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Treasure Island is an adventure novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson, which created and popularized many iconic tropes about pirates in fiction. It has been adapted many times in various mediums, as listed below.

Treasure Island and its many adaptations include:


Feature films

Television series

  • Treasure Island (1966) - A French-West German television series starring Ivor Dean as John Silver. It was shown in four instalments (on the four Advent Sundays) in West Germany and in thirteen episodes in France. The 360 minutes of the series were cut to 84 for an unsuccessful US cinematic release in 1970. Ivor Dean wrote a script for a sequel series with Robert S. Baker, but that came to naught because he died in 1974. The script was dug up again in 1986 (see below).
  • Treasure Island (1977) - A BBC TV series that includes Patrick Troughton as Israel Hands and David Collings (Silver from Sapphire and Steel) as Blind Pew.
  • Takarajima (1978) - A 26-episode Japanese anime series, produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Osamu Dezaki.
  • Treasure Island (1983) - A Soviet-Russian three-part miniseries that also incorporates elements from Stevenson's The Merry Men short story collection in its portrayal of the pirates' backstory. Oleg Borisov as John Silver gives a deliciously chilling performance that changes his personality from a flamboyant Lovable Rogue to a stone-cold psychopath hiding behing a facade of a dorky middle-aged man.
  • Treasure Island in Outer Space (1987) also named Pianeta Del Tesoro - Treasure Planet - A 5-episode German and Italian collaboration series, produced by Creator/and directed by Antonio Margheriti and set in 2300.
  • The Legends of Treasure Island (1993) - UK Funny Animal In Name Only animated series with Jim as a puppy (voiced by Dawn French) and Silver as a fox (voiced by Richard E. Grant). Many will recognise the cast members, especially Hugh Laurie playing Squire Trelawney as a member of the George family.
  • Search For Treasure Island (1998) - Australian series by Grundy Television in which stepsiblings Mark and Jacqui Raymond (plus their mother Sally) travel to the namesake island in search of their lost father, Paul. Notable for, among other things:
    • Introducing modern technology-particularly the internet-into the franchise.
    • Having the titular treasure reduced to a secondary goal at best (As stated, the kids top priority is finding their dad and getting out quick-silver, gold and/or jewels be damned!)
    • Exploring the concept of Treasure Island as an inhabited landscape populated by several feuding tribes (most being the descendants of previous castaways). This in turn allows for the addition of many original characters-including a new Big Bad known only as Dante. Heck, Hawkins and Silver don't even show up until season 2!
  • Treasure Island (2012) - Sky 1 two part Mini Series, starring an All-Star Cast including Eddie Izzard and Elijah Wood. Slightly Darker and Edgier.
  • Black Sails (2014-2017) - A prequel series on Starz, notably featuring Captain Flint and a young John Silver as its protagonists.
  • Treasure Island (2016) - A CGI animated Italian series co-produced by Mondo TV and Rai Fiction.


Disney's Treasure Island adaptations (including the Treasure Planet franchise):

Feature films

Television series

Video games