letting him believe she loved him, but she only went after him to ruin Bobbie's life. Then Carly got pregnant and told Tony he was the father. She allowed Tony to get an emotional attachment to Michael while he was still in the womb and Tony loved the baby. But the minute Carly thought Jason was Michael's father and not Tony, she dumped him and immediately moved on with Jason. And despite wrecking his marriage to Bobbie for Carly and genuinely loving the child she carried, Tony was told repeatedly by many people to just get over it and move on with his life. With that kind of emotional manipulation, a blowup was bound to happen.
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    • After years of manipulation and considered a Complete Monster by almost every person in the cast, Ava finally got their comeuppance when called out for their years of bullshit to their face, followed by being mortally wounded by severe burns they accidentally caused to themselves. Despite the show's attempts to portray this as a Tear Jerker because of the severe pain and trauma they were in afterwards, only a minuscule portion of the cast and very few viewers found their downfall as anything more than a very, very long list of karma catching up to them and a missed opportunity to persecute them for their crimes.
  • Author's Saving Throw: After the incredibly unpopular decision to have Luke assert that Tracy is the love of his life and not Laura, as in legendary love story Luke and Laura. However when Anthony Geary decided to end his contract, Luke leaves messages to all his loved ones, including Tracy, before leaving Port Charles. However, the final word he utters on the show is a quite, wistful yet forlorn "Laura," as she stares off into the distance from her apartment, before Luke vanishes into the mist. Seems the writers wised up and ensured the fandom that the most famous pairing in daytime really were each others great loves. Also Tracy's last moments on GH end with her running into Luke and seeming to go to him. Although the ending is rather ambigious.
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  • Better as Friends - Spinelli and Maxie, Jason and Carly, though their respective pairings have their own fans. Spixie fans WILL go nuts if you bring this up. They will. Don't push it.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The July 6, 2018 episode featured an appearance by Colonel Sanders - yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders - to celebrate "National Fried Chicken Day" with a storyline involving his "eleven herbs and spices".
  • Broken Base - Bob Guza's third and longest run as head writer from 2002 to 2011 (with at different points a couple of co-head writers), which is arguably the most controversial run by a head writer in American soap history besides James E. Reilly for Days of Our Lives. It has its vocal defenders, especially among fans of Jason, Sam, and Sonny, but others - mostly longtime fans who at least started watching the show in the '90s - criticized it for shifting the focus of the show toward the mob, killing off (and violently, at that) members of the longtime Quartermaine and Jones families while ignoring or writing out well-established characters, and for more than a few blatant cases of Creator's Pet. Whether or not you defend Guza, it's really telling that with the radical regime change in showrunners in 2012 and with the fear of cancellation overhead, all the mob-oriented characters except Sonny have been killed or sent to prison (although more mob characters have appeared or returned since), many established characters written off years ago have returned, and the Quartermaines have been made a strong center of the show again.
  • Creator's Pet - Several, but many fans agree they would like to forget Courtney ever existed.
    • Others, however, have seen her be a Ship Launcher.
    • Thanks to a Broken Base, this is what half the fandom thinks is happening whenever Spinelli hits the screen.
    • Brenda Barrett. Soulmated to two leading men? Check. Everyone falls at her feet whenever she returns to Port Charles? Check. Constantly compared to and held on an eternal high pedestal? Check. Always seen as a good guy and victimized? Check. Any character who doesn't like her is turned into an instant villain? Check.
  • Designated Villain: Arguably Lucky and Sam were this when Elizabeth and Jason became a couple. It almost seemed like the show couldn't sell Jason and Elizabeth as a couple without wrecking these other two characters. Long story short—Elizabeth and Jason had a one-night stand which conceived Jake. Though both obviously still had feelings for each other, they decided to go back to Lucky and Sam respectively and Elizabeth decided to pass Jake off as Lucky's son. Eventually Sam found out the truth and got rightfully angry. But to make viewers feel zero sympathy for Sam, a whole ton of retconning was done. Her con-artist past was changed so that she became a total slut as opposed to trying to support her half-brother. And she was made primarily responsible for Jake's first kidnapping, though another woman did it!! Later on she hired armed thugs to harass Elizabeth and her children to "remind" Elizabeth how dangerous Jason really was, and when Jason found out he threatened to kill Sam.
    • Then there was Lucky, who arguably was the most victimized in this situation. But viewers weren't allowed to feel sympathy for him either. Despite being Luke Spencer's son and quite intelligent, he was dumbed down and made to look like a fool. Not to mention when Elizabeth and him finally divorced he was made the bad guy—by having an affair with Sam!! Never mind that Elizabeth was knowingly passing off another man's child as Lucky's and had been pining for this other man!! But Elizabeth was made to look like a victim by the writers and she turned her nose up at Lucky and Sam for all their misdeeds.
    • As an interloper in the legendary Sonny/Brenda romance, Lily Rivera gets this out-universe, with numerous Sonny/Brenda fans blasting her as a conniving bitch and cheering on the scene where she's killed. However, if one watches her scenes objectively, one realizes that she never really says or does anything to deserve such vitriol.
  • Die for Our Ship - The current most hot one is creating a fully Broken Base: the Spixies will die for their ship, while the Free Maxies will die for anything but. Except for two Spinellis.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Luke Spencer and Sonny Corinthos were brought to the show in the late '70's and early '90's, respectively, intended to be short-term characters who would be interlopers in a popular love story (Scotty and Laura, (Karen and Jagger, respectively), before being either killed off or sent to prison. Both actors and their respective characters became such a huge hit with fans that they ended up becoming legacy characters and part of the shows most popular super couples (Luke with Laura, Sonny with Brenda). Ironically, it was Sonny's friendship with Luke that facilitated Sonny's kinda sorta Heel–Face Turn.
    • Rebecca Herbst auditioned for the role of Sarah Webber and did such a good job that even though TPTB didn't feel she was right for the part, they created the role of Elizabeth Webber for her. Within a year, Sarah was written off, and Elizabeth was well on her way to becoming one of the show's most popular heroines.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple - Luke and Laura, right from the beginning. Some might debate Liz/Jason, but that's why this is YMMV.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: German Dr. Obrecht wants Faison to dress as the Hoff for 2013 Halloween.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In-universe. Brenda spends most of 1993 taunting her rival Karen and Slut-Shaming her. Already cruel, she's horrified to learn that Karen was molested as a child and that her bullying undoubtedly made her feel worse.
    • The 2006 "outbreak" storyline, thanks to the 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight
    • Three days after Ryan Carnes left the show and the role of Lucas Jones was given to Ben Hogestyn, the character came out of the closet. If Ryan had stayed on the show for another three days, he would have played his third gay character in a row. Ironically he left to play a character on Desperate Housewives - who is also gay.
    • During his run on The Cosby Show Joseph C. Phillips's character Martin (Denise's husband) was excited at the prospect of meeting BB King but did not get tonote . His character Justus Ward got to meet King in an appearance in this series years later.
  • Hollywood Homely: Sabrina Santiago is described as frumpy and undesirable by giving her huge red glasses and frizzy hair. Of course, she's following in the grand tradition of Lucy Coe, who was a mousy librarian type before she got her vamp makeover. Winnifred Leeds would be another character in the same vein (though she never got a makeover like Lucy and Sabrina did.)
  • Ho Yay: A lot during the years but taken to new heights by Franco's obsession with Jason.
    • Jason with guys in general, as expressed in this video.
      • Particularly Sonny. When they had a friendship-ending argument, viewers were treated to a Happier Time Montage as if they had been a couple.
  • Jerkass Woobie - Scotty, Bobbie, AJ, etc.
  • Les Yay: Carly/Courtney, Lulu/Maxie.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Morgan knocking his brother Michael out, and leaving him to drown at Pier 52 while his ex-wife (Michael's current girlfriend) watches.
  • Retroactive Recognition: As is par for the course with soaps, many of the show's actors have gone on to fame in primetime or even in film—including Meghan Marklenote some of whom have even reappeared on the show despite their newfound success.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Jax/Brenda vs. Sonny/Brenda was legendary in the mid-90's and as YouTube comments indicate, continue to this day.
  • Signature Scene: Luke and Laura's Wedding, the most viewed hour in Daytime history, 30.0 Million people tuned in.
  • Special Effect Failure: Look closely at a few of the gun play shootouts you will notice smoke rings coming off the guns as they are being fired and sometimes before.
  • Super Couple - Luke and Laura are the Trope Maker.
  • The Un-Twist: Weeks were spent setting up the murder of Asshole Victim Damian Smith, with numerous people denouncing and threatening him—several of whom even physically assaulted him for his amoral conduct. When his head was finally bashed in, the killer was quickly revealed to be the person who had been the angriest at him and was the last person viewers saw arguing with him. That said, he was still a Sympathetic Murderer—he didn't even mean to kill the guy, just stop him from torching his house.
    • When the then-infant Michael was kidnapped, Carly and Jason speculated that the responsible party could be Jason's estranged family the Quartermaines (who had already tried to take the baby, believing him to be unsafe with Jason), one of Jason's mobster rivals, or. . . Carly's eyes widen in horror as she shrieks, "It's Tony!", her ex-lover who had gone off the deep end after finding out that he wasn't Michael's father. She and Jason both separately interrogate Tony, who feigns innocence, but sure enough, he is eventually revealed as Michael's abductor.


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