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Bandai Co., Ltd. (stylized as BANDAI) is a Japanese multinational toy manufacturer, and one of the largest toy companies in the world behind The LEGO Group. Currently the toy-focused subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings following its merger with Namco and subsequent reorganization, Bandai is famous for its long history of producing/manufacturing toys and co-producing and/or sponsoring Japanese anime/TV IPs.

Founded in 1950 by Naoharu Yamashina, the company is named after the Japanese four character idiom "bandai fueki" (万代不易), meaning "eternally unchanging". Bandai first found success in the 1960s by manufacturing action figures for Astro Boy. From the late 1970s onwards, the company has significantly invested into the anime industry to stimulate its toy sales, a strategy it learned from its successes with the Gundam franchise.

In the 1980s, Bandai made strides towards the video game industry by manufacturing several gaming consoles, almost all of which became overshadowed by Nintendo's industry-dominating consoles. Facing financial difficulty in the 1990s, and still interested in an expansion into the video games industry, Bandai considered a merger with Sega in 1997. The merger failed due to multiple contributing factors, but Bandai ultimately merged with gaming and arcade giant Namco in 2005, and reorganized its non-toy operations into other companies under the newly formed Namco Bandai Holdings.

Additionally, Bandai owned the famous Japanese anime studio Sunrise from 1994 to 2005, when it was reorganized into a Bandai Namco Holdings subsidiary.

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Specific toy lines (original or licensed) created by Bandai with TV Tropes pages.

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Franchises that Bandai has toy licenses to.

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Bandai Entertainment Company

Bandai Entertainment Company (BEC) is Bandai's video game development subsidiary, established in 1990. In 2011, following the Namco Bandai merger, BEC was reorganized into B.B. Studio.

    Video games (developed & published) 

Alternative Title(s): BEC