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Drinking Game / Puyo Puyo

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For best (worst?) results, do this with jelly shots instead.


  • Take a shot every time someone selects Tsu rules.
  • Take a drink whenever someone does Nohoho, Harpy, or Suketoudara stacking in a battle.
    • Take another drink if they somehow make a decent chain out of it.
    • Drown your sorrows if you lose that way.
  • Take a shot when a player only rotates in one direction (except for arcade Puyo Puyo 1, where there is only one rotation button).
  • Take a drink whenever someone performs a 10+ chain.
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  • Take the amount of shots for every clone that appears in one match.
  • Take a shot if someone voluntarily plays as a big villain character.
  • Take a shot every time somebody (including you) selects Random in the character select and the game chooses Klug or Suketoudara.
    • Take two if someone (again, including you) voluntarily selects them.
      • Take three if they're both selected.
  • Take a shot whenever someone loses due to a single Nuisance Puyo dropping on the third column from the left.
    • Finish the drink if it was you that lost.
  • Take a shot whenever someone does an All Clear.
    • Make it two if it's because the match starts with two sets of Puyo that are the same color, essentially turning the match into Rocket-Tag Gameplay.
    • Finish the drink if the All Clear bonus ends up going unsed for whatever reason.
  • Take a drink if the defending player doesn't do enough damage to offset all of their Nuisance Puyo.
  • Take a drink if a Garbage/Nuisance Puyo lands on top of a chain you've set up.
    • Take a second drink if it's also just as you get the right color Puyo to start said chain.
    • Take only a sip if the garbage doesn't affect it all or helps the chain building.
  • Take a sip for every chain that pops after the opponent has already lost.
  • During Sun rules, take a drink for the following scenarios:
    • For every Sun Puyo that's cleared.
    • Every time a Sun Puyo falls in a place you don't want it to (e.g. it blocks off where your chain starts).
  • During a game of Yon or Yon rules, take a shot whenever somebody uses their super attack.
    • Take two if the effect of the super has nothing to do with clearing garbage.
    • Are you fighting console Kikimora? If so, take a drink every time she averts death by spamming her super.
    • Speaking of console Yon, take a shot every time the gimmick drastically slows down matches on whatever stage is being played.
      • Finish your drink if it actually makes matches FASTER.
  • During Fever rules, take a shot whenever the following happens:
    • Someone goes into Fever.
    • A chain in fever gets flubbed, resulting in a reduction.
      • Make it two if they were forced to throw the chain because Nuisance Puyo made it impossible.
    • Someone loses by the fourth column from the left getting filled up. (Because some drops are 2x2, they would also occupy Column 4).
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    • Finish the drink if they lose within fever mode.
    • For the single-player mode, whenever you lose in the WakuWaku course or within the first three stages of HaraHara.
  • Take a shot when, if the game has it, gives you a gimmick rule set through the roulette or randomizer.
  • During Mission Mode, take a shot whenever someone snipes the objective.
    • Similarly, During Slots Mode, take a shot whenever someone snipes the roulette effect.
    • Take a shot if the Slots effect isn't particularly useful or even a hindrance (e.g. swapping fields when your opponent is near death).
  • Take a shot whenever you get a pattern you don't like in the Blocks mode.
  • During Puyo Puyo Tetris, take the desired amount of shots if one of the following happens:
    • 1 Shot for every Back-to-back Tetris
    • 2 Shots for every T-Spin Double / Triple
    • 1 Shot if someone does the 2-, 3-, or 4-wide strategy for Tetris
    • 1 Shot every time somebody plays as Ess.
      • 2 if another person plays as Zed or Ex and lose.
  • In Netplay, take a shot for every Rage Quit you get.
    • Take an additional one if the opponent did it to avoid getting demoted or if they'd lose their promotion.
    • Take only a sip for every player that runs away from you during matchmaking.
    • Save the drink if they quit on your promotion match. You're going to need to be sober for your next promotion battle.
    • Take a shot if you and your opponent both have a promotion chance at the same time, or a demotion risk.
    • Take two shots if one side has a promotion chance and the other has a demotion risk. Take another shot if the promoting player wins. Finish your drink if you were the promoting player, you bastard.


  • Take a shot every time someone calls Schezo a pervert/creeper.
  • Take a shot for every Double Entendre you understand, you dirty-minded player.
    • Take an additional shot if it didn't come from Schezo's mouth.
  • Take a drink every time Lemres makes a reference to candy.
  • Take a drink when Yu makes a pun.
    • When it's somehow related to death, take two.
  • Take a drink every time Risukuma says "I love you!".
    • Take two if he says it in a foreign language.
  • Take a drink whenever a Satan and Schezo Cock Fight happens.
  • Take a drink whenever Ringo freaks out.
    • Take an additional shot if it's because of ghosts.
  • Take a drink for every Unsound Effect that appears in Puyo Tetris.
  • Take a shot every time Ally talks about love.

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