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  • Sam's reaction to learning Claudia is pregnant with Sonny's child.
    Sam: I just don't understand why Sonny can't keep it in his pants for like five seconds. He's around someone for five minutes and he impregnates everyone. I don't get it!
    • Bonus points for hanging the lampshade many viewers feel about how many children Sonny has fathered. For the record, he's had four, one stillborn.
  • Any scene with the Quartermaines. Take a drink everytime Monica reminds everyone that the mansion is "her house".
    • And another for when Alan would remind her that "I gave it to you". When Alan died, it then fell to Tracy to remind her that "Alan gave it to you".
  • Every year Thanksgiving at the Quartermaine’s is a hilarious disaster.
  • AJ's reactions to Alice when she takes someone out.
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  • The Lampshade Hanging which introduces Roger Howarth's Todd Manning expy (later revealed to be the character Franco); he resists responding to requests from a stagehand for a person named "Todd" to retrieve paper towels. This new Todd ends up being a janitor.
  • Alexis realizing that the father of her eldest child, Sam may have been Julian Jerome of the Jerome crime family, making it the the second(technically the first) time she's had progeny by a member of the underworld.
    Alexis: My god, did I have ANOTHER kid with a mobster?!"
  • In a typical "Arguing Quartermaines" scene, everyone takes their turn snapping at AJ, "Shut up, AJ!" in response to his annoying comments. This goes on and on until even sweet, lovely, Grande Dame Lila gets fed up and snaps, "Oh, AJ, SHUT UP!"

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