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  • Awesome Ego: The Warden in the story is pretty cocky at times, seemingly not caring about "overwhelming numbers" or such. Thankfully, as a Player Character, they can back it up.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Some players find the Nobushi to be a fun, unique Samurai class with a moveset that's useful for countering. Others say that she's a broken, annoying, skill gate character who appeals mainly to lesser-skilled players.
    • The Knights' Peacekeeper class is also divisive for similar reasons. Like the Nobushi, she's a quick, assassin-like character with dual swords, giving her many fast combos and a surprisingly far range. Plus, her attacks can cause the enemy to bleed out pretty fast, if they let their guard down. On the downside, she has very weak armor and fairly low health. Some players enjoy the Peacekeeper's fast and furious playstyle while others find her either useless or a total nuisance.
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    • The Centurion earned a surprising amount of controversy early on because of his near Game-Breaker ability to brutally punish mistakes in dodging his charges, as well as his ability to rapidly drain a defender's stamina with his counters, to the point that he can force exhaustion on an enemy in a single two-hit combo chain. While he is manageable in a one-on-one fight, his unblockables and ability to leap and stab at long ranges make him a nightmare to fight as part of a team, and the sheer speed at which he throws out attacks can catch an unwary defender off-guard. Fans of the Centurion argue that he's an effective means to break the turtling-heavy meta gameplay, while opponents argue that his combos, speed, and stamina-draining make him a frustrating and un-fun opponent to fight compared with other characters. With further nerfs and changes to the game, the Centurion has even become a sort of Butt-Monkey in the fandom, Going from OP to a newbie killer that can easily be countered when parry timing islearned.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • The Samurai's Nobushi class is rapidly becoming popular because her weapon, the naginata, gives her more attack range. This can make a huge difference because it basically means that she can stab the enemy to death from a safe distance while receiving little damage, if any. There's already multiple videos of the Nobushi dominating 1-v-1's. Though with the announcement of a nerf to hidden stance this might be snubbed.
    • Assassins in general are played very often, as their mobility makes them easy to use and they often make up the upper part of the tier lists. The Orochi was already the most popular hero online, but after his season 6 rework he is more used than ever.
  • Complete Monster: Apollyon is a brutal female warrior who commands the Blackstone Legion. Obsessed with war and firmly believing that Might Makes Right, Apollyon welcomes only the strongest and most ruthless into the Blackstone, with those who fight back against her spared—though she later proves to not care about her soldiers—while the rest are slaughtered as she sneers at them for being "sheep." Manipulating the various factions into conflict, Apollyon leads attacks on the Viking warriors before confiscating or destroying their supplies so they fall among themselves, allowing only the strongest to survive. When the Vikings attack the samurai Dawn Empire, Apollyon sacks the capital city, murdering the Emperor and releases the Daimyos to hunt each other down to see who will emerge. When defeated by the Emperor's champion, the Orochi, Apollyon gloats that her true plan has been to precipitate an endless war between the Vikings, knights and samurai, watching as they fall among each other due to her manipulations. Obsessed with proving everyone is as bloodthirsty as her, Apollyon only finds joy in endless slaughter, wanting nothing more than a land consumed by the flames of war forever.
  • Demonic Spiders: While in multiplayer, bots aren't that great until they hit Level 2, in the campaign, some AI enemies are nightmares.
    • Valkyries are extremely difficult opponents in the campaign, since the AI rapidly alternates the directions of attacks faster than a human player can. That, coupled with their speed, means its really hard to parry a Valkyrie's thrusts. Campaign Valkyries are considered to be tougher than Level 2 multiplayer bot Valkyries!
    • In the fourth Samurai mission, the two Orochi and (optional) Kensei opponents you fight are just as deadly as Seijuro, with the same problem of them being able to change their attack directions faster than a human could, and the Orochis not needing to sidestep deflect to initiate Hurricane Blasts. They're mitigated a bit by the fact that you're supposed to have Momiji helping you fight them, but she has a tendency to get lost following you through the paper walls you cut through.
    • Anytime a Shugoki shows up. Unlike player Shugokis, who have to show a bit of caution and restraint, these AI Shugokis are extremely aggressive, hit like trucks, and use the uninterruptible stance to maximum effect, and the power behind their blows means that you've only got a couple of mistakes before you're at critical health.
    • While a player may have some difficulty using the Aramusha to his full devastating potential, the AI never has this problem, as its impossible reaction speed and timing allows it to make perfect use of the Aramusha's numerous feinting and move cancelling abilities, tearing players apart before you they have a chance to do anything.
    • For the "Escape of the Emperor" special event, there's the Blackstone's Lawbringers and Masters. The former are aggressive as hell (for a hero who normally focuses on parrying and defense) and constantly regenerate health, and often come in packs of three at a time. The latter are essentially the Commanders from the Breach game mode, except they usually have at least one Black Prior and a couple of Officers supporting them, making them even harder to bring down. You have to fight multiple Masters to take the zone they're defending... and for the final zone you have to fight three at the same time while also protecting the Emperor.
    • The Test Your Metal event features extremely tough versions of many of the bosses or NP Cs from the story mode, often with instantly-unlocked feats, boosted health and damage, and unique attacks.
  • Evil Is Cool: Apollyon became very popular after release for being an absolutely badass Black Knight Dark Action Girl with a delightfully hammy War Is Glorious philosophy. Her awesome fight scenes, villainous intelligence, scenery-chewing voice acting in certain scenes and challenging and exciting boss fight also help her be a fun, awesome villain.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Despite the fact that she never is seen outside of full plate armor, many have this attitude towards Apollyon.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Nope, For Honor is not immune to shipping, and the most popular pairing in the fandom appears to be the male Warden and Nobushi.
  • Friendly Fandoms: There's a lot of crossover between players of this game and Dark Souls, due to their similar aesthetics, learning curves, and relatively grounded gameplay. The aesthetic also means that Darkest Dungeon also has a lot of crossover as well.
  • Game-Breaker: The Centurion, due to a combination of easy and powerful combos and his ability to rapidly chain them together to drain stamina and knock down opponents. His attacks also track from a very long distance and are hard to parry, making him extremely difficult to counter, and if an opponent misses even a single attack a Centurion can punish it for extreme damage, often outright killing low-health characters before they can recover or escape. This issue was eventually nerfed, bringing the Centurion closer in line with other characters. In fact, as of year 4 season 1, he's considered one of the weakest heroes, albeit still a noob stomper.
    • The Shaman seems to have replaced the Centurion as this. Each hero in the game has a few special mechanics like interrupting blocks or attacks which drain health that give them an advantage on the battlefield. The Conqueror, for example, has 3. The Warlord has 5. The Shaman has 21. Her attacks are also incredibly fast and deal heavy damage, and she has a leaping attack that is nearly physically impossible to react to. This was reflected in the speed with which she was nerfed, only two weeks after release.
    • The Black Prior on launch. Prior to being patched, if one of his attacks were blocked by an out of stamina opponent, the Black Prior was guaranteed a shield bash which gave a free light attack. This was unfortunate for the victim.
    • During the first season of the game Movement speed was a stat which could be effected by gear. Meaning that a Mighty Glacier like the Shugoki or Lawbringer could counteract their primary weakness of slower movement speed. This alone wasn't so bad since it came at the cost of other stats like attack and defense. Assassins on the other hand could abuse this to increase their already high speed and become impossible for anyone to catch. This was eventually fixed in season 2 when the stat was removed.
    • Story mode feats are quite powerful at later ranks and players can breeze through the game once they acquire the right ones.
  • Gamebreaking Bug:
    • There is quite the common bug for players to become stuck in the lobby screen as people keep joining and leaving constantly. While it doesn't crash the game it forces you to close it.
    • Players discovered a glitch that allowed several heroes, most notably the Warden, to kill any hero in the game with a single hit, which resulted in legions of exploiters abusing it and temporarily ruining online play. Fortunately, Ubisoft was quick to make note of the glitch and start banning people who abused it, as well as work on a patch to remove it.
  • Goddamn Bats: Pikemen in Breach. They take just three-four hits to kill and don't do much damage, but there's so many of them at the same time that getting killed by them is very easy, and they can interrupt any channeled actions, even executions.
  • Good Bad Bugs: For Honor, like many other games, can allow players to abuse spamming emote animations for sexual-implicit fun and profit - constantly pressing the button for the Psyched emote as the Conqueror while trying to move at the same time will make them "airhump" constantly, doing the same as the Raider's Shove Off emote while in the right-side stance will make them looking like they're pelvic thrusting, and doing it with the Lawbringer will cause him to start pumping his fist in the air endlessly. It's pretty much expanded from there with players eagerly seeking any vaguely-amusing motions that can be got from spamming a hero's emotes.
    • Let us assure you that this has not gone unnoticed by content creators.
    • Occasionally, when a player's corpse falls off a long ledge away from sight, their corpse will then humorously somehow fall from the top of the skybox.
    • Sometimes, a player that's been killed will hilariously go off flying right as the killing blow landed into them. Players have noticed it happens to a dead Conqueror the most for some reason.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • The theme of the first season of Year 4. After the Year of the Harbinger, which starred such people as Vortiger, Sakura, Hulda, and Sun Da, along with hints at a SECOND cataclysm like the one a thousand years ago, the next theme they went for is... Hope. And to top it off, the very first bit of story we get is that ''the war is over!' The beautifully animated story trailer encapsulates the feeling perfectly.
    • Four special executions were released at the end of the first season of Year Four, all of which are designed to allow the victor to honor their opponent. The Knights draw a sword and knight their foe, the Vikings give their opponent a horn of ale to drink, the Samurai give the opponent a knife to commit Seppuku with and then cuts off their head and bows to the corpse, and the Wu Lin light a paper lantern over their corpse.
  • Iron Woobie: The Samurai have lost their homeland, become the last of their kind, and are fighting a desperate war for survival. Don't be fooled though, they're some of the deadliest warriors around and have no intention of giving up.
  • Magnificent Bitch: The ruthless, terrifying, armored warrior Apollyon, master of the Black Legion, desires war as the true state of mankind, dreaming of a world where only the strong survive. Recruiting only the strongest for her armies, Apollyon also attacks the Vikings and manipulates a greater conflict while forcing them to fight among themselves so only the strong will survive. Turning her eyes to the east against the samurai who call themselves the Chosen, Apollyon invades and with a series of brilliant gambits, subdues them as well, also uniting the knight legions and remaining Chosen against her. Even as they oppose her, Apollyon plans it so that with her death, the Vikings will invade, destroying the fragile alliance and kicking off a massive war that continues years after her demise. Combining a dark charisma with an endless hunger for war, Apollyon shows why she is possibly the most terrifying figure to ever lift a sword on the battlefield.
  • Memetic Badass: The Black Prior can use Shrouded Bulwark to flip anything. He can flip unblockables, anything that impacts his hitbox, Shinobi's ranged attacks, explosives, catapults.... He can flip anything. Except guard breaks.
  • Memetic Loser: The Orochi are noted to be effective assassins allegedly capable of matching one hundred enemies on the battlefield. Due to the tactics used by a lot of Orochi players, they're known in the community for spending most of their time running away or waiting to unfairly gang up on opponents.
    • Considering a common thread of detest/annoyance for all the other Samurai heroes, the Kensei has some fame seeing them as unappreciated and underrepresented fellows.
    • Combined with Fan-Preferred Couple mentioned above and Rule of Funny, the fandom's perception of the male Warden has gradually morphed into something of an Unlucky Everydude as well as a Chick Magnet, depicted as a Celibate Hero often being tempted by Nobushi and the other female heroes forming an Unwanted Harem (partially because of his anti-bleed feat making him immune to their bleed attacks).
    • Shinobi, in general, are portrayed as memetic losers, because they have so many abusable mechanics and are infuriating to fight against, leaving a lot of the fans portraying them as obsessive try-hards who only spam very safe moves and are no fun to fight against.
    • Both Lawbringer and Shugoki have gained this opinion in the fandom though more in the vein of Lord Tachanka from Rainbow Six Siege. The former for being seen as underpowered and receiving no rework or buff and the latter for struggling against faster characters (which as time went on became more numerous) and getting multiple nerfs. Then Season 9 came along for Shugoki....
  • Memetic Mutation: Memes are a meme unto themselves when it comes to For Honor. It has spawned a plethora of these and keeps pumping out more, as cataloged here and with its own devoted subreddit.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Revenge mode was one, as detailed above, but has been adjusted since then.
    • Ledges and pits are an instant kill if you're knocked into them. Some believe it's a cheap and annoying tactic (especially in duels), while others see it as just another part of the game.
    • When the game first launched, gear bonuses were considered way too powerful, especially ones that boosted Revenge gain. The developers acknowledged this as a problem and corrected it, reducing the overall stat bonuses so that the difference between high level and starting gear wasn't so jarring, as well as removing the movement speed stat entirely.
    • Gear stats have been entirely removed. Replaced by more minor perks that have a more minute impact on games.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The final chapter of story mode. Although the Orochi has defeated Apollyon, she laughs in their face for thinking that her defeat would be the end of it. The Samurai have invaded Ashfield and war still runs deep. The Chosen and Iron Legion are poised to attack each other as she speaks. A Warden and Kensei seem to lower their arms, ready to part ways. At that point, the Warborn storm the fortress, causing the Samurai and Knights to engage each other due to believing the other is attacking. Even though the Warden and Kensei try to get their troops to stand down, it turns to Hell and the two have no choice but to fight to the death themselves. Apollyon berates everyone's ideals of duty, kinship, and honor as mere lies to hide the wolves inside them, and dies having proved herself right.
    • The Samurai traveled across the world to find a new home, only to discover after finding one that they're possibly the last of their kind. Now the descendants of these survivors who sought nothing but safety are caught in a deadly war against two peoples who outnumber them several times over.
      • Who knows how many ancient and priceless relics were stolen or destroyed by the Vikings when they raided the Myre in the story. The Vikings didn't just slaughter Chosen and steal their wealth, they could've killed a piece of their culture.
    • Seeing Gudmundr, a mighty warlord and by all indication The Good King, kneel dejectedly in front of his burning hall is pretty heart-wrenching. The Warden has to practically force a sword into his hand - Gudmundr is so far past the Despair Event Horizon that he doesn't even seem to care about dying in battle and going to Valhalla anymore.
  • That One Attack:
    • Throws, due to the numerous environmental hazards throughout the maps. It only takes a single guard break to be thrown into a pit, off a ledge, impaled on a wall of spikes, or set on fire. Moves that push or throw opponents like the Lawbringer's impaling charge are hated for this reason.
    • Certain unblockable attacks, like the Shugoki Demons Embrace. While it's telegraphed and easy to dodge, the would-be victim needs to see it coming, and if they're busy slaughtering minions or fighting another player, they're not likely to realize they're being charged until the Shugoki has grabbed them, and if they're in a narrow corridor or on a bridge, there's nowhere to dodge to. It doesn't help that the Demon's Embrace does more damage based on the Shugoki's missing health, so an injured Shugoki could immediately turn a losing fight around with one move if the opponent can't avoid him. It has since been nerfed to deal a flat bar of health, but still maybe perceived as such due to healing lost health.
    • The Knight's Tier 4 Catapult feat is incredibly powerful. It has nearly unlimited range, formerly hit fast, and dealt enough damage to instant kill anyone it hits. From a high vantage point you can easily call in an artillery strike on players from across the map, who won't have any idea it's coming. It has since been nerfed.
    • The Shaman's Predator Mercy that can be performed when the opponent's bleeding. The move deals a ton of damage, is fast as heck, had bugged tracking, is a confirmed hit after a throw, and on top of all that, will heal the Shaman if it hits.
    • For Playstation and Xbox players, light attack spam from the Orochi is a constant and inescapable irritant. Due to consoles having a lower frame rate players have a much shorter reaction window, making light attacks difficult to guard against. Because of this even an average Orochi can do a sizable amount of damage to an unprepared opponent with nothing but a constant stream of lights.
    • The Black Prior's shield bash and light attack combo is becoming one. Since their lights do so much damage and are confirmed after a bash many players like to just spam it for easy damage. While not entirely untrue now, patches have made Black Priors more reasonable to react to.
    • The Raider's stunning tap became this after their rework. It not only stunned the target and damaged their stamina, but could also be soft feinted out of a heavy. This resulted in Raiders spamming the move constantly and it becoming the single most hated part of their kit. When Raider was finally nerfed, the stunning tap was changed to the "storming tap" and lost both its stun and stamina damage.
  • That One Boss: General Tozen is a Difficulty Spike at the end of the Viking story. Forcing you to fight three copies of himself who gang up on you in the first phase. Then gains a large speed boost in the last phase, and begins calling in arrow storms between his attacks.
    • Seijuro is similar to General Tozen, as he's also an Orochi. Unlike Tozen, he doesn't use any gimmicks, he's just incredibly fast and durable, and can change attack directions faster than the player can change their guard.
    • The Valkyrie at the end of the second Knight mission is a Wake-Up Call Boss that will warn you just how nuts the AI can get.
    • The "Test Your Metal" multiplayer event, which is a limited time Boss Rush which pits players against characters and bosses from story mode in a game of Elimination. In addition to the bosses retain their unique moves(Gudmundr's Bear Hug, Tozen's All-Guard Stance) a lot of the characters have extra health, and gain feats as they level as well. As the match goes on, they also gain new abilities which can range from mundane but doable (Holden Cross gets truckloads of HP, Stone and Siv get unblockable heavies) to frustrating (Kizan's hyperarmor instantly returns, Mercy heals on attacks, Ragnar gets knockdowns on his heavies, etc.)
    • The Commander in Breach gameplay is intentionally made to be one of these, with absurdly high health and the ability to hit really hard. On top of that, he's backed up by the defending team heroes, while the attacking team has a limited number of respawns, meaning that the attackers have to fight a continuous 4v5 battle to take him down.
  • That One Level: Any mid level or higher quest in Arcade mode can become this, due to the odds being stacked heavily in the AI's favor. Players will usually find themselves fighting multiple opponents who can have any number of crazy buffs, like causing knockdown on hit, constantly regenerating health, being unblockable or uninterruptible, and even re-spawning after a short delay if they are not executed. This is coupled with possible drawbacks like lower stamina, being unable to parry, or see the enemy's UI. While never unbeatable, these scenarios can be brutal and rage inducing. Luckily there are Anti-Frustration Features in place, allowing players who quit to keep whatever experience, gear, or steel they have earned, ensuring they still get something for their efforts if a stage proves to be too much for them. This has since been patched and the mode is usually a lot fairer.
  • That One Sidequest: For a time, multiplayer Orders that could only be completed in Bot matches were this. Between the usually slow matchmaking for those modes and the repetitive objectives, completing them would often turn into a long grind. Making things worse were the number of "AFK Farmers" that would fill up the Bot gamemodes, making completing certain orders an even worse grind. This was later changed by removing PvP and PvE distinctions to orders, letting players complete them in whatever manner they choose.
    • Tribute specific Orders fall into this category for similar reasons; because it has become such an unpopular mode matching making can take awhile, even for PvP games. Making these Orders a chore to complete.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The game missed a huge opportunity by not showing how the Warden reformed the Iron Legion after leaving the Blackstones. Or how Holden, Mercy, and Stone defected to join him/her. Holden's defection would have been especially interesting, since he was Apollyon's second in command.

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