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Pirates Vikings and Knights (oh my!) was a total conversion mod originally released for Half-Life. It was followed by Pirates Vikings and Knights II, which used the Source engine. The game is best described as Exactly What It Says on the Tin, featuring a three-way battle among Pirates, Vikings and Knights.

The Combat is focused mostly on a directional melee system, whereby the player can attack four different ways: left, right, overhead or stab. Blocking is also separated into four directions, and if your block direction and timing is right, you get a chance to quickly launch a counterattack. The battlefields range from European castles and countrysides to seaports and pirate havens to snowy landscapes and forests. There are also completely different ones, such as ancient ruins, grand cathedrals, roman arenas, graveyards, deserts and many more. Depending on the map, the teams' objectives may vary from gathering treasure to capturing territory or simply eliminating all enemies.

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is a class-based multiplayer game. As of now, eleven classes have been completed, with 18 planned in total. On the Pirate Team we have the Skirmisher, The Captain and the Sharpshooter, the Vikings have the Berserker, the Huscarl, the Gestir, and the Bondi, and the Knights go into battle with the Heavy Knight, the Archer, the Man-at-Arms and The Assassin. The classes yet to be released include a Healer class for each team (Pirate 'Ealer, Seidkona and Cleric respectively), a tank for each team (Buccaneer, Jarl and Lord), and a stealth class for the Pirates (Freebooter).

     PVKII Gamemodes 
At the moment, the game has four gamemodes, but more may be added in the future:
  • Booty is the PVKII equivalent to Capture the Flag. A number of chests are located somewhere on the map, and the goal is to bring those chests back to your team's base and keep them there. The more chests are in your base, the faster your team's ticket counter goes down. The first team to reach zero tickets wins. On some maps (e.g. bt_island) one team starts with all chests in their base, and the other teams have to raid the enemy's base to get them. For game balance, the team with the treasure hoard has a higher starting ticket count than the others.
  • In Territory, the goal is to capture and hold specific areas of the map by killing all enemies inside and staying in the area until it is yours. Much like Booty, the more territories your team owns, the faster the ticket counter goes down, and the first team to reach zero wins. Alternatively, if a team manages to capture all territories and hold them for 30 seconds, they win immediately.
  • Last Team Standing: The three teams are dropped into an arena and given the job of putting the others into the ground. But there is a catch: Like the name suggests, there is no respawning. Whichever team is still standing in the end wins the round. But don’t take too long, or a map-specific Sudden Death will make life just a little more uncomfortable for you.
  • Trinket Wars is a slight variation of the usual Team Deathmatch 'kill-everything-you-see' gamemode. Each team gets their own trinket: The Pirates get a Cup of Grog, the Vikings a Drinking Horn full of Mead and the Knights get the Holy Grail. Once again, each team has a ticket counter they need to get down to zero by killing enemies. However, only kills made while standing near the Trinket carrier count towards this goal, forcing the teams to stay together. Whoever is carrying the Trinket gives themselves and all nearby teammates Regenerating Health, but should the trinket carrier die, that team's ticket counter will go up by one point. If the Trinket carrier dies and the Trinket is not picked back up within a short time limit, the team will be unable to reduce their tickets for a short period of time, putting them at a disadvantage and making them a safe target for the other two teams.

The rest of the game provides examples of: