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Sega will eventually go back to Madou-era elements.
Though Sega tries, they don't seem to have enough genius to continue the storyline. My guesses are that they might make a more RPG-styled game(which would work better than before), or maybe experiment with the story.
  • That's right! Puyo Puyo Chronicles is a Puyo Puyo RPG!

Sega will bring back the Tetris characters from Puyo Tetris for a standalone Tetris game.
Part of the backlash against Puyo Champions is the lack of Tetris elements, and I can kinda understand it on the basis of "The Tetra squad is not in it." And since Sega is one of the oldest and most reputable developers of Tetris games (having wrote the book on arcade Tetris), they can probably do something to make it stand out from Tetris 99 and Puyo Tetris.

The three worlds (Madou-era, Fever-era, and 7-era) are nothing of the sort.
They're timeshifted versions of the same world. Arle and co aren't traveling between dimensions, they're traveling through time. And they don't realize it because there's just enough separation that there are no obvious connections left aside from Puyo.
  • That would explain why Arle couldn't change dimensions. And since everyone who went to the Fever-era was playing Puyo, which was magic in the Madou-era, maybe they did a chain that sent them forward into time!
    • Jossed. Space travel was established in Puyo Tetris thanks to T's spaceship, and the chapter select in Adventure mode shows multiple planets at some point.
    • You sure? It could be the case that Tetris-kingdom developed space travel earlier than Puyo-ville, although Eccelo having dimensional travel capabilities does lend credence to that line of thought...

Possessed Klug's Not-So-Harmless Villain.
The demon might not be revealing everything. He's gotta be over a thousand years old, and I believe the Ruin stage where he appears in has something to do with it. However, in Fever 2, he was trying to reanimate/remake his body again. It could be that Ayashii was a demon from long ago, split into two and sealed away because he tried, and nearly scuceeded in?, destorying the world. He's much more serious than Ecolo, but we don't know what would've happened if he got his body back.
  • I happen to be right on the whole split-body thing after all. Now, how strong is he, Sega?

Dapper's death was a suicide.
He mentions in Fever 2 that the "Memory of Chu" item was a gift from his now-missing boyfriend, but once he disappeared Dapper threw the item into the sea because having a reminder of his loss around was too painful. Perhaps his grief eventually got the better of him, not helped that he doesn't always seem entirely mentally well.

Arle LOST to Doppel...
A thought that came to me recently. Arle's personality changes between Puyo Puyo~n and Puyo Fever, losing a lot of the cruelty that was iconic for the Compile-era Arle, and becoming a lot more cheerful and friendly. What if it's Pierrot/Doppel who we're seeing in the most recent games, referencing her insistence that she is the 'real Arle' in the ending...
  • Sad to say this, but it's likely Jossed. It doesn't make any sense that this would happen as you're supposed to win against the doppelganger, and bad endings aren't a recurring aspect at all.

The Starship Tetra characters, barring Zed, all use magic as well.
It's just that they mask it all with technology or just instruments. Tee has his chakram, Ess has her umbrella, and Ai has his pendulum. Only exceptions are Zed (robots probably can't do magic), O (possibly some magical being much like Carbuncle), and Jay and Elle (because they probably think weapons are lame or something).

Lidelle is actually the Princess of Fever's version of Puyo Hell.
Think about it for a second. Fever is set in a world mostly separate from the one Arle and Dark Prince are from, and yet, there's a version of Puyo Hell here. So it has to have its own ruler, right? It wouldn't make sense for Dark Prince to rule that one as well. So, who would that ruler be? Well, who better than the horned inhabitant with the same hair color as Dark Prince who's taken interest in the Dark Prince on more than a few occasions?

    Plausible Crossovers 
Dr. Robotnik/Eggman and Kirby could appear in a future game.
It could be a nod to the Western localizations of Puyo Puyo 1 on both the Genesis and Super Nintendo.

There could be a Puyo Puyo Columns
Because both franchises are owned by Sega

Quest could feature crossovers with other Sega properties.
This one is less a WMG and more a basic fact. They've already done it with Sonic the Hedgehog, Sakura Wars, and Hatsune Miku. I suspect they'll likely also do it with the likes of Skies of Arcadia, Golden Axe, Samba de Amigo, and Super Monkey Ball.


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