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Worst prison-escape plan that succeeded ever.

Bennie: This is Vuk. He's into electricity.
Martin: Electricity? We don't have any problems with our electricity.
[Vuk electrocutes himself and the lights go out]
Bennie: Well, now we have.

Vet Hard (released in English as Too Fat Too Furious) is a Dutch 2005 (black) comedy / action movie directed by Tim Oliehoek. It is a Foreign Remake of the 2002 Danish movie Gamle mænd i nye biler (that is known in English as Old Men in New Cars).

Storyline: When Bennie (Jack Wouterse) is released after five years in prison for robbery, he finds out his beloved (adoptive) father Mast (Jaak Van Assche) is dying. On top of that, Mast reveals to Bennie that he has another (biological) son, Koen (Kurt Rogiers) in Belgium in a prison, and his last wish is to meet this son. Bennie frees Koen out of prison; unfortunately it turns out Koen murdered and raped (in that order) multiple women and still has a penchant to keep doing that again.

Bennie's plan is to acquire 300,000 Euro via crime, in order to buy a liver from the black organ market to save his father. But criminals from his past show up demanding a large sum of money from him, so he has to deal with that as well; they put a watch on him in the form of their "Yugoslavian" cousin Vuk, who likes to blow stuff up. Things are also complicated by the fact that Bennie's newfound brother is repeatedly doing murder attempts; that the employees of the snackbar (Dutch fastfood take-out joint that serves fries with croquette or frikandel) he owns have in Bennie's absence turned to cooking quiches and deluxe sandwiches instead (to Bennie's horror) and when Bennie is trying to involve them in his criminal plans they aren't worth anything as criminals at all because they're only obsessed with baking quiches. Plus that all of these characters keep crossing paths with a manic, suicidal woman (Katja—Bracha van Doesburgh).


And then things go from bad to worse—suffice to say an absurd amount of people knocking each other out, guns of any caliber being shot, a prison escape, a bank robbery, police chases, many car crashes and a hijacked airplane follow.

An excellent Youtube recap/review (17 min.) in English with English-subtitled scenes of the movie is here.

The trailer, English-subtitled, is here.

This movie contains examples of:

  • Accidental Murder: Lars the boxer is unintentionally electrocuted by Psycho Electro Vuk; this was not intended, as Vuk is only interested in playing with electricity for the sake of itself. And the bystanding Bennie and Koen are the last people who'd want Lars dead, because in their eyes, Lars owes them money.
  • The Alleged Car: Martin's 2CV, after Bennie uses it to drive into Lars who's on a motorbike, is pretty much wrecked. It's still capable of driving technically, but the body parts of it are only held precariously together by ropes. To add insult to injury, Katja lands in it doing her Bungled Suicide which makes Martin exclaim "Jesus, my car!" but he's being a Hypocrite considering the car didn't have a roof so only the back seat could have been damaged, and as said before, it was as good as wrecked already anyway.
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  • Alliterative Name: Lars the boxer's stage name / fan name is "Moker van Mokum" (moker is hammer, and Mokum is another name for the city of Amsterdam).
  • Amusing Injuries:
    • First Martin is smashed on the head with a Frying Pan of Doom by Bennie, after which Bennie tells Peter to get some ice to put on it—and then when Peter is in the freezing room to do that, he is himself knocked on the head by Katja with a frozen ham; then Peter and Martin end up sitting next to each other each nursing their respective painful heads with a towel (see their image on the Character page).
    • Vuk is hit on the head with a fire extinguisher by Bennie. Maybe even more amusing, and ironic, because Vuk is a Psycho Electro and, unwittingly, a Pyro Maniac.
    • Katja knocks Bennie down with a drip holder when running into him in the hospital.
  • Anachronism Stew: A mild case: the mobile phones and some other technology everybody uses are clearly from about 2005 (the year the movie was released in Real Life) so we can assume the story takes place about then, but
    • Katja going to the bank in person to wire money from her bank account doesn't make any sense in the mid-2000's (internet banking was the norm already in the Netherlands back then).
    • In the opening scene, which takes place about the year 2000, Bennie uses a cassette to play music in his car—in reality these were already faded out by CD's by then.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Koen is in prison for murder, (necrophiliac) rape, and unpaid parking tickets.
  • Artistic Licence Medicine: It goes with the genre: lots of physically violent acts, but the people they're acted out upon, are unexplainably physically barely affected / injured. Most exaggerated example is when a heavy metal note  grappling hook of about a meter circumference is launched with enormous force from several hundred meters away and hits Koen on the forehead - and all it causes is that Koen is temporarily knocked out, and has some blood on his forehead in the car on the way back to Amsterdam (and once they've gotten there, not any blood or wound is seen on his forehead again).
  • As Himself: Jac Goderie and Rene Mioch, the Netherlands' most famous film critics, briefly appear watching a movie in a cinema, chewing on popcorn—until Bennie's car lands on them. They are credited as themselves.
  • Bad Habits: When freeing Koen out of prison, Bennie for some reason comes dressed as a priest into the prison. He is visibly nervous (it is unclear if this is because the prison-escape action in general, or because the violent criminal Sir Swears-a-Lot Bennie has qualms about dressing as a priest) and fidgets a lot with the Christian cross on a chain he carries, which notably attracts the attention of a prison guard, who gives him a look seeming to question why a man of the Faith is treating the Christian cross so unrespectfully.
  • Bad People Abuse Animals: In Koen's introduction shot, he tortures a pigeon note . Later we find out his murderous tendencies extend to humans as well, and he "loves" the dead.
  • Bilingual Bonus: A Moroccan family appearing only one minute have one line spoken in Arabic and originally not subtitled, but apparently this is what it means:
    Moroccan wife: [In Arabic, to her husband, when the road is blocked] Is this the only road you can take? You keep talking about integration. Why don't they integrate this road?
  • Black Comedy: Topics that most works wouldn't dare to make fun of, like suicide, necrophiliacs, abuse of animals, mental health problems, extreme violence and criminality, are all Played for Laughs.
    Martin: [Referring to Koen] That dude has killed and raped five women...
    Bennie: Well, they didn't notice anything of that latter part, they were already dead.
  • Bowdlerise: In the English subtitles, Bennie's curses are translated as "Christ Almighty!". What he's saying in Dutch however, is "Goddamnit", a curse generally considered to be even worse.
  • Bungled Suicide: Katja was suicidal from the beginning of the movie on. At the end, when Koen goes back to her house with Peter, Martin and Bennie to convince her to get back to him, she jumps from the top of her building—only to land in Martin's car, thus surviving it. She ends up with memory loss though, which conveniently to Koen makes it easy to get back together with her.
    Martin: Jesus, my car!
    Peter: She jumped...
    Bennie: Finally.
  • Butt-Monkey: Vuk. So much. Bennie physically molests him during the whole movie (well, he does a lot of people, but to Vuk he does it the most repeatedly and exaggeratedly). Vuk's not being able to communicate with the other characters due to not speaking the same language note  is played as if he's somehow intellectually inferior. In the end he's the only character suspended from the Artistic Licence Medicine the other characters fall under, seeing as he has casts on about every bone of his body, wears a neck protector etc. And that's not even all—he then is overrun by Bennies car...
  • Cameo - Will probably only get picked up by people familiar with Dutch culture, but anyway:
    • Chazia Mourali in Real Life is the show host of the Dutch version of The Weakest Link; in this movie she appears in a scene dismissing other actors, in the exact same way she dismisses candidates on The Weakest Link (including that the tune that is played in the show when someone is dismissed, is also used in this scene).
    • Jac Goderie and Rene Mioch are within the Netherlands well-known as film-critics. Within this movie, they appear as easily killed off characters.
    • Jennifer the hostage negotiator—in Real Life, this is Sanne Wallis de Vries, a comedian.
    • The stewardess that appears at the end of the movie, is played by celebrity Estelle Gullit.
    • Producer and (porn) actress Kim Holland plays the pole dancer in Milo's club.
  • Coitus Ensues: Well, not actual coitus since they keep their clothes on, but Katja suddenly wants to do some sexual acts with Koen in the Business Class Lounge of the airport, of all places. Justified by her saying she "likes doing it where you can get caught". It comes out of nowhere and is pretty inconvenient for Koen, who unbeknownst to Katja is actually there on a criminal mission for Bennie instead of, as she thinks, on their honeymoon.
  • Coitus Uninterruptus: While Koen and Katja are getting it on in the Business Class Lounge (well, sort of), he gets a phone call from Bennie and takes this phone call, while Katja just... let's say, takes care of herself.
  • Coming and Going: Katja and Koen cuddling in bed post-sex is intercut with Mast going into cardiac arrest and getting CPR.
  • Completely Missing the Point: After Katja hits Peter with a big frozen ham and foodie doctor van Isacker comes:
    Peter: [Nursing his injured head with a towel] She hit me with a ham...
    Doctor: What kind of ham? Ardenner ham? Parma ham? Raw? Smoked?
    Martin: The ham is not the point!
  • Contrived Coincidence:
    • After Bennie and Koen get rid of Katja, they go the hospital to visit Mast. There they stumble upon Katja walking through a hallway. Her presence there is partly justified because she had just gotten injured and clearly has just gotten treatment as she's walking around with a drip holder, but keep in mind Amsterdam has several different hospitals of big size, and that Mast was in the GastroEnterology ward, while Katja should have been in Surgery ward.
    • Peter's entire Crazy Enough to Work "freeing Koen out of prison" plan hinges on presuming Koen (who doesn't know they're coming, or even of their existence) will hang out in the square during visiting hours. There's all sorts of reasons why he wouldn't—from him just wanting to stay in his prison cell during visiting hours for whatever reason, to Koen being sick, or being put in isolation ward at the time, or even bad weather preventing him from going outside; but, to advance the plot, Koen is found exactly where Peter presupposes he will be to facilitate the plan.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: How Peter, Bennie and Martin get Koen out of prison.
    Peter: During visiting hours you sign in, and the guards take you to Koen, who is in the middle of the square. In the meantime, we place a crane worker in one of the alleys next to the prison. We place the crane so that it, at its maximum height, makes a 45 degree angle with that pole in the square, and then shoot a grappling hook with a bungee cord and a heavy cable. You attach the cord to the pole and then all you need to do is grab hold of Koen and cut the cord. And at an open area nearby we have placed some mattresses, where you'll land. And the car's there too, so we can drive straight away.
    Martin: [Bursts out laughing at the ridiculousness]
    Bennie: [Deadpan] Let's do it.
    It succeeds, although it doesn't entirely go according to plan.
    [In the car driving back with an unconscious Koen, the rest is grumpy and silent]
    Peter: [Apologetic] I hadn't counted on the dog...
    Bennie: SHUT UP!
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Lars "Moker van Mokum" Meuleman, the boxer, is first (unintentionally) electrocuted by Psycho Electro Vuk, then his body is set on fire; then when his dead body is put in a freezing room, his Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Katja does a giant groin attack on his, by now dead, body. And all of this is after Bennie first runs him over with a car, then beats him up, then stuffs him in a trunk.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Any of the many times Bennie beats the crap out of Vuk—who does a weak attempt to hit Bennie back at the beginning, but later apparently realizes resistance is futile.
  • Deathbed Confession: Mast's is to his (adoptive) son Bennie, who he's very close to, that he has a biological son as well (that he's never met)—to Bennie's shock.
  • Death Glare: Koen, who is a necrophiliac murderer after all so this certainly is justified, is a master of staring into the camera with a look as he's about to kill somebody.
    • During his introduction shot (when he's torturing a pigeon) he does this.
    • During the scene when Lars the boxer is murdered, upon which all other characters have a panicky Oh, Crap! reaction, he in stark contrast to that, only delivers this deadpan Death Glare.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Koen, upon hearing getting his father Mast a new liver costs 300,000 Euro, goes to rob a bank. He goes to the bank, pulls out a gun, points it at everybody, and then, not knowing how to proceed, calls Bennie:
    Koen: I'm robbing a bank. I've got them all at gunpoint.
    Bennie: What!
    Koen: Now what?
    Bennie goes to the bank, and is the one making the robbery end successful (for them).
  • Disney Death: Bennie shoots Katja point-blank from about a meter distance and she falls seemingly dead to the ground; In-Universe the other characters also think she's dead, as her "dead" body is shipped off to a freezing room. She later awakes here, with just a wound to her left upper arm, and seems otherwise physically unharmed the rest of the movie.
  • Disposing of a Body: After Koen kills the nurse, Bennie and he take her corpse with them and hide it in the freezing room of Bennies snackbar. Likewise with the then presumed dead, but later shown to be alive, Katja. And after Lars is killed, they put his corpse in the freezing room too. It's downplayed though, as this is only a temporary solution and it's never shown what they do to get rid of the dead bodies permanently.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • Lars essentially gets his Cruel and Unusual Death because he cheated on Katja—if he hadn't, she wouldn't have been at the bank and told Koen about the fixed boxing matches, and Bennie et al. wouldn't have (accidentally) killed him for the boxing match that didn't go according to plan.
    • A nurse chastises Koen when he visits his dying father in the hospital, saying "If your father dies, it's your fault too." Mean and unprofessional, yes, but unfortunately for her Koen's a necrophiliac murderer, who immediately murders her, slashing her up (and considering the "necrophiliac" part, one can only imagine "stuff" happened to her even after her death too...).
  • Dysfunction Junction: Nearly everyone is extremely disturbed (a violent criminal, a necrophiliac murderer, a Pyro Maniac and a woman with an Ambiguous Disorder who's suicidal) to begin with. And their influence on each other only increases each one's Ax-Crazy-ness. Katja and Bennie, after hitting each other's Berserk Buttons, violently attack each other a few times. Koen sees Katja as a potential victim to murder (in the end they fall in love and get married though). The presence of Vuk, with his obsession, throws a spanner in the works to the other characters a few times.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Bennie at the beginning of the movie after being released from prison gets a lot on his plate: he's threatened into doing crime again by Milo (who also dumps his Psycho Electro cousin Vuk on Bennie), he finds out his snackbar has been changed into something else by his employees, that his father is dying, and that he has a brother he never heard of. He deals with all of it pretty well: he bonds with the brother on his father's wishes despite initially being jealous of said brother; he cares for his sick father Mast and in the end gets rid of Milo and (implicitly) leaves doing crime to be just a snackbar owner again.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Bennie et al. manage to hijack a commercial-sized airplane on one of the biggest airports of Europe; during this about a dozen police officers are wounded (if not killed), massive material damage is done, and general chaos ensues. When the movie, minutes after the hijacked plane has taken off, cuts back to the airplane runway this took place we see another airplane is lined up to take off behind the stewardess and the injured Vuk. There is no way the Air Traffic Control Tower should have let the next airplane line up on a crime scene to take off, after such a big violent incident took place there.
  • Fourth Date Marriage: Zigzagged: First exaggerated, then quickly subverted. (Koen and Katja, after knowing each other a few hours, engage to first go on their honeymoon the next day, and marry when they come back. Suffice to say that they break up before the honeymoon doesn't even happen, let alone the wedding.). Then doubly subverted: when Koen goes back to Katja to win her back, she suffers from memory loss due to a Bungled Suicide—and he simply introduces himself to her as her soon-to-be-wed fiance, and she accepts that (having forgotten their break-up)—and in the very last scene of the movie a very-well-dressed Koen is heading to City Hall to meet her, apparently to marry her.
  • Frying Pan of Doom: Played different than usually, as Bennie knocks Martin out by throwing the frying pan at his head, instead of the usual holding the pan in your hands to hit someone. Justified that he uses this as a weapon, since the scene takes place in the kitchen of the snackbar he owns.
  • Funny Background Event: Or more a Funny Foreground Event, but easy to miss because it happens in a split second and the camera is aimed at Martin: when Bennie throws his Frying Pan of Doom to Peter and Martin, in a split second it can be seen Peter bends down quickly in front of Martin, which is why Martin takes the full hit.
  • Fun with Foreign Languages: Or maybe more a case of Dunglish, but in any case, when character Bennie needs to pronounce "Business class lounge" (reading it from a map), he totally butchers this, saying "Buhh...see?"
  • Grudging "Thank You": Katja has some violent, hateful encounters with Bennie and his friends; then she discovers they also murdered her hated, cheating ex-boyfriend Lars.
    Katja: [SCREAMING] First you point a gun at me, then you kidnap me, then you shoot me in the arm, and then you put me in a freezing room!!! [Beat] [Softly] But that that two-timing asshole Lars is dead... I appreciate it.
  • Guns Akimbo: When Koen and Bennie run from the bank they just robbed and have to deal with police pursuing them, Koen holds two guns—one in each hand—and fires them both as fast as he can.
  • Happily Adopted: Mast is Bennie's adoptive rather than biological father, and they are about the closest and most loving a father-and-son couple could be.
  • Happy Ending: Most of the characters, with the notable exception of poor Butt-Monkey Vuk, end up better at the end.
    • Katja and Koen find love with each other, which reliefs her from her suicidal tendencies and him from his necrophilia and murderous tendencies.
    • Bennie actually connects with his newfound brother Koen, gets rid of the criminals targeting him and takes up his beloved snackbar again.
    • Mast dies, but instead of the slow, sick, painful death in a hospital it was originally going to be, he actually dies willingly with a sort of Heroic Sacrifice for his sons, and gets to fly a commercial-sized airplane just prior to that to boot. Talk about Dying Moment of Awesome.
    • Mostly averted for Peter and Martin, since in The Stinger it is shown that Bennie has forced them back to frying snackbar-food instead of baking quiches, and to boot, Doctor van Isacker wins a cooking contest with a recipe stolen from them.
  • I Love the Dead: Koen has repeatedly killed and raped women. In that order.
  • Implausible Deniability: Koen, standing next to a blood-spattered, slashed-up corpse of a woman, himself covered in blood: (happens twice in the movie)
    Koen: She fell...
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Bennie, originally a violent criminal who physically abuses other characters, shows he really loves and cares for his aging father, connects with his newfound brother (even willing to give him his father's car after a misunderstanding made him think his father wanted that), and is the Shipper on Deck that brings Katja and Koen together. Plus, he really doesn't want anything to do with crime anymore since leaving the prison, and just wants to run a snackbar. On a more minor note, he violently throws a Frying Pan of Doom at the head of his snackbar-employee Martin, but when the latter reaches onto his head indicating he's in pain, Bennie in an almost apologising voice says "Well, put some ice on [your head], o.k.?"
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: Katja is shot dead by Bennie mid-sentence (to be precise, swearing at him; he didn't take that well). Subverted when we later find out she wasn't shot dead, just shot in the arm.
  • Leitmotif: The movie opens with the character Bennie, In-Universe, putting the song "Una Paloma Blanca" on on the cassette player of his car. Directly afterwards, "Una Paloma Blanca" is played during the opening titles. Later, the above-mentioned tune is established as the Embarrassing Ringtone of Bennie (the song in general is pretty much connected to his character as a Leitmotif). And then it plays during the end credits. Its melody is also used for the instrumental music of the movie.
  • Lethally Stupid: Vuk, even after having electrocuted himself multiple times and annoying Bennie so much with the resulting material damage that Bennie has already beaten Vuk up about this, keeps playing with electricity and so accidentally murders Lars. Vuk is played as stupid, but to be fair, it's hard to say if he really is since he doesn't say a word in the movie due to not having any language in common with the other characters.
  • Market-Based Title:
    • In Belgium it was released as "Volle gas".
    • In Germany: Hammerhart.
    • In English-speaking countries: Too Fat Too Furious (conveniently a Shout-Out to the Fast and the Furious franchise, which also featured a lot of car speeding and crashes).
  • Mistaken Nationality: Other characters repeatedly refer to Vuk as a Yugoslav. This is impossible because Yugoslavia doesn't exist anymore at the time of the movie. It is unclear if this is because of true ignorance of the characters (none seems too bright of course...), or because they deliberately do it to put down Vuk, or as an "Interchangeable Eastern-European Cultures" type of thing.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • The scene in which Koen and Katja romantically bond after they first have sex, ultimately resulting in Koen proposing Katja for marriage, is intercut with the scene of Mast going into cardiac arrest, being (ultimately successfully) reanimated, and Bennie witnessing all this.
    • More generally, scenes of a sad Bennie dealing with the fact his father is dying, are followed by hard-core action chases and people acting violently.
    • Within the opening scene. It begins very quietly with Bennie and Mast talking and showing their bond, all very touching. Then Milo yanks open a window, yells "Go, go, go!" and it turns into an action scene that results in a car crash.
  • Ms. Fanservice: In Katja (Bracha van Doesburgh)'s introduction shot, the camera pans in and lingers on her legs, that are in thin tights. She also appears naked in the shower scene (shot only from the waist up, but she clearly is topless).
  • Oh, Crap!: Martin has a big-time panick reaction when realizing they are in an airplane on a runway set in motion to take off, the pilot of which just jumped ship. Bennie reacts in his usual Deadpan Snarker / Jerkass Has a Point manner.
    Martin: [In panick] WE'RE GOING TO CRASH!
    Bennie: Man, we haven't even taken off!
  • Parody: Depending on how you look at it, it is either an action comedy taken to the extreme, or a parody of the genre.
  • Police Are Useless:
    • About a dozen police cars chase Bennie, but he escapes (despite that he crashes one car and has to hijack another one to continue).
    • At the end of the movie, a few dozen police officers blow up the ambulance with Mast and Milo in it before Bennie and Koen's eyes—the latter two thus now being without any means of transportation, standing right before the police. The next shot shows they are back in Amsterdam again—meaning two criminals on foot somehow escaped a few dozen police officers with cars (this almost seems a Plot Hole).
  • Psycho Electro: Vuk has an uncontrollable urge to play with electricity, usually with disastrous results; in some cases it generates a fire too, but he is only secondarily a Pyromaniac.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: During the bank robbery Katja calls Bennie a fatso, and that's his berserk button... he sternly denies it like this:
    Bennie: I. Am. NOT. FAT.
  • Punk in the Trunk: After Bennie runs over and knocks out Lars, rendering him unconscious, he stuffs Lars in the trunk of Martin's 2CV car in order to transport Lars to his snackbar
  • Record Needle Scratch: Bennie is about to instruct his friends how they are going to hijack a plane. He begins with "We are going to hijack a money transport on saturday..." but is interrupted by Martin putting his hand up, accompanied by a record needle scratch, and then Martin objects that he can't come on saturday.
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!: The pilot of the plane hijacked by Benny et al., upon realizing his plane has been hijacked by some Ax-Crazy criminals, literally jumps plane while it's still on the runway.
  • Separated by a Common Language: Dutch and Flemish are a different-accent, partially-different-vocabulary version of the same language, comparable to U.K. versus U.S. English. The Dutch characters try to put down the Flemish Koen, pretending they can't understand what he says. However it is obvious they do this just to snark at him, rather than them genuinely not understanding what he's saying.
    Bennie: [To the Flemish Koen] Dickhead, speak Dutch properly!
  • Serial Killer: Koen. Not for the killing itself though, it's to fulfill his I Love the Dead tendencies. He has killed five women prior to the movie (that the authorities know of, at least), and kills two more during the movie.
  • Shower of Love: Katja goes under the shower and Koen approaches her with a hammer and a screwdriver, in order to kill her. This scene is accompanied by Psycho like sound effects, and Koen's purpose to kill Katja is clear. When she sees him with his tools however, she exclaims "O you came to fix my shower, how sweet!" (she had previously told Koen about plumbing problems in her house). Cue Koen totally giving up on his original murderous plans, and making sweet love with her instead in the shower.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Lars the boxer only appears briefly in three scenes. He was supposed to lose a fixed boxing match, but his opponent, not according to plan, actually lost. As a result of this, Bennie resorts to plan B of hijacking a plane along with Milo, which gives us the latter half of the movie and ultimately results in Mast flying a commercial-sized plane as a Dying Moment of Awesome which gives us some awesome scenes, then Mast dying with a Heroic Sacrifice and the criminal Milo dying along with him meaning Bennie finally gets rid of him and can get back to being a snackbar owner. If you throw in the fact that if Lars hadn't cheated on Katja she wouldn't have been at the bank to meet her later lover Koen, it's Fridge Brilliance how this character actually is the cause of everyones Happy Ending (for those who get one).
  • Spanner in the Works:
    • Koen, who shows up in Bennie's life at the most inconvenient time possible and thwarts Bennie's plans several times by doing murder (attempts). Also Koen, unbeknownst to Bennie, goes to rob a bank after he hears that Bennie needs money, and this complicates things even further for Bennie.
    • Bennie to (his employees) Martin and Peter—during Bennie's prison sentence, they were neglecting Bennie's snackbar out of their love of cooking quiches, were turning the snackbar into a quiche bakery, and had dreams of winning bakery competitions. As soon as Bennie enters the picture again, Bennie not only has them forsake their quiche-baking dreams, but actually draws them into criminal actions they don't have any desire for.
  • Technical Virgin: Depending on how you define virginity of course, which again everybody is subjective about... After Katja seduces Koen and they have sex for their first time:
    Katja: Am I the first woman you've been with?
    Koen: Well... [Beat] The first living one. [He's been a practicing necrophiliac]
    After this, he goes into an ecstatic rant to his newfound biological father about what an over-the-top amazing experience it is to have sex with a living person—they're warm and soft as opposed to stiff and freeze-cold and all!
  • The Stinger: The doctor seen earlier in the movie wins a cooking contest with a recipe stolen from Peter and Martin, which enrages them.
  • The Stoic: Koen doesn't express any emotion and has an almost permanent Death Glare expression on his face; the two scenes that are the exception to this though, are when he first meets his biological father Mast, and right after he has sex with Katja (both two above-mentioned happenings cause him to be ecstatically happy).
  • Unfortunate Names: Vuk note  is always pronounced "fuck" (which in the Netherlands is the same swearword as in English) by the other main characters, who want nothing to do with him.
    Milo: [A criminal who is threatening Bennie] This is Vuk, my cousin. He's got a thing for electricity. For that frikandel paradise of yours. He can circuit wire.
    Bennie: I don't need your Fuck.
  • The Voiceless: Vuk is a Yugoslavian who can't speak Dutch, and thus can't communicate with the other characters at all. He doesn't say anything in the movie note .
  • Would Hit a Girl:
    • The only woman in the main cast is certainly not spared violence: Bennie shoots Katja down with his gun when they run into each other in the hospital, and earlier punches her in the face.
    • Jennifer the hostage negotiator is also promptly shot down by Bennie, and a bitchy nurse is killed by Koen.

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