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Since Puyo Puyo is a series with very light, silly plots, stuff passes by without permanent damage done. Although, that does bring up some questions that can be very easily glossed over because of that...

Fridge Brilliance
  • There's actually a very clever reason why, in the Japanese voices, Sig's repeater is "Acid". Sig's strongest chain spell is "Hydrangea", a flower that blooms in different colors depending on the soil's pH level, or acidity. Blue hydrangeas are made possible by acidic soil, which follows Sig's blue color theme.
    • Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the pH spectrum, on basic soil, hydrangeas become red. Just like Possessed Klug, who is Sig's Evil Counterpart, gets the same spell and has a red color theme.
  • Sig's Pokémon Speak alternate voice set in Puyo Puyo Tetris is especially fitting for him as Pokémon was inspired by bug catching, which happens to be Sig's hobby.
  • In Chapter 8 of Puyo Puyo Tetris when Ringo is announcing the talent show she is holding, Tee interrupts her to question why he's there. Not only is he asking why he is participating in her talent show, but he's also hanging a lampshade on the fact that he and his crew returned back to their dimension in the previous chapter and there's no reason they should be here for it.
  • Tee is shown to actually seem to be more cocky in Tetris 2, going as far as to make boasts when battling others. This might seem out of place, as Tee never said anything about being the tetris king in the first game until it becomes relevant to the story. Then you think about how Tee never lost to Ex in Tetris and the first time Tee actively declared himself the king in story was right after he beat Ex at his full power. Tee is more confident because he actually earned his title by the time of Tetris 2
  • Marle and Squares' colour pallets make a lot of sense when you look at Ex and Tee's. Tee has a purple dominated colour scheme with a bit of yellow while Ex is the reverse. If you look at the personalities of those two, you see how Tee, associated with purple, seems to be extremely serious and not very open with his emotions while Ex is fun-loving and always likes to have a good time. However they also have each other's colours in them, with Tee being secretly emotional and actually liking to battle for fun while Ex has his moments of being serious. Then look again at Marle and Squares. Squares is similar to Tee in how they are both serious with a secret soft side, It makes sense for him to have some purple and other cool colours in his design. Marle on the other hand is goofy and the Fun Personified with yellow being the colour of her hair. This even extends to their relationship dynamic. Tee is younger and Ex is his Mentor Archetype while Squares was created by Marle and Marle was supposed to be the one to teach him about life. Some had even predicted that Squares would have some purple in him before his appearance was linked because of Ex and Tee's dynamic and personalities.
    • It's also interesting to note how Squares does not actually have much purple in him at all. This is a subtle hint that Squares is not actually the personification of order but more that Marle gave him his role and did a poor job explaining what it meant. Contrast Marle who has a considerable amount more yellow in her while also having been responsible for Squares' Start of Darkness and created a rift between them because of what she considered fun.

Fridge Horror

  • In SUN; increasing the sun's size for an endless summer, eh? What about Mercury, Venus, and the ice caps melting?
  • Puyo Puyo~n: Doppelganger Arle actually wants to replace the true Arle outright. Consider that Doppelgangers by nature want to Kill and Replace
  • Fever 2: Isn't it weird that it takes Amitie, Raffina, and Sig a little bit to realize that Klug isn't himself? Klug has horrible friends if they can't even tell his voice dropped a few octaves, let alone that he's wearing a cape or was possessed by a demon.
  • In 15th: wouldn't fish die in a sea of jelly, Lemres? Way to go.
  • In Madou Monogatari I, a five-year-old Arle was thrust into a tower full of monsters to get some magical orbs for her graduation exam. Granted, the things she fights are illusions (save for the final boss), but who sends a kindergartner into something that dangerous!? The whole thing sounds more suited for high school, college, or some sort of military boot camp, but definitely not kindergarten!! Let's not forget the scene where she witnesses her class melting and rotting like zombies. It's another illusion, yes, but that has to mess the little Arle up pretty badly.
  • Even if it is non-canon, the Madou Monogatari Chronology contains some dark details that leaves some haunting hindsight for several characters…
    • If we consider the S Story in Madou Monogatari ARS taking place over a hundred years prior to Madou Monogatari II, hindsight rears its ugly head for Schezo. He was dragged into a fallen capital's labyrinth against his will and suddenly learns his destiny to become the Dark Wizard, in spite of trying to desperately escape. When he does manage to escape, he doesn't quite behave the same he did prior. This all happened because of deadly curiosity during a school trip, when he could have lived as an otherwise normal magic student if he refused to heed the call. He was 14 when this happened, younger than present-day Arle. Despite vowing to defy Rune Lord's awful ways, he's become the power-siphoning man he is now, meaning that at some point in his life, he lost his way, or Rune Lord's influence already took hold the moment they dueled, as his last act before he vanished from the mortal world. On another note, from the ARS: S Story to Madou Monogatari II, he was in a stasis-like slumber. Any remnant of his childhood is already gone, and for all he knows, he was a practitioner since that day and not a hundred years, so there's no way he could know better as his mindset is completely displaced in time.
    • The thing with Schezo and Rune Lord actually gets worse when you consider the infamous first fight he had with Arle. He gets decapitated and still fights without a body, and is seemingly killed in the end, but shows up later no worse for wear. Runelord not only has a grasp on Schezo, he won't let him die in peace.
    • And it's not just Schezo stuck like this; Ragnus is the one who defeated Rune Lord, who killed Ragnus' girlfriend Patty. Now Ragnus is even older than Schezo, has no memories of Patty, and is cursed to de-age if he stops fighting. Rune Lord got the last laugh with his Dying Curse.
    • Arle's the reincarnation of Dark Prince's dead lover, Lilith. When you think about that, all of Dark Prince's advances sound more like attempts to rekindle an old but fell flame. With this context, the aforementioned Doppleganger Arle might actually be what's left of Lilith (in fact, that's outright what she was in The Final Test). And she's so far gone that she even screwed with Satan in her quest to become whole.
  • In Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Amitie asks Tee and Ess if they ever go home. Ess gets extremely defensive claiming that the Tetra is their home while Tee clarifies that Ex brought them all together and that they have nowhere else to go. While this can be different depending in the interpretation, this reaction can either mean that everyone on the Tetra are orphans or that they don't have a world of their own to return to.
  • No clear answer is ever given as to the true reason for Tee's reports. Ex was apparently getting them in Tetris, but Tee continues to make reports when Ex is near. Not to mention that O never says anything except presumably reminding Tee that it's his job as the captain to make reports. Makes you wonder why it has to be kept a secret and if Tee really should have so much trust in O. O could be hiding something super important and Tee wouldn't question it.
    • This is made creepier if you take into account Tee being extremely determined and holding a lot of respect for Ex, O could have prevented the events of Tetris if he had just jogged Tee's memory about Ex; instead, O dooms Ex to more loneliness and causes a great deal of angst for Tee. O is clearly more deep than meets the eye, and nobody on the Tetra questions this.
  • How does Sig keep a bunch of bugs in his demon arm if we see him opening that arm's hand and nothing is in it? Unless he's storing them inside his arm. Eeeewww!
  • Puyo Puyo Quest features guest characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Shenmue, Bleach, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Persona, and others. While this is pretty cool, it suggests that Hollows, the Dark Kingdom, Mistress 9, the Death Busters, Chaos, Gerald Robotnik, Dark Gaia, Angels, Gendo Ikari, Lan Di, Shadows, Tohru Adachi, and more all exist in (or close to) the cheery worlds of Puyo Puyo, Cardcaptor Sakura, Ojamajo Doremi, and Space Channel 5 alongside the fairly realistic Haikyuu!! universe…

Fridge Logic