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Project Dark Jade is a fan collaboration project on FanFiction.Net for fans of Jackie Chan Adventures.

Conceived by Eduard Kassel and Nocturne no Kitsune (the latter of which later dropped out of sight), the general idea came around when the two discussed the lack of stories on FFN exploring the concept of the Queen of the Shadowkhan, the one-time Superpowered Evil Side of JCA core cast member Jade Chan, and perhaps the biggest Ensemble Dark Horse of the series. Eventually coming up with what they felt were viable story ideas based on the Queen's presence, they set out to write them in the hopes of inspiring others to similarly write stories exploring the idea of Jade somehow going over to The Dark Side. And while Nocturne has long since dropped off the radar, the popularity of Eduard's stories (especially Queen of All Oni, which is possibly the most popular JCA fic of all time, as it is the top JCA fic in favorites, follows, and reviews) has continued to have the desired effect of inspiring other authors to write their own stories.

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    Project Dark Jade stories with their own pages 
  • A Frog in Arkham Asylum (Crossover — Batman: Arkham Asylum); by chaotic9: This story is perhaps the darkest story yet in the project, taking place in an alternate universe where Jade, who is still empowered by the wind demon chi is framed for the murder of her family, and is sent to Arkham Asylum. Last updated December 2013.
  • A Shadow of the Titans (Crossover — Teen Titans); by Eduard Kassel: Following an offscreen battle with a demon, Jade finds herself banished along with it, ending up in a weird pocket dimension. Encountering a being called The Cackler, he transforms her back into a Shadowkhan before tossing her into the TT universe, where she's quickly drafted by the HIVE. Now forced to act like a villain so she won't get killed, Jade has to contend with both her fellow villains and the Teen Titans while trying desperately to find a way home and back to normal before she undergoes a Split-Personality Merge with the Queen. It is in-progress. According to the author's profile, it's the first of a planned trilogy of crossovers. Last updated December 2023.
  • Ages of Shadow; by Eduard Kassel: Years after falling to the darkness, Jade Chan has finally been defeated by the J-Team and their allies; and been banished. In defeat and isolation, Jade must face a challenge like nothing she has ever encountered before. What lies in wait for the fallen hero in the millennia that stretch before her? What shall she lose and what will she become, in the Ages of Shadow? Last updated October 2021.
  • Her Shadowed Realm (Crossover — Yu-Gi-Oh!); by CryptIXeeper: A different take on the theme, it is set long after Jade's fall to darkness and banishment to the Shadow Realm. Now calling herself Yu, she reaches out into another universe in the hope of freeing herself, by cutting a deal with a certain millionaire reviving an ancient Egyptian game... Last updated April 2012.
  • Jade Cobra (Crossover — G.I. Joe; Recursive Fanfiction of A MAD Heir); by balfang von claude: Cobra Commander has his eyes on Jade Chan and plans a rescue when Jade is about to be kidnapped by Dr. Claw to earn her favor, and offers her a great position as General of San Fransisco headquarters being based at the former Dark Hand's HQ. How will Jackie react when he finds Jade months later, and how can the Joes defeat a leader who is also a child? Last updated June 2014.
  • Jade Dragon; by Eduard Kassel: Shortly after the event's of the canon Grand Finale, a mysterious being uses a magic mirror to cause Jade and Shendu to switch lives. Jade now finds herself reliving the events of the series as Fei Cui Huo, the Jade Dragon, the Demon Sorceress of Fire, desperate to find a way to regain her own life. Last updated March 2022.
  • Kage (Crossover — W.I.T.C.H.); by chaotic9: During the final moments of canon's Grand Finale, a spiteful Drago casts a spell that not only banishes Jade to another universe, but reawakens her Shadowkhan powers. Now stuck on Meridian, a bad first encounter with the Guardians and the manipulations of Nerissa finds Jade forced to serve as one of the sorceress' Knights of Vengeance. Now she has to find a way home without getting killed, all while dealing with the growing influence of the Queen, who wishes to assume complete control of her body and mind. Last updated March 2017.
  • Queen of All Oni; by Eduard Kassel: An alternate take on Season 4 of the show, where Daolon Wong's botched spell, rather than releasing Tarakudo from his imprisonment, instead turns Jade back into the Queen of the Shadowkhan. The race for the Oni masks is now on, but with the added stress of the heroes having to find a way to return Jade to normal before she is lost to the darkness forever. Completed, with a sequel (Shadow Seeking) launched in December 2020.
  • Queen of Shadows; originally by Nocturne no Kitsune, adopted by Eduard Kassel: During the fight with the Shendu-possessed Jackie, the Book of Ages is damaged, altering reality beyond Shendu's control. Jade awakes to find herself in a new world, as Queen of a Shadowkhan empire slowly conquering Feudal Japan. Now she has to find a way to return home, while navigating the politics of the Shadowkhan and dealing with the forces of Light that want her dead. Last updated May 2021.
  • Shadow: Agent of Order (Crossover — Young Justice (2010)); by The Gunmaster: A teenage Jade is caught in the middle of a fight between Doctor Fate and Klarion the witch boy, transforming her into a human/Oni hybrid. Now she will become Shadow, a hero dedicated to fighting the monsters in the dark. Last updated December 2016.
  • Shadows Awakening; by Ander Arias: Another alternate take on Season 4. An encounter with Daolon Wong, who's using an ancient artifact to restore his lost powers, gives Jade the ability to use her Shadowkhan abilities. Now the J-Team has to stop Wong, who's being guided by Tarakudo's predecessor as ruler of the Shadowkhan, if they're to have any hope of saving Jade from succumbing to her darker nature. It is complete.
  • Webwork; by Trackula and Eduard Kassel: Balance does not discriminate. The failure of successive dark champions present and future has created an imbalance in favor of the light. Thanks to the meddling of a fallen foe, Jade Chan will pay the price for another's tampering with destiny. Though heroes will rise yet again to face darkness, Jade has a stake in this conflict such as no dark foe before her. Post Season 5. Last updated June 2016.

    Stories without pages of their own 

  • When I Grow Up; by Eduard Kassel: A mystic clock sends Jade into the future (again), only to find her future is no longer as bright as she had hoped. Oneshot.
  • Roommate; by ppH: Shendu possesses Jade instead of Valmont. Will she be able to resist his influence, or will he drag her down into the darkness. On hiatus but effectively a Dead Fic.
  • The Blue Knight and the Dark Queen (Crossover — Sonic and the Dark Knight); by D. J. Scales: Tarakudo changes Jade back into the Queen during their first encounter. In order to counter this new advantage for the dark forces, Uncle summons a pair of heroes to help the J-Team. Namely a certain hedgehog, his two-tailed friend, and a talking sword. It is complete.
  • Queen's Ascension; by DigitalHazared (later adopted by sub phantom): When the Oni masks are shattered, rather than releasing the Generals, all of their power is transferred to Jade. Now she finds herself as the new Queen of the Shadowkhan, with her future uncertain. On hiatus.
  • Demon Sorceress of Fire; by Mengskhunter: By killing Shendu, Jade has inherited his power and position. Threatened with eternal torment, she now sets off to free the other Demon Sorcerers, in the hopes of both protecting her family from what she's becoming, and hoping that the other demons will stop Shendu's mind from overwriting her own. Last updated June 2013.
  • A MAD Heir (Crossover — Inspector Gadget); by Vladimir Zhivanevskaya: Jade is kidnapped by Dr. Claw, who has his scientists wipe her memories and brainwash her into being a MAD agent. Now, years later, Jade is MAD's greatest assassin, and is about to come face-to-face with her forgotten past. Dormant; last updated August 2018.
  • War of Shadows; by TeslaJet: When Captain Black destroys the mask of Tarakudo to keep it out of Daolon Wong's reach, both the dark wizard and Jade are chosen to be new Oni Generals, while others are selected around the world. Now the heroes have to deal with an Enemy Civil War among the Shadowkhan. Last updated January 2013.
  • Age of Demons; by jameygamer: Shendu is able to successfully alter the Book of Ages without complications. In this new reality where Shendu rules his fellow demons as well as the humans, a Jade Chan with no knowledge of her true nature is chosen by the banished Tso Lan to be the new recipient of his powers, beginning a war for domination among the Demon Sorcerers. Last updated in 2015, it later went on hiatus and was subsequently deleted on 10/31/17.
  • The Tenth Tribe; by hamishwarfare: Jade learns to summon her own tribe of Shadowkhan. Last updated July 2012.
  • The March of the Black Queen; by D4rK Sid3: Through the changing years, Jade is now a shadow of her former self. A victim of her frustrations and embodiments of anger; a dormant evil now lies awake within her, consuming and transforming her into the Queen of the Shadow Khan once again. The struggle between darkness and light just began. Dormant; last updated May 2018.
  • Talismans and Wu; by Grizzmon: Jackie Chan blows up the talismans; unfortunately, Jade was in the way. Meanwhile, in another world, Jack Spicer has created a machine to collect all the Wu of the world. Things don't go exactly as planned, not only the machine blows up, but Jade ends up in the Xiaolin Showdown world. Last updated November 2016.
  • Future Undone; by ABSOLute Chimera: Life is good after Drago and Shendu's banishment to the netherworld, if a bit boring. New monsters and enemies don't come even close to the previous Big Bads, and Jade is getting closer with each new year to her dream number one, becoming Section 13 agent. Future seems bright... until one day when it sends its best regards. / Dark!Jade, Chosen One!Jade, Future!Jade — all connected. Last updated December 2015.
  • Look Upon My Works (Crossover — One Piece); by Toxinvictoria: An encounter with Daolon Wong goes badly, and transports Jade to another world, merging her with her counterpart there. On hiatus.
    • Ye Mighty (Crossover — One Piece); by Eduard Kassel: A rewrite of the above, with the same premise.
  • Shards and Shadows; by Luna Bass: Tarakudo and his Queen escape to another dimension where they can live out their ambitions. The passage of time curses Kagami Yuu with the ability to reflect on what led her down this path.
  • From the Shadows of the Past; by Eduard Kassel: Fresh from a crushing defeat, Jade finds herself a captive audience to none other than the Queen of the Shadowkhan. What exactly does this recurring annoyance born from an old mistake want with her now? And what can the Queen do with nothing but words and Jade's own unvarnished memories, while they examine the road that led her to this current predicament?

Tropes common to Project Dark Jade:

  • Abusive Parents: Queen of All Oni started a trend of portraying Jade's parents as this (through Parental Neglect mainly), that many other stories followed.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Jade is one of the heroes of the show, yet in most fanfics she's actually a Villain Protagonist. Though to be fair, the Project is pretty much about this.
  • Affably Evil: In stories where Jade has a Face–Heel Turn, she's often pretty affable. Tarakudo is another example.
  • Alternate Timeline: A number of stories follow the canon timeline (more or less) up to a point before the plots diverge (usually around the start of season 4). For example, Kage diverges from JCA canon during the last moments of the Grand Finale.
  • Alternate Universe: Most of the stories are Alternate Universe Fics, in one form or another.
    • Meanwhile, most of the crossovers present the other franchise being brought in as being set in an alternate universe from JCA.
  • Anti-Villain: Jade falls into this role when she's Forced into Evil.
  • Ascended Fanboy: All the contributors aside from Eduard Kassel and Nocturne no Kitsune started off as fans of stories in the project.
  • Call-Back: Most of the stories recall the first time Jade became the Queen of the Shadowkhan.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: The villains in almost all these stories almost always identify themselves outright as evil.
  • Casting a Shadow: In stories with the Queen angle, Jade's new abilities are (at least partially) shadow-based.
  • Combo Platter Powers: Jade often gets a measure of Super-Strength, she sometimes gets Power Floats and/or In a Single Bound, she sometimes gets a Healing Factor, and most stories have her get some kind of shadow-based ability.
    • In Talismans and Wu Jade gains back all the powers she ever had between seasons 1 and 4. However she cannot use more than one talisman power at once.
  • Crossover: Several of the stories:
  • Darker and Edgier: The stories tend to be a bit darker than the source material. This is part of the reason they (Queen of All Oni is a notable example of this) are so popular.
  • Dark Is Evil: In a number of stories with the Queen.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: A number of other stories show this, like A Shadow of the Titans.
  • Dark Fic: Most of the stories tend to have a much darker tone than its source material due to the implications of Jade becoming a villainess.
  • Dark Magical Girl: What Jade becomes in most fics.
  • Dark Messiah: The Oni and/or Shadowkhan in some stories (Queen of All Oni and Kage are two examples) see Jade as the harbinger of an age of darkness.
  • Dead Fic: Several stories have been on hiatus for a while.
    • Queen of Shadows is an odd example. The original version stopped when Nocturne went missing, but Eduard has all of his friend's story notes and so after a period of silence on Nocturne's part, has continued the story under the subtitle A Tale Across Ages.
  • Demonic Possession: Several of the stories deal with this. The straightest example is Age Of Demons, where Jade is possessed by Moon Demon Tso Lan.
  • Enemy Within: Jade often has this in the stories where she's Forced into Evil.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Evildoers with standards is common among Dark Jade stories (with a Fallen Hero Jade and otherwise).
  • Evil Costume Switch: Usually, though what exactly Jade changes into varies from story to story. The ninja clothes the Shinobi Tribe wears are a popular choice.
  • Evil Pays Better: The reason why Jade is able to get the Enforcers to work for her in March of the Black Queen is because, unlike the other monstrous villains who simply expected obedience, she instead promises to pay them big time. Which she quickly makes good on, by robbing a bank.
  • Evil Versus Evil: In most of the stories Jade becomes becomes evil, but aside from Jackie and the heroes she also ends up fighting against another villain, usually one of the series' Big Bads, or in the case of the crossovers, sometimes the local villains.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Since Jade was already a Big Eater in canon, some writers expand on this and make her being able to eat almost anything, mostly to make her more inhuman.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Jade often undergoes one.
  • Fallen Hero: Jade in every story is either already one, or is at risk of becoming one.
  • Fandom-Specific Plot: Most of the stories follow the same pattern: Something causes Jade to turn back into the Queen of Shadowkhan, who aims for some nefarious goal, usually gaining more power, or getting back at Jackie and the others for some reason. Thanks to the Project, this kind of stories have become quite popular among the fans (though not as much as the ever-present shipping fics).
  • Follow the Leader: Invoked, see Ascended Fanboy above.
  • Forced into Evil: Stories that don't have Jade willingly make a Face–Heel Turn are along the lines of this.
  • For Want Of A Nail: Many of the divergent points are small "What If?" scenarios, with varying levels of how large the changes are.
    • In Spite of a Nail: Stories tend to have things happen nearly the same as canon in most cases, depending on the amount of initial changes.
      • The two The Blue Knight and the Dark Queen stories are especially notably, in that despite Jade being evil and getting magically aged up into an adult, and the presence of Team Sonic, nearly everything happens exactly the same.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!: Notice the number of stories with "Queen" in the title.
  • Hero Antagonist: Since most of the stories feature an evil Jade, Jackie and the other heroes play this role to her. In crossovers, she fights against some of the local heroes.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: If Jade gains magic powers from her transformation, she usually will have some trouble with them at first.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Zim'sMostLoyalServant, in a meta-way, as he seems to be the beta-reader for at least half the authors involved, and seems to do most of the TV Tropes work (under the name ZimFan89).
  • I Just Want to Be Special: In the majority of these works, one of Jade's primary motivations for her change if not the motivation is an aggressive resistance to normalcy and Jackie's attempts to give her a mundane life.
  • Kung-Fu Wizard: If Jade gains magical powers and still uses her martial arts skills, she qualifies as this.
  • Light Is Good: In the Dark Is Evil stories.
  • Light Is Not Good: In the stories that say Dark Is Not Evil.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Tarakudo in most of the stories.
  • Mooks: Jade has gotten Shadowkhan in a few stories, and they serve as this, like in JCA canon.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: In some of the crossovers such as Kage or A Shadow of the Titans, if Jade isn't evil from the start, the local heroes' actions will cause Jade to join the bad guys.
  • No-Sell: The potion that cured Jade in canon, if the heroes get a chance to even use it, doesn't work.
  • Painful Transformation: Not every transformation Jade goes through is quick and pain free.
  • Recursive Fanfiction: Jade Cobra is this to A MAD Heir, diverging into an AU early on in the latter.
  • The Resenter: Another common element of the stories where Jade turns evil — possibly popularized by Eduard Kassel — is that she's angry at Uncle for not choosing her as apprentice.
    • She also often resents the fact that Jackie doesn't give her much credit for all the times she's saved the day.
  • Shout-Out: WAY too many to list here!
  • Slowly Slipping Into Evil: The stories that don't have Jade outright turning to evil have this happening to her instead.
  • Split-Personality Merge: In stories where the Queen exists as a separate entity within Jade's psyche, this is usually her goal.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Pretty much most of the stories focus on Jade becoming the Queen of the Shadowkhan again.
  • Super-Senses: In certain stories Jade gains enhanced senses.
  • The Chosen One: In March of The Black Queen, it is implied Jade is destined to rule the world as the Shadowkhan queen.
  • Tomboy Princess: In most of these fics Jade retains her tomboyish nature. Though it comes to be an inconvenience in Queen Of Shadows since as Queen of the empire she is expected to act with decorum and femininity, and isn't even allowed to train since she has men to do her fighting for her.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In all the stories, Jade becomes significantly more powerful and skilled in magic, martial arts, or both!
  • Vague Age: Jade's age is something the PDJ writers seem to never agree on, due to the fact that it was never revealed in the show. Depending on the story, her age varies from eight to twelve. It can also be older if the story takes place after the series.
  • Villain Episode: Well, Villain Fanfics actually.
  • Villain Protagonist: Most of the stories focus on Jade as a villainess.
  • Worth It: In several of the stories Jade claims this despite the hell she has to go through for her new powers.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: In March of the Black Queen, Uncle casts a spell to see where Jade is and finds her in a building with Roman architecture. Jackie guesses she would either be in a bank or a library, and as no other supernatural villain in the past has ever valued money, assumes she'd be in a library looking for a rare magic book. Jade is, in fact, at a bank, robbing the place blind.
    • Subverted when Viper suggests she is in a bank, and while Jackie and Tohru stare at her like she spouted nonsense, Uncle concludes she is probably right.