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  • In "In Brightest Day...", Kyle Rayner (before he becomes Green Lantern) is depressed because he's working a boring job as a commercial artist at the Bugle rather than being a comic artist like he wants. Jimmy Olsen encourages him not to give up. As he walks away, Kyle offers this deadpan line:
    "Meanwhile, I'm drawing soap."
    • When Abin Sur's ring searches for his successor, it brushes against a woman's behind, who turns to a man she assumes just goosed her and smacks him.
  • Seriously, any moment involving Mr. Mxyzptlk is a Crowning Moment of Funny. For example, we have his FIRST meeting with Superman in "Mxyzpixilated"...
    • In a series of scenes taken straight from his debut in the comics, Mxyzptlk first gains attention by walking off being hit by a car, and then wandering around Metroplis screeching (courtesy of Gilbert Gottfried) "HEY, McGURK! HAS ANYONE SEEN McGURK?!" Turns out McGurk is Rodin's "The Thinker."
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    • Right away, the dynamic between Superman and Mxy is pretty well established:
    Clark: A game has rules. Your stunts are just random idiocy.
    Mxy: Okay, I'll give you a rule: You make me say, spell or otherwise reveal my name backwards, and I'll split until our dimensions come into alignment again in about, oh, three months, give or take.
    Clark: I can't even say your name forward. How am I supposed to say it backward?
    Mxy: No, dope! [does the "Hellooo! Is anyone in there?" knock on Superman's head] You don't have to say it backward! You have to get me to say it!!
    Clark: Say what?
    Mxy: KLTPZYXM!! Gosh, you're thick! Now, for the last time— Aw, nuts. (poof)
    • Fast forward to three months later...
      Mxy: Hi guy! Your three months are up. And this time, you're not gonna cheat me out of my fun!
      Clark: Oh, it's you again, Mr. Kltpzyxm.
      Mxy: Not "Kltpzyxm!", Mxyzptlk! Now, the first thing I'm gonna do— Aw, nuts. (poof)
    • Then, another three months later, when Mxy shows up at the Daily Planet:
      Mxyzpltk: Ha-ha! You think you're pretty smart, don't you?
      Clark: Look, little guy, I'm tired of this. If it's a fight you want—
      Mxyzpltk: Oh, it is, it is!
      Clark: Fine. First let me proof-read this article, then I'll meet you on the roof in twenty minutes.
      Mxyzpltk: No stalling! I'll edit the rag for ya! (takes paper from Clark and begins crossing out letters; the second he's done, he starts to vanish) There. HEY- WHAT- NO!
      (Lois comes by and looks at the article)
      Lois: You're getting sloppy, Smallville. This sentence is loaded with typos.
      Clark: (Examines his work with a smile) K-L-T-P-Z... (Scene ends)
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    • He spends the next three months (which, in the Fifth Dimension, have names like George, Relish, and Pants) building Powered Armor (complete with pants zipper!), goes to fight Superman, and doesn't last three seconds. Whatever happened is a Noodle Incident, but his reaction after the defeat - along with that of his counterpart, Gsptlsnz, the moment he leaves - sells it:
      Mxy: Bye, Gspy! Don't wait up! Ha-haaa! (disappears with Powered Armor)
      Gsp: (waves without even looking at him as he disappears, yawns, and...) 5... 4... 3...
      Mxy: (reappears) NUTS! NUTS! NUUUTS! (points at his wife, who is still leafing through her magazine, disinterested) NOT. ONE. WORD.
    • But they saved the best for last:
      Lois: Don't you look happy. What's wrong? Bad news?
      Clark: [depressed] You could say that. I'm expecting a "visitor" from "out of town."
      Lois: The guy's kind of a pest, isn't he?
      Clark: The worst.
      Lois: I hear ya. Every time my sister visits, she moves right on in and stays and stays and...
      [a penguin suddenly waddles by]
      Lois: Was that a penguin?
      Clark: [starts tapping his pencil, annoyed beyond description] I'm afraid so.
      [Lois turns into a horse and neighs]
      Clark: Here we go.
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    • When Superman starts pretending to give up as part of a ploy to get him to chase him, Mxyzptlk threatens to tell everyone his secret identity, to which Superman just calmly replies that he'll find another disguise. What sells this one is the smug way Mxy holds up a newspaper reading "Superman is Clark Kent".
    • When Superman has managed to outwit Mxzptlk for good and everything reverses to normal, we get this exchange.
      Lois: You look happy, what's up?
      Clark: I was expecting a visitor from out of town, but he can't make it.
      Lois: The guy's kind of a pest, isn't he?
      Clark: Not anymore.
      Lois: (begins munching on a carrot) Guests are the worst! Every time my sister visits, she moves right on in and stays and stays and... (looks the carrot) Why am I eating this?
  • And then there's Mxy's second appearance in "Little Big Head Man", where he's banished to Earth for three months as punishment for his repeated torment of "lesser lifeforms" in the third dimension, and told that he'll get his powers back only if he's shown that he can perform good deeds for said lifeforms instead.
    Superman: In other words, three months of community service?
    Mxy: Yeah, heh. SO, press your cape?
    Superman: Actually, I have something more constructive in mind.
    • Cue Superman putting Mxy in charge of keeping a look on Bizarro on the alien planet he left him on, complete with being forced to put his fake city together so Bizarro will have a place to "protect" and getting mauled by Bizarro's vicious alien "dog". At the end, Superman is watching the whole thing from the Fortress of Solitude with the biggest, smuggest, most self-satisfied grin this side of Superdickery.
      Superman: Life am good.
    • The crude cartoon Mxy uses to convince Bizarro that everyone in Metropolis is mocking him behind his back. What makes this extra funny is that in the cartoon, Lex Luthor is just randomly hanging out with the good guys to laugh at Bizarro.
    • Even after being stripped of his powers and getting stranded back on Earth, Mxz insists that his plan to get Bizarro riled up against Superman is Worth It. It's not until Bizarro gets angry at HIM that he backtracks.
      Mxy: (being shaken by Bizarro) Oh brother, this was a bad idea...
  • In "World's Finest":
    Joker: (abruptly busts in on a room full of gangsters) Caesar Carlini, my old pal! Why, I haven't seen you since... (pauses, thinking hard) Waaait. I've never seen you, have I? Wow, you need to get out more.
    • Harley taking Mercy's place to kidnap Lex Luthor, and the Joker gets a ride by showing some leg.
      Harley: (while Lex shouts threats from the backseat) Whoa, mama! Check out the cute hitchhiker!
      Joker: (while jerking his thumb) Yoo-hoo!
    • Harley vs. Mercy. Dear Lord. Especially when Lex and Joker just keep talking, completely ignoring it.
      • Especially with the fight beginning with Mercy doing a Dynamic Entry.
      • The scene ends with Lex leaving, so a battered Mercy limps after him. An equally battered Harley then limps over to the Joker.
        Joker: How ya doin', slugger?
        Harley: [dazed] A-okay, Mr. J! [collapses]
    • When Superman shows up to stop him from interrogating a thug, Batman grabs his arm and throws him across the room. The look of utter shock on Superman's face is fantastic.
      Superman: You've got your information, now—.
      Batman: [grab, judo throw (letting go of the thug he was interrogating)]
      Superman: ...
      Batman: [notices thug running away, starts pursuit... only to be shoulder-slammed so hard by Supes that he crashes into the far wall]
      Superman: I heard you were crazy. I didn't think you were stupid.
    • Superman using X-ray vision to learn Bats is Bruce Wayne. Bats' response? "You peeked."
    • Immediately after this confrontation, when Clark goes back to his apartment and undresses for bed while having a phone conversation with Lois, when his super-hearing catches an faint beeping coming from his apartment. He quickly discovers that it's a Bat-tracer, attached to his cape. A quick super-scan out his window reveals Batman watching him (with binoculars) from several rooftops away, which means Batman now knows his secret identity and where he lives. Batman tops off this awesome moment by saluting before he leaves. Bad. Ass.
      Clark: Touché.
    • "Hello Mr. J! I'm Batman. Eat me. Eat me. Eat me!"
      • "I know you're trying to cheer me up, Harley. But you see, anytime I blow a billion-dollar deal, it really KILLS MY APPETITE!"
    • The fact that Lois can't resist taking potshots at Clark even when he's not there:
      Custodian: Good evening, Ms. Lane. Where's Mr. Kent?
      Lois: Probably out husking some corn.
    • Lois Lane has fallen hard for Bruce Wayne, then finds out he's Batman. She is less than happy.
      Lois: I can't believe you lied to me!
      Bruce: (smugly) Now, I never actually said I wasn't Batman.
      (Lois smacks him)
      Bruce: (wincing hilariously) Ow!
      Lois: I'll get some iodine for that cut. (through clenched teeth) Burning. Stinging. Iodine.
      • The cherry on top is the look on Bruce's face when she goes to get said iodine: pure bedroom eyes mixed with amusement at her comment. Oh, Bruce. You dog.
      • Also in that scene, Batman and Superman discuss their odd love lives:
        Bruce: It's ironic, you know; she likes Bruce Wayne and she likes Superman. It's the other two guys she's not crazy about.
        Superman: Too bad we can't mix and match.
    • When showing up for the final confrontation with The Joker and Luthor:
      Superman: I can't see inside. Luthor's been lining his buildings with lead.
      Batman: There's always the direct approach.
      (Superman punches down the door)
      Batman: (grins) You're learning.
    • The Joker is flying Luthor's jet and trying to shoot down the heroes. He asks Lex (whom he has tied up and is about to murder) for help:
      Lex: It's a red switch.
      Joker: (looks at a panel FULL of red switches) But, the heck with it! (pushes ALL of them)
    • After the flying wing crashes, with the Joker presumably still inside it:
      Harley: Puddin'!
      Batman: At this point, he probably is.
      Harley: *whimper*
    • Harley's little rant as she's being taken away in a straitjacket to be shipped back to Arkham in the aftermath. And Mercy watching it on TV, getting the last laugh at her expense:
      Harley: I want a lawyer! I want a doctor! I want a cheese sandwich! (is unceremoniously shoved into the van and they drive off)
      Mercy: (watching this all from back at LexCorp, in bandages by the way) Now, that's funny! Ha-ha-ha-OW!
    • Bruce's final words to Clark before he gets on the plane: "[Lois] is all yours now, if you can handle it. You'd better be good to her... 'cause I know where you live."
    • Also, the part where Joker snatches the flower that is in Luthor's limo is priceless. The looks on the two villains' faces really justify it.
    • "See that he's street pizza! In this town, some flying fool could've caught him!"
  • In "Legacy", Superman is brainwashed into serving Darkseid. After conquering a planet, he is given an orgy with the Female Furies as a reward. Look at how jealous Kalibak is.
    • Darkseid narrates a twisted parody of Superman's origin story, telling him that he actually landed on Apokolips as a baby... while Darkseid calls himself "kind", and the animation casts him and Granny Goodness in the role of the Kents. And Darkseid smiles kindly at baby Kal-El.
    • When Superman comes for Darkseid, Kalibak steps in... and is out cold in three hits. Darkseid just watches and lets out a perfectly deadpan, "I can't believe he's blood."
  • Clark's Sarcastic Confession to Lois in "The Main Man: Part 1":
    • Speaking of the Main Man!
      Professor Hamilton: I can't help wondering about civilizations on other worlds... their great achievements, their brilliant minds....
      (cut to Lobo letting off a loud belch in a Wretched Hive)
    • Then he encounters Lois:
      Lois: Get away from me, you sick pig- (slaps Lobo, finding out the hard way his skin is like rock) OW!
      Lobo: Ooo! I like a babe who plays rough! Come on babe! (points to his cheek) Let me have another. Right here, right-
      *gets decked by Superman and sent flying, cursing Superman for the cheap shot all the way*
      • One gets the feeling that Superman is taking the opportunity to embrace the "man" part of his title; a stinky, drunk biker is pawing his girl, so POW.
    • Even better, this results in a "kid-friendly" continuous stream of profanity from Lobo... as Superman sent him flying through Luthor's office (already damaged by the fight), you see a very angry Lex Luthor, ordering his goons to....
      Luthor: (ticked off) I want all repairs completed—
      Lobo: (cue Lobo being thrown through Lex's office again — this time from the floor straight through to the ceiling) killrendfragdestroy—! KILL REND FRAG DESTROY!
      Luthor: (even more ticked off but without missing a beat) IMMEDIATELY!!
    • A subtle one, but when Lobo arrives in Metropolis, he makes the rather sensible decision to just ask where Superman is by walking into a police station and showing them his picture. Even better, the desk Sergeant barely bats an eye at the hulking white-skinned red-eyed guy who shows him a hologram of Superman; he just explains calmly that the police don't keep tabs on Supes. That either speaks highly of the professionalism of the Metropolis PD, or it's just that they see weirder stuff than Lobo on a routine basis. Then there's the way the conversation ends....
      Cop: [Superman] only shows up if there's trouble.
      Lobo: I can do trouble. (racks gun)
      • A little later, while he's in the half-ruined police station waiting for Superman:
        Lobo: (yawns) This is getting lame. I thought he'd be here by now. WOAH! MOSQUITO! (Blam!)
      • Superman eventually arrives:
        Lobo: Finally! I've been trying to get in touch with you all day!
        Superman: Who are you?
        Lobo: (deadpan) Oh, I'm sorry. My card.
        (Lobo decks Superman through a building)
    • During the fight with Superman:
      Lobo: Now, the more you move, the worse it'll hurt, so feel free to go crazy!
    • Throughout all of Part 2, whenever Lobo winds up facing some sort of opposition trying to stop him he simply replies "Who's gonna make me?" only for said opposition to start smacking him around. When this happens near the end when he's confronted by the Preserver, the Preserver proceeds to transform into a red behemoth. Lobo realizes he may be just a bit Genre Blind...
      Lobo: I'm gonna have to stop saying that.
    • Again in Part 2, Lobo and Superman are cornered by a trio of bounty hunters, leading to a laser gunfight in the Preserver's enclosures. The bounty hunters can't quite catch their quarry, so one of the thugs decides to taunt Lobo.
      Gnaww: We followed your bike's ion trail! It was stronger than your breath!
      Lobo: Hey! Watch what you say about my bike!
      Whereupon Lobo takes a laser shot to the face and ends up briefly stunned and with a humorous Ash Faced expression. It's about the only time he's actually shut up by an injury, even if only temporarily.
    • When Lobo wakes up in his enclosure, designed to look like his "natural habitat", a grungy biker party with two Green Skinned Space Babes, he's happy about it... at first.
      Lobo: Man, I don't know where I am, but I like it— (smacks into the glass wall, with Superman on the other side)
      Superman: Good morning.
      Lobo: Suddenly it's all coming back to me.
  • In "Knight Time", Bane's "No way!" expression as Superman, dressed as Batman, beats the crap out of him with his bare hands.
    Robin: [to Riddler] He's been working out.
    • The "That's it, no more mister nice guy" look Supes aims at Bane before applying the beat-down.
    • Then after that, screwing with the Mad Hatter using Super Speed. The "Oh, Crap!" expression does not leave the Hatter's face once in that entire sequence.
      Robin: [to Superman disguised as Batman] We got a runner!
      Mad Hatter: Curiouser and curiouser!
    • And when Superman forgets himself and grins at Robin. It totally freaks out the Mad Hatter until Clark remembers he's playing Batman and scowls again.
    • Similarly, as Superman emerges from a fireball, his Batman costume burnt away:
      • Superman's deadpan reply is also gold.
        Superman: Today's been full of surprises. (punches Brainiac)
    • When Tim Drake (Robin) asks Superman how he can imitate Batman's voice so well:
      Superman: (doing Batman's voice) Precise muscle control.
      (Tim just smiles and keeps walking on until)
      Superman: (doing Robin's voice) Plus, I have a pretty good ear.
      Robin: (turns and glares at Superman) Don't. Do. That. Again!
    • And Robin giving Superman impromptu Batman-interrogation lessons: "Kick over the desk". This being Superman, the desk is less "flipped" and more "reduced to splinters". Penguin's "WHAT THE HELL?" expression sells it.
    • Really, seeing the Boy Scout pretend to be Batman was hilarious; it's a fun Lampshade Hanging on the limited amount of character models available at the time that Superman can pass himself off as Batman (who at least in the comics is usually quite a bit thinner), although a cop does ask Commissioner Gordon if Batman looks "bigger", because Supes' character model does have broader shoulders than Batman's in the DCAU.
    • There's also Superman not picking up on the photo Gordon shows him of Bane getting off a plane, because Superman has no idea who Bane is. Robin has to whisper his name to him.
    • How does Robin know something is wrong about the message Bruce left behind to explain his absence? Because he's smiling.
    • And once Superman and Robin find out what's actually going on with Batman?
      Robin: He's really being controlled by aliens? Euuugh.
      Superman: I'm deeply hurt.
      Robin: Sorry.
    • The following quote becomes Hilarious in Hindsight:
      Brainiac: (to "Batman") You're every bit the detective that your followers on the Internet believe.
  • In "Warrior Queen", the whole sequence of Superman fighting Maxima is witnessed by an older woman. Her comments to her husband about everything going on, and her husband's responses to them...HILARIOUS!
    Wife: Murray, there's a man and a woman fighting!!
    Husband: [not taking his eyes off the newspaper] Stop spying on the neighbors, Lucille.
    • When Maxima hugged Superman for actually beating her.
      Lucille: Oh my they're hugging.
      Murray: Don't get any ideas!
    • Heck, the reaction of Superman when Maxima expresses her joy that Superman beat her!
      Maxima: No one has lasted this long with me - no one! You equal!
      [Maxima abruptly hugs Superman]
      Maxima: This is the happiest day of my life!
      Superman: [dumbfounded] I'm...glad?
    • After Superman explains to Maxima about Earth's concept of love and marriage.
      Superman: Here on Earth, marriage isn't something you can command. Marriage is a willing partnership where husbands and wives share the decisions and sacrifices.
      Lucille: What planet is he from?
    • Plus, the out of nowhere cameo of Lobo. Naturally, it's love at first sight.
    • And then there's the scene where Maxima barges into the news room just as the newswoman had said they needed something to fill two minutes on the Superman piece they were doing. Maxima announces herself as "The Lady Maxima, Warrior Queen, head of the royal house, leader of all Almarec. And Superman's betrothed." The newswoman looks like Christmas has come early and simply breathes "Thank you!"
    • The scene after she's briefly subdued Superman, dragging him by the cape like a caveman.
    • And the scene where Superman tries to bust out of the prison, only to run into a force field and do a hilariously slapstick Faceplant upon landing.
  • If we count the redubbed Kids' WB! promo spots, I nominate this one using footage from "Speed Demons" where Superman raced Flash:
    Flash: Can't catch me! Can't catch me! Can't catch me! Can't catch me! Can't catch me! [Superman elbows him] Oof!
    Superman: Hey, lay off the caffeine.
  • "Superman's Pal":
    • When Angela's heavily edited interview about Jimmy's relationship with Superman appears on the air, Lois criticizes it on grounds of factual inaccuracy...and then complains about Angela asking Jimmy rather than her for an interview. Clark, highly amused, says he's certain Superman likes her as well.
    • So you know how stupid mooks always try but fail, every time... to shoot the Man Of Steel? Some villain tries to hit him with a bar. Superman naturally lampshades this, "You're kidding, right?"
    • This single line from Lois as she suffers an unintentional Marilyn Maneuver!
      "I gotta start wearing pants."
  • "A Fish Story"
  • From "Identity Crisis":
    Bizarro: Me am Superman! Me am hero!
    Lex Luthor: Sorry my friend, but you am toast.
    • Also, Mercy's sarcastic reply when Bizarro asks who he is:
      Bizarro: me?
      Mercy: "Bizarro", that's what you am.
      • After Mercy's reply makes Bizarro angry and he flies off crashing through the roof.
        Luthor: (to Mercy) That's coming out of your pay.
    • Not to mention Bizarro attempting to prove he is Superman by "saving" an abandoned building from a wrecking ball and "fixing" a lifted drawbridge just as a boat is about to pass through it.
      • After Bizarro throws away the wrecking ball crane, it's about to land on a wedding. Superman had only seen the crane fly through the air and not who threw it. After saving the people he simply says, "Don't ask me. I just catch 'em."
  • Kara in "Little Girl Lost", introducing her super identity to Superman:
    Supergirl: ...and by the way, it's Supergirl. See, "Super..." (points to S-shield) "girl!" (points to her face, makes a cute face and bats her eyes)
    Superman: (Fascinating Eyebrow) Right.
    • Could also be considered a Double Entendre, given what else she was pointing at.
    • Speaking of which, her disappointed "You could see through my disguise?" when she comes to the Planet in glasses and wearing a red wig.
    • Later, when she smashes the Doomsday Magnet (yeah, really!), she gets a What an Idiot! look from Superman and moans "Now what'd I do wrong?" The funny is in her posture and delivery.
  • And let's not forget the moment in "The Last Son of Krypton".
    Lois: (looking at a picture of Superman) Nice "S".
    Clark: Excuse me?!
    Lois: Right here (points to Superman's S-shield)
  • Any time Granny Goodness speaks, thanks to being voiced by Ed Asner. Whoever made that casting choice is an insane genius, and the funny is only helped by Granny speaking like, well, a stereotypical kindly old granny. Even when she's ordering Supergirl beaten to death.
  • In "My Girl", Lana Lang is getting ready to return to Smallville:
    Clark: I know you'll find that special person someday.
    Lana: So will you; you deserve it. Someone quiet, understanding, patient
    Lois: (From offscreen) Hey Smallville! Get your tail in here; Perry's got an assignment for us!
  • In "Monkey Fun", one of the escaped monkeys starts jumping on a little kid. His mother tries to get him off, but another monkey starts crawling on her.
    Boy: Monkey, monkey, monkey!
    • Then the boy waves at Superman as he flies away. The monkey waves too.
    • This dialogue:
      Superman: I'm sorry Lois, but your monkey friend is going down.
      Lois: Don't hurt him, he's just a baby! (Jimmy looks at her) Okay, a really big baby.
    • When the annoyed Titano swats Superman away, he lands right on a fairground high striker. Of course, his landing clangs the bell, which breaks off and strikes him square on the head with another clang. Cue Superman doing a slow burn which silently expresses him thinking either, Of all the...! or Son of a...!
    • When Titano is rampaging around the docks, Bibbo, because he's either really stupid or has giant balls (probably both), climbs on top of a stack of crates, slaps Titano with a newspaper, and calls him a bad monkey. Titano casually picks him up and throws him into a trash barge.
    • There's this gem of a line:
  • The ending of "The Late Mr. Kent" has Clark call on Lana to help him fake not his "death" but his survival. She also uses the opportunity to screw with Lois and rub her nose in Lana and Clark's close relationship. The way Clark and Lana grin at each other after Lois leaves the room is just icing on the cake.
  • From "Unity", after Supergirl does all of her chores — including collecting eggs — at Super Speed:
    Ma Kent: Now, Kara, you know how that upsets the chickens.
    Pa Kent: Good thing I didn't ask her to milk the cow.
    [Cue the cow's strangled mooing from outside.]
    Supergirl: [hefting a jug of milk] Oops...
  • In "Livewire":
    • A construction worker actually agrees with the pre-Livewire Leslie Willis' vicious attacks on Superman, believing the Man of Steel to be too nice to be real. And then this idiot construction worker almost causes a serious accident and Superman has to save him and a lot of people in the process. Looks like that guy had to eat his own words...
    • The rescue is juxtaposed with Leslie listing her reasons for hating Superman: saying he's never around when you need him while Superman arrives in time to save the worker, saying everything is so easy for him as he struggles to stop the worker's crane from falling, and saying he only cares about himself as he stops the crane from crushing a woman and her baby.
    • The scene where after Leslie's been zapped and just about to activate her Livewire powers for the first time. She's watching a news report where Superman is being questioned by reporters about the accident. At least two of them insinuate that Superman may have allowed Leslie to get fried on purpose as revenge for all the trash talk she'd been slinging at him. As the second reporter reminds Superman: "She said some pretty awful things about you. Maybe this was your way of paying her back." It may not be intentional but it is funny.
  • In "Legacy: Part 2", when reporters ask people about their opinion of Superman after the invasion of Earth, Lex Luthor is shown wearing a neck brace, and saying "No one man should have that much power..." with his jaw wired shut (after having it broken by Supes during his escape earlier in the episode). It's the only funny moment in one big Tear Jerker of a two-part episode.
    • There's also the part where Superman beats up Kalibak in three punches. Causing Darkseid to question why he's even blood.
  • In "Prototype", Lex is presenting his company's newest invention, a battlesuit intended to give the police strength and powers comparable to Superman's. We get this brilliant exchange:
    Lois: Trying to put the Man of Steel out of business, Lex?
    Lex: I'd think, Ms. Lane, with your knack for getting into trouble, you'd appreciate a few extra rescuers.
    (crowd laughs)
    Clark: Touché.
    Lois: Whose side are you on?
  • In "Bizarro's World" his vicious, slavering alien "pet," who routinely tries to maul him, runs in terror at Lois' scream.
    Bizarro: You scare Krypto! But, me forgive you.
  • In "Fun and Games", Bruno Mannheim's yacht is attacked... by a giant rubber duck. Mannheim's bodyguards are less than helpful.
    Mannheim: What are you waiting for? Shoot it!
    Bodyguard:'s a big duckie.
    Mannheim: SHOOT IT!
  • Even (or perhaps especially) against the background of the imminent tragedy of Krypton's destruction, Sul-Van casually responding to the police who've chased him down with "Good evening, officers. Is there a problem?" as if he'd just been pulled over for a petty traffic violation.