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Being a series with very light, silly plots, stuff passes by without permanent damage done. Although, that does bring up some questions that can be very easily glossed over because of that...

Fridge Logic

  • Klug was given the book he carries by Lemres to power up his magic. This isn't harmful by its self. ...Put into consideration the book said that Klug could get stronger with three items he had to steal, and then him getting those items released the demon inside and caused Fever 2's plot. Once more, way to go.
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  • In Fever, you could instantly get the tip that something was up when Ms Accord lost her "flying" cane.
  • Skeleton-T is a skeleton that drinks tea. Need I say more?
  • In 20th, Schezo manages to bake a wedding cake in a cave that apparently has a kitchen.

Fridge Horror

  • In SUN; increasing the sun's size for an endless summer, eh? What about Mercury, Venus, and the ice caps melting?
  • Puyo Puyo~n: Doppelganger Arle actually wants to replace the true Arle outright. Consider that Doppelgangers by nature want to Kill and Replace...
  • Fever 2: Isn't it weird that it takes Amitie, Raffina, and Sig a little bit to realize that Klug isn't himself? Klug has horrible friends if they can't even tell his voice dropped a few octaves, let alone that he's wearing a cape or was possesed by a demon.
  • In 15th: wouldn't fish die in a sea of jelly, Lemres? Way to go.
  • On the Madou Monogatari side of things there are certainly much darker things that never really get considered heavily mainly due to language barriers getting in the way of letting it come to light.
    • In Madou Monogatari I, a five-year-old Arle was thrust into a tower full of monsters to get some magical orbs for her graduation exam. Granted that the things she fights are illusions (save for the final boss), but who sends a kindergartner into something that dangerous!? Let's not forget the scene where she witnesses her class melting and rotting like zombies. It's another illusion, yes, but that has to mess up the little Arle up pretty badly.
    • In Madou Monogatari ARS, hindsight rears its ugly head for Schezo. He was dragged into a fallen capital's labyrinth against his will and suddenly learns his destiny to become the Dark Wizard, in spite of trying to desperately escape. When he does manage to escape, he doesn't quite behave the same he did prior. This all happened because of deadly curiosity during a school trip, when he could have lived as an otherwise normal magic student if he refused to heed the call. He was 14 when this happened, and according to the timeline from the Madou Monogatari Fanbook, his story happened over 100 years before Madou Monogatari II. Despite vowing to defy Rune Lord's awful ways, he's become the power-siphoning man he is now, meaning that at some point in his life, he lost his way.
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    • According to the Madou Monogatari timeline, Arle was a reincarnation of Dark Prince's dead wife, Lilith. When you think about that, all of Satan's advances sound more like attempts to rekindle an old but fell flame...
  • Arle has a family (at least including a mother and grandmother) in Madou. Not only did Doppel try to replace her, but worse, she's been in another world for an eternity.

Fridge Brilliance

  • There's actually a very clever reason why, in the Japanese voices, Sig's repeater is "Acid". Sig's strongest chain spell is "Hydrangea", a flower that blooms in different colors depending on the soil's pH level, or acidity. Blue hydrangeas are made possible by acidic soil, which follows Sig's blue color theme.

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