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Lois Lane (to Clark): I'm not a tour guide and I don't hold hands.

Lex Luthor: Say something! (throws a statuette)
Superman catches and crushes it.
Superman: I'll be watching you, Luthor.

— "The Last Son of Krypton"

Jimmy (after a Cat Scare): Great. Hold the presses! Olsen gets exclusive on empty broom closet. (hears Superman banging) "S...O...S." No way!

Superman: Enjoy yourself?
Parasite: Hey, what made you so chatty all of a sudden? (touches him) Someone's here.

—"Feeding Time"

Brainiac: You are your father's son, Kal-El. Headstrong. Foolish. Easily defeated. And in the end, forgotten.
—"Stolen Memories"

Lana Lang: I could be your Doctor Watson, your Batgirl!
Superman: Definitely not!

Lana Lang: Mercy, you're going the wrong way.
The curtain slides back, revealing a man.
Driver: Sorry. No Mercy tonight.

—"My Girl"

Lois: What is your grudge against Superman?
Leslie Willis: Three things. First, he's never around when you need him (cut to Superman rescuing a falling construction worker) Second, everything's so easy for him. (cut to Superman straining to lift a falling weight) And third, all he cares about is himself. (Cut to Superman saving the construction worker, a baby, and its mother from the falling weight). I think that about covers it.

Leslie Willis (to Superman): This is my circus; I tell these clowns what to do; not the cops, and not some pumped-up freak of nature in a cape!

Lois Lane: I can't believe they're not calling off this fiasco!
Jimmy Olsen: I've seen street riots more orderly than this!...
Lois Lane (about Leslie's fans): And the crowd turns ugly.
Jimmy Olsen: The crowd showed up ugly.


Dr. Hamilton: I think it might do Titano a world of good for you to take up your old relationship with him.
Lois: Oh, no no no. I have a busy schedule, a small apartment...
Camera shifts to Clark and Dr. Hamilton's faces, and then to Titano wrecking Lois' apartment

Jimmy (dodging the things Titano is throwing): Lois, you gotta come back here, right now!
Lois (on phone in a massage parlor): Jimmy, I haven't been gone ten minutes. Just throw him a banana or something.
Jimmy (nervously): I don't think that's gonna be enough.

Jimmy (seeing Titano grow almost too big for the apartment): That's it; I'm out of here!
He runs onto the roof, slips on a banana peel and falls downward. A minute later, Superman flies into view, carrying Jimmy.
Jimmy: Superman! Hey, you're not gonna believe this
Superman: Let me guess. Titano's a growing boy.
The two survey the chaos. The doorknob rattles.
Lois: All right, Jimmy, what's all the fuss about — aaaaahhh!

—"Monkey Fun"

Dr. Fate (after his wife gives Superman something that will enable him to go back): You've sent him to his doom.
Inara: What do you care?

Dr. Fate: You.
Superman: Something I said?
Dr. Fate: Something you did. You went back. You didn't stand a chance and you went back. Till now I thought it was only the forces of evil that wouldn't give up. I was wrong.

—"The Hand of Fate"

Scientist: This is crazy!
Chameleon Boy: You asked for heroes; you didn't say anything about sanity.

Kenny (about Brainiac): Hey, check out Darth Vader! Que pasa, man, take a wrong turn at Tatooine?

Brainiac: Where is Clark Kent?
Kenny: Clark Kent?
Brainiac: Insufficient response. (hurls Kenny through a sign)

—"New Kids in Town"

Bizarro: Why bad men shoot at me?
Mr. Mxyzptlk: Hey, easy on the material, Frankenstein.
Bizarro: Send bad men away, little big head. Send them away!
Mr. Mxyzptlk: I'd love to help you, Rocky, but power-wise, my tank is dry.
Bizarro (shaking him): Nooooo!! Send them away! Do it!
Mr. Mxyzptlk: Kltpzyxm! Kltpzyxm! Oh, mama, this was a bad idea.

Maggie Sawyer (after Superman has taken the bullet for Bizarro): Are you all right?
Superman: That thing's got a kick.

Bizarro: Me see no trouble. (Beat) Me said, me see no trouble!
Mxyzptlk: All right, I heard you the first time! (rolls a boulder. To himself) Three more months of this? No way! I quit!
"Krypto" comes rushing toward him.
Mxyzptlk (up a tree): Nice doggy! Heel! Play dead! Help!
Cut to Superman watching via video monitor.
Superman: Life am good.

—"Little Big Head Man"

Kyle/Green Lantern: Don't you want to banter back and forth with me to show your innate superiority?
Sinestro: No.

—"In Brightest Day"

Jimmy: Superman's saved the world hundreds of times. We owe him another chance!

Superman: They're right. I did lose control. If I can't trust myself, how can I win back the trust of an entire planet?
Lois: One person at a time...
She kisses him.


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