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Even aside from Superman being considered an easy target, he’s The Guy. If you’re talking about all of superheroes, the entire concept across the breadth of the collective human cultural consciousness, you’re talking about him. And so by extension, when creators deliberately evoke his archetype, they’re to some degree talking about the entirety of superheroes, hence why you’ve got Samaritan and Plutonian and Supreme and Superior and Hyperion and Sentry and Blue Marvel and Majestic and Miracleman and the Utopian and Endymion and the Crusader and Sun God and the Public Spirit, among so very many others.

"Jiren is literally Superman if Superman was an alien"
A 4chan meme about Jiren from Dragon Ball Super.

Mark: And what's with all these weird disk things?
Art Rosenbaum: They're solar batteries. I designed that costume back when I was under the impression that you and your dad's powers were solar power based.
Nolan (Omni-Man): It's a common mistake, don't worry about it.
Invincible, Issue 1

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