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  • An episode of the Ace Ventura cartoon had Ace go to a village to hunt down a killer moose; it later turns out that it was a weremoose. Almost everyone Ace runs into in the village happens to be a weremoose, with even his own pet monkey Spike getting turned into one. Later on, it turns out that the very person who brought him there is the original weremoose and has the power to transform at will via a special talisman and the very reason he brought Ace over to the village is so he could turn him into one, telling him that he'll be granted special powers and that together they'll create a race of moose men.
  • Ben 10 can turn into not one, but 10 (at least at the beginning, later he gets more) different aliens, each with a different super power. Part of the show involves him slowly learning how to better discern which alien's power best fits a given situation.
    • One episode had the Omnitrix sample the DNA of a lyncathrope-like alien and assimilate it by gradually transforming him into a specimen. It appeared to everyone to be a standard werewolf situation until the process completed.
  • In the Camp Lakebottom episode "Cluck of the Were-Chicken", Gretchen gets turned into the eponymous monster after everyone assumed McGee would turn into one.
  • In the Codename: Kids Next Door episode, "Operation H.O.U.N.D.", Numbuh Five confronted her rival, Valerie, who was revealed to have the power to transform into a were-poodle. Earlier in the episode, Numbuh Five was attacked by a vicious dog who ate her homework, who was later revealed to have been Valerie in her were-poodle form.
  • In the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "Night of the Weremole", Muriel gets bitten and transformed by a Weremole (yes, it's basically a savage, monstrous version of those small subterranean animals). Dr. Vindaloo (and possibly Eustace) are also attacked and turned into weremoles.
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  • The Dave the Barbarian episode "The Cow Says Moon" has Dave get bitten by a cow and turn into a werecow. Also halfway through the middle, he gets turned into other things like a cat, Oswidge, a hamster, Lula, an egg beater, a gym teacher, and finally... himself! But the twist comes at the end where Faffy ends up turning into a were-Dave.
  • The Dexter's Laboratory episode "The Laughing" sees Dexter get bitten by a clown's novelty dentures, and end up turning into a were-clown whenever he laughs.
  • Disenchantment has Ursula, a "Forest Selkie" who has the ability to change from a bear (her natural form) into a human woman by removing her bear skin.
  • Extreme Dinosaurs had a werebasilisk.
  • The Flamin' Thongs: When Holden makes a koala angry in "Curse of the Were-Bear", it bites Brenda and Kevin and they both turn ‘part koala’! Soon, most people in town are koala-were-bears, and Narelle and Holden have to smash a cursed crystal to turn them back into humans.
  • Futurama:
    • The were-cars from the episode "The Honking", which is a curse that can affect robots. An evil, sapient automobile named "Project Satan" has the ability to turn other robots into four-wheeled motor vehicles; who will mindlessly attack random people on sight, running over humans and spreading the curse to other robots. Project Satan's first victim was the actor Calculon, which led to more robots getting turned into were-cars in succession, eventually causing Bender to receive this curse.
    • The episode "The Tip of the Zoidberg" features were-yetis. People who get scratched by a yeti can catch an infectious disease known as "yeti-ism", which eventually transforms them into another yeti. The cure involves being force-fed a yeti's gland which flushes out the neurotoxin, but not before it turns the victim into a "double yeti" (which makes them bigger and hairier). Professor Farnsworth turns into a yeti, not long after revealing that he had been attacked by one many years ago.
  • The Jackie Chan Adventures episode "The Curse of El Chupacabra" presents Chupacabras in a similar manner to werewolves. They're hideous, goat-eating, demonic beasts that bear no resemblance to any real animals; though if they bite or scratch a human being, they'll be turned into another Chupacabra. Jackie's friend El Toro gets infected and is forced to transform into one of these monsters every night, and he reverts to human form at daytime (though sunlight will still hurt him).
  • In the Kappa Mikey episode "Night of the Werepuff", there is a creature called a werepuff- it's a furry creature that eats clothes. Mikey gets turned into one.
  • One episode of Magi-Nation featured a plague of wererodents in Bograth that transform whenever it gets dark and spread by exhaling a purple mist of void energy on their victim. Patient zero was the local guardian hyren.
  • An episode of Mona the Vampire has a wereclown.
  • One episode of The Little Mermaid involved Flounder becoming a "Howling Hairfish".
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons spoofed the trope in the short "The Forgotten Toy Box: Curse of the Werebaby", where a selfish and immature man was bitten by a baby and cursed to transform into an adult-sized infant until he learned to act his age.
  • One of the characters from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is an elderly werefox named Crinkly Wrinkly. The episode "We've Got Fleas" has him bite K.O., Rad, and Enid, turning them into a werepuppy, a werecat, and a wererabbit respectively.
  • The 2012 Halloween Episode of Phineas and Ferb features Dr. Doofenshmirtz turning into a werecow.
  • Egon got turned into a were-chicken in The Real Ghostbusters.
  • Regular Show:
    • In "Jinx", Rigby accidentally summons Ybgir (his demonic counterpart from another dimension). Ybgir is a big, black raccoon-like creature who looks and acts much like a werewolf, by attacking and scratching random people with his claws, which turns them into similar monsters.
    • In "Skunked", Rigby gets sprayed by a were-skunk, and slowly becomes one himself (while also becoming more grouchy and aggressive). While the transformation can be reversed by getting smothered in tomato paste, a fully turned were-skunk will refuse to change back willingly.
    • In "Terror Tales of the Park V" (during the segment "WerePops"), a What If? scenario involves a werewolf being put on trial for committing murder and cannibalism. He attacks and turns an unlucky Pops into another werewolf. Despite being hairy and wolf-like, they still (mostly) act and talk like regular people.
  • In the 1998 animated film Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, Lena Dupree, Simone Lenoir, and Jacques (the film's true villains) were werecats (also referred to as "cat creatures"). According to the backstory, they were members of a pagan cult that worshiped a cat god. They prayed to this deity, granting them the ability to transform into horrifying feline-humanoid monsters with the power to drain the life-energy out of other people, allowing them to indefinitely extend their own lifespans while turning their victims into undead ghouls.
  • In She-Ra: Princess of Power, the villainess Catra can change into a panther.
  • Stan Lee's Stripperella had to deal with a Werebeaver in one episode.
  • The Super Mario Bros Super Show! episode "Count Koopula" featured wereturtles.
  • The Wallace & Gromit movie The Curse of the Were-Rabbit featured the eponymous creature. The were-rabbit turns out to be Wallace, after an experiment gone awry.
  • In the second segment of the We Bare Bears episode "Charlie's Halloween Thing", Grizz accidentally bites Chloe, turning her into a werebear, which makes her more popular on campus until her bear instincts start taking over. At the end of the short, she devolves into a regular brown bear cub, unable to even speak any human language, so the bears attempt to re-educate her. Fortunately, this whole story is non-canon.

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