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And the number one Worst Game of 2015 is... Konami. As in the whole company. Now if this sounds familiar, it's because I said the exact same words 3 years ago, when I was talking about the worst games of 2012. And they've only gotten worse. I can only summarize how Konami shot themselves in the foot, stabbed themselves in the heart, pissed in their own eyeballs. But it really started with the cancellation of Silent Hills. PT showed tremendous promise and got everyone excited on board for a Silent Hill game, especially when directed by Hideo Kojima. It was going to be incredible. The absolute stupidest thing that could ever be done was get rid of Hideo Kojima, the one thing keeping that company relevant. So they got rid of Hideo Kojima, no longer making that company relevant. I don't want to mention all the pachinko machine with erotic violence AND HIT THE LEVER, or the reports that came out and said working at Konami is basically working at a prison, but there you go. I've never seen anybody, let alone a company, with such self-destructive tendencies, but wow, Konami, you're really taking the cake.
ProJared's reason why he included Konami on his Top 5 Worst Games of 2015.

People hate Ben Elton. Every now and again a journalist has the courage to ask him why this is. I've seen it happen twice in print, and once on Parkinson... Ben Elton said "Well, Michael, it's because in this country people don't like success." But he was wrong about that. The real answer is much more simple. It's just that in this country people don't like Ben Elton.
Stewart Lee, in a stand-up routine mocking Ben Elton.

There's a time to be a human being and have an opinion, and there's a time to sell cars.


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