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Organized in the order of appearance. Citation(s) would be appreciated.

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  • Lots of references to SHAFT works:
  • Nozomu has a Death Note himself. He uses it to keep track of people he wants to die with him.
  • A box of doujin labeled Genshiken appears in the classroom one day, and the table behind Itoshiki-sensei at the Comic Convention turns out to be staffed by Genshiken members as well. In Goku episode one, the Halloween cosplayers include one dressed as Ritsuko Kubel Kettenkrad. And the Tanabata chapter of the manga includes a tanzaku from someone wishing to get into "Shio University" (Genshiken's version of Chuo University).
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Has a bunch of references in addition to blackboard gags. These include two separate scenes wherein Nozomu is punched in the face in the exact same manner as Simon punches Rossiu, complete with Art Shift, Punched Across the Room, and the exact same frame-by-frame animations... until Nozomu unexpectedly crashes into a fence headfirst. It Makes Sense in Context; CLAMP, the studio collective who produced this anime, did much of the cleanup animation work on Gurren Lagann. Harumi is seen with Kamina x Simon doujinshi at least twice; once at Zetsubou Sensei's funeral.
  • One episode briefly shows the class with desks like from the second Negima! Magister Negi Magi anime.
    • Another has a set of dolls who bear strong resemblances to various members of Negi's class.
  • A Psyche-Lock from Ace Attorney briefly appears.
    • Later on, a murder mystery spells out the names of important locations with Ace Attorney's trademark clicking sound.
  • As for Neon Genesis Evangelion references, we have Abiru's bandages, that are a mirror flip of Rei's look at her introduction. Nami's birthday party gets a Congratulations scene, like the one Shiji gets in the last episode of the T.V series.
  • Harumi poses as Lelouch.
  • The opening of the second season is a reference to the Tokyo Grand Guignol's Lychee Light Club play.

    Manga Only 

    Shaft's Black Board References 

    Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei 

Episode 2

  • When Itoshiki sensei see photos of Matoi and her ex-boyfriends, in one of them she is wearing a cosplay of Dejiko and her boyfriend is seen with a Konata T-Shirt

Episode 3

  • Dragon Ball Z: Matoi and Nozomu perform the fusion dance halfway through the Kaere introduction.
  • Death Note : While the class is discussing the optimal angle for viewing fireworks, Sensei colapses to the ground, briefly seeing Light Yagami (a direct shout-out to the moment of L's death). Pan back to the students - on the blackboard behind them is written "Death NEET," an obvious reference and pun.

Episode 5

Episode 6

  • In the scene where Sensei closes himself in a storage space, he notes things that are found in storage spaces. Among the people referred to are the eponymous character from Osamu Tezuka's manga Ayako and Fujiwara no Sai from Hikaru no Go.

Episode 8

  • A picture of Ritsuka and Soubi from Loveless appears whilst the class is talking about criticism training.
  • Around the min. 7:35, Lum can be seen sitting on the moon.
  • Nozomu is attacked while in the shower by Bruce Lee, Freddy Krueger, and what appears to be a typical Kurosawa character, along with many other characters, in the same style as the famous shower scene from Psycho.

Episode 9

Episode 12

  • The practice for "soft" landing is done on an arcade-like machine. On the side in one scene, it reads "Afterburner" from the game series.
  • During Ai Kaga's introduction sequence, we can see a random moment where she's sleeping on top of a red dog house, complete with Woodstock (censored by Maedax's face) flying around. In that same introduction sequence, Nozomu, Ai, Chiri and Kafuka are having a snack at a "Ntarbucks Coffee".
  • A reference to The iDOLM@STER is made with a girl that looks incredibly similar to Yayoi and a man that claims to produce video game idols.
  • Harumi buys a doujinshi whose contents look suspiciously similar to Kuso Miso Technique.
  • In the beginning is a scene lifted directly from Jean-Luc Godard's Pierrot le Fou: Nozumo is seen with dynamite wrapped around his head, and following that is a scene where you see the explosion from far away on a cliff.

    (Zoku) Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 

Episode 1

  • The prologue starts out as a bizarre story about cults, but then turns into a parody of Kamen Rider.
  • The episode mentions that, at one point, Itoshiki was kidnapped by pirates. We see him on a deck, with the silhouettes of the pirates around him—one of them wearing three swords at his side...

Episode 3

Episode 4

  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Ultraman, Star Wars, and Neon Genesis Evangelion get referenced in a big way:
    • The mask that makes Chiri grow giant is an Ultraman mask. She dispatches the mecha in a shot for shot parallel to Asuka mutilating the MP Eva's. Abiru even hangs a lampshade on it. "Why is she speaking in German?" The last kill is a Mobile Fighter G Gundam reference (though it's called "Bakunetsu Gold Finger," she grasps the head so it's closer to the Shining Finger). Finally, she blows up the Alien spaceship with Ultraman's cross laser thing, stock footage and all.
    • That's not all : The way Chiri grows huge is almost exactly the same way Link does when he dons the Giant's Mask in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Coincidentally, the mask in Zoku also happens to look a bit like the Giant's Mask.
  • Whisper of the Heart: Episode 4 of Zoku, Seiji Amasawa's name appears on the library card.
  • Lucky Star: "You're purposely talking about stuff nobody cares about, aren't you? Like how to eat a chocolate cornet! Nobody gives a damn!"

Episode 5

Episode 7

Episode 8

  • Maria, Abiru, and Chiri are wearing the same suits as the main characters of Cat's Eye.

Episode 9

  • Ghost in the Shell gets a shout-out when Maria jumps out of the classroom window, holds her hand up as she falls, and vanishes.
  • Doctor Slump: Maria mentions that the Prime Minister riding on a "space-age Segway" doesn't look any different than Dr. Mashirito. She even brings out a blurred picture of him!

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 13

  • One of the people auditioning for the voice of Meru is Hatsune Miku.

     Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 

Episode 9



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