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An ever growing list of memes for For Honor.

  • Those who signed on with the knights are fond of shouting "DEUS VULT!" for all of their exploits. To a minor extent, the vikings and samurai use "VALHALLA!" and "FOR THE EMPEROR!", respectively.
  • Everything about the Lawbringer has become something of a meme, from his "versatile" weapon, to his completely disorientating basic helmet, to his hilariously spammable emotes.
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  • It's difficult for the Lawbringer to get mentioned and not have form of the word "versatile" not get said as well, due to the class trailer's bold claim of them carrying "the most versatile weapon ever invented".
  • Due to his humiliation at the hands of the forces of Holden Cross, the Lawbringers' representative in the singleplayer campaign, Lord Hervis Daubeny is seen as something of a Sitcom Arch-Nemesis to Lawbringers in general and Cross in particular.
  • Speaking of Hervis Daubeny, he's become a Memetic Badass among the community. This is why he's by far the most common character from the story mode who gets "cosplayed" by players online.
  • "I don't speak Japanese." Stemming from Runa's amusing line in the Vikings campaign, and basically used as a rebuttal to anything Samurai-related.
  • Calling the samurai players "weebs," knight players "tin cans," and viking players "neckbeards."
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  • "You are a Raider. Legendary!" and "I must defeat you!" Due to a bug, General Tozen, the Final Boss of the Viking campaign, will spout these lines endlessly during your duel with him. And considering how hard he is, you'll be hearing them a lot.
  • Due to a large amount of people averting Honor Before Reason in a game called For Honor, expect the term No Honor to be thrown around a lot.
  • "Lewdkeeper," a joke on the For Honor subreddit about a Peacekeeper who started making some... suggestive commentary in the in-game chat, and became hilariously famous across that subreddit and the game's forums.
  • "Dance offs" between heroes with the spammable emotes has become a new pasttime, at least among the more good-natured players.
  • "I'm a simple man. I see a Shinobi dying, I upvote." Shinobi are hated within the fandom for their broken mechanics, so videos of Shinobi getting wrecked are very popular, especially on the game's subreddit. Adopted from ''Overwatch's similar statement regarding the equally infuriating Mei.
  • The Centurion in general.
    • His "Legion Kick" and Jab attacks are also known as the "Sparta Kick" and "Falcon Punch". Especially when the former is used to knock someone off a ledge. A popular Fan Nickname for the Centurion is "Kicky McCutscene" because of his emphasis on his kick as well as how long his executions go on and the lengthy animations of his combo chains.
    • "Just Dodge!" A running gag about the best way to avoid the Centurion's unblockable openers is to simply dodge out of the way, but between the high tracking of those openers and the game's peer-to-peer networks (meaning that something that one player might have dodged on their screen will still connect on the other player's screen) results in dodging being an... unreliable method to avoid the Centurion's combos.
    • The Centurion's Latin lines, mostly "INCONTINENS!" and "INCREDIBLIS!" have become memetic too, because of how loud and distinct they are. Since we don't get many other lines from him, the fans often depict him as only being able to shout those two words and other Latin gibberish at the top of his lungs, and then punching or kicking people.
  • "Nani the fuck?!" The Orochi's bewildered "NANI!?" when their attacks are parried or blocked became memetic, and was extended by the fans.
  • The Highlander's "DUNMAGHLAS!" battle cry has exploded into a meme even before he was released. Also, comparisons to him and the Techno Viking.
  • "The Vultcano/Deus Vultcano!" In the Faction War, the Knights' territory includes the only volcano on the map. The Knights and Samurai joke that the war is over that volcano and that everything else is just a sideshow, and that the whole reason the Vikings are so angry is because of how hard it is for them to take the volcano territory. In season 4, with every region on the map being given a name, now it is known as "Mount Ignis."
    • This becomes a full-on Ascended Meme in Arcade Mode, as one questline involves fighting a cult of pyromancers who worship Mount Ignis as a fiery god.
    • Eventually, the Vultcano led to Knights becoming Memetic Loser of the Faction War because they started to place all the troops on it obviously leaving all other regions without proper defence.
  • Due to the Gladiator's Fuscina Ictus move which can be used very often after the Gladiator does other moves and the move is stabbing an enemy in their foot/toes, the community jokes that the Gladiator has a foot/toe fetish.
  • "Samurai Jack." Fans were quick to point out the Aramusha's notable resemblances to Samurai Jack, with his long coat, straw hats and wooden shoes.
    • "The Scotsman." This in turn led players to refer to the kilt wearing Highlander as the Scotsman, Jack's rival, to whom he also shares a resemblance.
  • "Sent it to the team." Eric Pope, the Ubisoft employee in charge of community management, often says this in response to feedback and ideas. The community uses it half mockingly, and half-jokingly.
    • "I told you I sent it to the team." For context, a user on Reddit asked for someone to put a cow into the game. Eric responded that he'd sent it to the team, a few days later...
  • "Valkyrie wants a rework." When it was announced that Valkyrie would not be one of the classes getting a rework in season six like many thought, people began making jokes about her praying and begging the gods for one only to be denied.
    • "Give Valkyrie her rework back / Valkyrie vs. Peacekeeper." The reveal that Peacekeeper would be getting a rework before Valkyrie led to memes of the two fighting over it, and Peacekeeper becoming Valkyrie's Sitcom Archnemesis in the community's eyes.
    • With many feeling unsatisfied with what the Valkyrie rework did long after it finally arrived, the phrase "FeelsValkMan" similar to the "Feels Bad Man" meme caught on to express despondency.
  • The Warden/Nobushi ship, in which the Warden and Nobushi are depicted as either Star-Crossed Lovers or the Warden is desperately trying to maintain his oaths and vows despite being tempted by the Nobushi.
  • "No one cared who I was before I put on the mask". The mask on Conqueror's season 7 armor made a few people joke that he looked like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.
  • "Shugoki too powerful, needs more nerfs." Since every major update seems to nerf the Shugoki a little bit more, any video showing a Shugoki player being effective gets joked that it's a sign that he needs to get nerfed again.
    • Begging Shugoki gets a rework much like for Valkyrie also happened.
    • This took off even more after Season 9 included a significant rework of Sugoki, making him much faster and with a much more reliable Demon's Embrace.
  • Every line the Vortiger says in his trailer, due to how over the top and immensely edgy his words are.
    • "Misfortune comes uninvited. It hungers for blood... craving eternal darkness."
    • "THE TIME TO REPENT IS OVER! I will step out of the shadows, AND TEACH THEM TRUE DARKNESS!"
      • It's also popular to instead render DARKNESS as DAHKNESS
  • Flexing Warden. Based off a rigging test showing the Warden in various poses on a developer stream, the flexing Warden took on a life of his own.
    • Related, the T-pose used for resetting the animations became memetic in the community, and has even become an emote.
  • The Hitokiri garnered a few even before their release.
    • "Lawbringer wants to know your location". Fans began shipping Lawbringer with the female Hitokiri, due to their mutual interest in executing criminals.
    • "Samurai Edgelord"/"its my turn to be edgy". Given their dark and creepy aesthetic, the Hitokiri have been dubbed the edgelord of the samurai factions and their answer to Vortiger.
    • "Break dancing". The fan nickname for the Hitokiri's fourth feat, which sees them do an elaborate backflip and twirl before striking their target.
    • "She-goki". The Female Hitokiri's stockier build and status as a heavy quickly led to jokes about her being the Shugoki's Distaff Counterpart.
    • "Heby on red". Due to the *extremely* fast activation of the hyperarmor on their heavy attacks, many Hitokiri players simply wait for the opponent to attack and try to parry- either succeeding or trading hits. Unsurprisingly, this leads to Hitokiri mains being viewed with derision.
  • "No armor for Lawbringer" came about after players realized that Lawbringer, clad in full plate, would not be getting any uninterruptible moves or hyper armor for his rework, while Raider's gave them hyper armor on their entire heavy attack chain.
    • This led to further jokes about how being completly unarmored somehow made you more durable and able to shrug off attacks than someone who is wearing full plate armor.
  • The Star Wars event that ran on May 4th, which turned everyone's weapons into lightsabers, quickly led to a lot of crossover jokes and players reenacting scenes from the movies in game.
  • Due to Jormungandr's Jotunn Surge, Jotunn Gift moves and Serpent Smite against enemies on the ground frequently looks a lot like it's hitting the target in the groin, there are numerous memes about Jormungandr's fixation of hitting people in the crotch much like Gladiator's foot/toe fetish.
  • The Viking Age. From eleven seasons of the Faction War Vikings managed to win eight, leaving only one for Knights and two for Samurai, and because of this they earned sort of Invincible Hero reputation. At the same time, Knights became a Memetic Loser of the war because they often were its underdogs. And, speaking honestly, the Vultcano (see above) had helped this a lot.
  • Larry. This is what the fans have dubbed the default Warden who appears as the victim when the player is previewing executions. It eventually became an Ascended Meme when the devs released the Season 10 executions alongside an event called "Larry's Vacation", in which a random default hero wearing a piece of paper with a Warden's helmet printed on it over their face appeared instead of him. The execution Wardens got with that batch is also named "Larry's Banner" in his honor.
    • They haven't forgotten Larry either. One of the event orders from Wrath of the Jormungandr includes a reference to him buying a tavern with Erik, a character from the online Journals of Heathmoor articles that were released alongside the Black Prior and Hitokiri events.
  • Raider and Hitokiri getting nerfed. Both were highly divisive among the player base, due to how infuriating they were to fight. So when it was announced they would be getting nerfed, the community rejoiced. This led to memes making fun of how weak they would be once the more unfair parts of their kits were tweaked, and how they were going to get their asses kicked by everyone else, as payback for what a nightmare they had been for so long.
  • Zhanhu the Firebender. The Zhanhu's focus on setting enemies ablaze and dealing more damage to burning enemies with their feats was the subject of many jokes, with some comparing them to Firebenders from Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Many fans have noted that some of the newer executions for the Warden are a lot more brutal and angry, to the point that people have jokingly claimed and memed that he's been perpetually pissed off lately, with one of the reasons being that he was the Dummy used for showing off Executions.
  • "Coronamonger" for the Warmonger's Corruption-based feats, which infect an opponent she strikes and spreads the Corruption to other enemy heroes who get too close. Joking comparisons to COVID-19 were inevitable.
    • Because warmonger is the only hero who has all their lines in English, many of her statements, particularly her shout of "ENOUGH SHEEP!" have become memetic.
  • "Olden Cross" for the Gryphon, who is a visibly older version of Holden Cross from the campaign who has been brought back to lead the rebellion against the Order of Horkos.


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