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The Remnant Knights

"Protect the innocent, Survive the Trials, Serve Remnant." — Creed of The Remnant Knights
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A separate clandestine yet powerful Order forged from the most trustworthy and formidable warriors around Remnant who have been secretly gathered by The King of Vale and The Wizard with the intention to fight a shadow war against the forces of the Dark Queen, her Inner Circle and the Grimm. Alongside the other Guardians of Remnant under the leadership of Ozpin, they counter the forces of darkness at every turn while keeping certain dangerous secrets away from Remnant's populace at large, such as the existence of the Grimm Queen and the Relics.

     In General 

  • Badass Creed: Protect the innocent, Survive the Trials, Serve Remnant.
  • Big Fancy Castle: Tintagel, the massive fortress headquarters of the Knight Order. Its true location was so secretive (and classified) that only a handful of trusted individuals around Remnant knows where it actually is. Because of its extreme importance, all Remnant Knights are also required to enact Eclipse Protocol to ensure that no one outside of their Order accidentally discovers Tintagel's location.
  • Blade on a Stick: Some of the Remnant Knights wield huge halbreds and fighting staves.
  • Cool Sword: Most of the Remnant Knights possess these as their primary weapon of choice.
    • The Knight Castellans each possess a legendary blade as their weapon and sword of office.
  • Demon Slaying: Make that Grimm-slaying.
  • Due to the Dead: Every Remnant Knight that has fallen in performing their duty had their name (both Knight and real name) inscribed on the Wall of Valor within Tintagel.
  • Godzilla Threshold: When the situation on Remnant ever reaches this trope, the Knight Order still has one last card to play: The Vault of Avalon.
  • Meaningful Name: Each Remnant Knight would be given a new name upon their knighthood, which can include certain traits like their skills, abilities, or even their appearance.
    • For example, Sharp Strike is given that aforementioned name due to his impressive dual-wielding sword skills.
  • Noodle Incident: Two instances known so far.
    • How one of the four Relics was very nearly stolen by Salem's Sin Commanders and the Guardians of Remnant work together with the Remnant Knights to get it back successfully.
    • How exactly a battle between Salem's agents and the Guardians of Remnant resulted in one of the Relics' mountain temples being completely destroyed is left ambiguous.
  • Powered Armor: The Aegis armor suits worn by the Remnant Knights are crafted from both advanced and mystical technologies long lost to Remnant. No two suits were the same, and each was tailored specifically to the Knight himself or herself.
  • Real After All: To the people of Remnant, the Remnant Knights are commonly seen as the figures of legends and myths. To the highest levels of the Kingdoms' Councils and the Guardians of Remnant, only they are entrusted with the information that the Knight Order exists.
  • Seers: The Prognosticators, a specialist unit of the Knight Order operate this way, assisting the Remnant Knights in battle as well as using their abilities to predict the location and severity of Grimm incursions.
  • Silver Bullet: Certain Remnant Knights have a special bullet that was intricately engraved with tiny runes and script that are anathema to any creatures of Grimm. Each specially-crafted round was believed to contain a tiny fragment of Silver Eye energy that was said to be derived from the eyes of the honorable Grand Knight Master Lord Emmanuel himself.
  • Secret Keeper: The Knight Order has a lot of secrets, and many of them could have catastrophic consequences if known to the world of Remnant at large.
    • For example, after a Noodle Incident in which involves one of the four Relics (later revealed to the Lamp of Knowledge) was very nearly stolen by Salem's Sin Commanders; Ozpin entrusted the said Relic to the Remnant Knights who brought it back to Tintagel for it to be properly protected since the Relic's mountain temple was sadly destroyed in a previous battle.
  • The Greatest Story Never Told: The Remnant Knights have fought a silent shadow war against the Grimm Mistress and her associates ever since their founding alongside the other Guardians of Remnant, and their greatest victories (or defeats, if any) will never be known to the world of Remnant at large.


The Round Table - Knight Order High Command

    Seraph Pendragon (Knight of Angels) 

Seraph Pendragon

Chosen Voice Actor: Peter Cullen

Debut: Chapter 50: The Beacon Lights Again Part I: Meetings
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The current Grand Knight Master of the Remnant Knights.

  • Ancestral Weapon: Excalibrus was the legendary sword given to the first Grand Knight Master of the Remnant Knights by the King of Vale at the founding of their knightly order.
  • Badass in Charge: You have to be one in order to lead the Remnant Knights.
  • BFS: Wields a huge one named Excalibrus, which is both his sword of office and personal weapon.
  • The Leader: Of an entire secret Order of powerful warrior Knights.
  • Meaningful Name: Seraphs are considered the highest order of Angels in the Bible, and Pendragon is the second name of King Arthur.

    Knight of Air 

Knight of Air

Debut: Chapter 50: The Beacon Lights Again Part I: Meetings
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The current Knight Castellan of the Winter Templars Knight Legion.

    Knight of Earth 

Knight of Earth

Debut: Chapter 50: The Beacon Lights Again Part I: Meetings
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The current Knight Castellan of the Steadfast Sentinels Knight Legion

    Knight of Fire 

Knight of Fire

Debut: Chapter 50: The Beacon Lights Again Part I: Meetings
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The current Knight Castellan of the Relentless Crusaders Knight Legion.


    Knight of Water 

Knight of Water

Debut: Chapter 50: The Beacon Lights Again Part I: Meetings
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The current Knight Castellan of the Eternal Warriors Knight Legion.

    Argentius (Knight of Silver) 


Chosen Voice Actor: Ewan McGregor

Debut: Chapter 49: Love in the Air
Artwork by manu-chann

A dual scythe-wielding Remnant Knight with Silver Eyes within the Knight Order, in addition to being both Sharp Strike's master and most recently, Ruby's mentor. He is also Soul Seer's elder brother.

  • Blow You Away: Argentius's semblance is wind-based, nicknamed Vortex Ascension, and he can literally become the vortex which is also the eye of the storm. In terms of what it does, the wind barrier is an invisible wall of trampoline that pushes back anyone who tries to get close, and he can also unleash a spinning tornado attack with scythe blades, wiping out large masses of opponents at one go.
  • Impossibly Cool Weapon: His personal weapon, Iconoclast, essentially is a twin-scythe, longsword and a high-caliber double-barrelled assault rifle fused into one.
  • Magical Eye: He's a Silver Eye Warrior like Ruby Rose and Summer Rose.
  • Sword and Sorcerer: Fulfills the "Sword" part with his younger sister Soul Seer.

    Soul Seer (Knight of Seers) 

Soul Seer

Chosen Voice Actor: Renee Faia

Debut: Chapter 49: Love in the Air
Artwork by manu-chann

Chief Prognosticator within the Knight Order. She supervises the training of other mages and prognosticators which assist the Remnant Knights in their battles against the Grimm and other threats during their missions throughout Remnant. She is also Argentius's younger sister.

  • Combat Clairvoyance: Her semblance. However, she can only see a number of possible futures and not the one that actually happens, and requires intense concentration to divine the most likely outcomes.
  • Sword and Sorcerer: Fulfills the "Sorcerer" part with her older brother Argentius.

    Forge Smith (Knight of Iron) 

Forge Smith

Chosen Voice Actor: Piotr Michael

Debut: Chapter 50: The Beacon Lights Again Part I: Meetings
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Forgemaster within the Knight Order. He oversees the operations of the main forge within Tintagel which churns out armor and weapons for the Remnant Knights. Wielder of the mighty warhammer named Mjolnira.

  • Drop the Hammer: Forge Smith's main weapon is a massive warhammer named Mjolnira.

    Knight of Dragons 

    Knight of Guardians
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    Knight of Truth 

    Knight of Prometheus 



Senior Advisor to the Knight Order's Round Table.

Knight Legion of Atlas - The Winter Templars

     Snow Blade 

     Spirit Dreamer 

     Blade Storm 

     Lance Spinner 

Knight Legion of Vale - The Steadfast Sentinels

None known so far...

Knight Legion of Vacuo - The Relentless Crusaders

     Fire Walker 

     Flame Weaver 

     Steel Punch 

     Spear Dancer 

Knight Legion of Mistral - The Eternal Warriors

     Wind Runner 

     Storm Bringer 

     Stone Claw 

     Moon Hunter 

     Hawk Shot 

The Prognosticatum

     Dream Seeker 

     Soul Searcher 

The Apothecarion

     Flesh Mender 

The Knight Errants

    Sharp Strike 

Sharp Strike

Chosen Voice Actor: Troy Baker

Debut: Chapter 42: Honor of the White Fang
Reference Picture

A Knight Errant with a mysterious past that was assigned by the Knight Order to join Team Beacon. Being one of the few squires personally trained and mentored by Argentius, he was considered one of the best sword users the Order has ever seen in their long history.

  • Badass Biker: Oh yes. He rides on a personally-customized transformable motorcycle that even Yang would envy.
  • Badass Cape: Wears one around his shoulders that's midnight-blue in colour.
  • Big Damn Heroes: He had a couple of these moments.
    • He saved Ruby and several members of Team Beacon in Chapter 43 from a White Fang recon group tasked with their capture and elimination.
    • He stepped in to save the Summer Maiden Heliosia Ainea from having her powers stolen in Chapter 76.
  • Blue Is Heroic: His personal Aegis armor suit is gunmetal-grey with blue highlights.
  • Flaming Sword: Hong Long, one of his longswords can light itself up in flames during battle with Red Dust.
  • The Cameo: He was previously mentioned in a few scenes long before his eventual appearance, such as a blurry figure in Chapter 33 and mentioned within a secret conversation in Chapter 39.
  • Dual Wielding: Fights with his twin gunswords Hong Long and Lan Feng this way.
  • Master Swordsman: He had the honor of being one of the best swordsmen within the Knight Order.
  • Mix-and-Match Weapon: Hong Long and Lan Feng are actually master-crafted longswords with multi-chamber revolvers built into their hilts.
  • Mysterious Past: Sharp Strike has a past so obscured that only the highest levels of the Knight Order possibly even knew the truth about him. From the few clues scattered throughout the fanfic Chapters, it’s certainly building towards a dangerous revelation.
  • Sword and Gun: He fights this way sometimes in a few of the Chapters using a blade and his custom revolver Vanquisher.
  • What Beautiful Eyes!: Sharp Strike, when he had his helmet visor removed in Chapter 48, was revealed to have navy blue eyes with a hint of vermilion red around the irises.

    Shadow Reaper 


    Wood Cutter 

    Iron Fist 

    Eagle Eye 

The Legendary Remnant Knights

The Twelve

The original founding members who were first sired by the Vale King and then go on to form the Knight Order of Remnant.

    Vorlois Bornstellar 

Vorlois Bornstellar

Chosen Voice Actor: TBD

Debut: Chapter 50: The Beacon Lights Again Part I: Meetings (mentioned)
Reference Picture

The first Grand Knight Master of the Remnant Knights and the original custodian of Excalibrus.

  • Long Dead Badass: He's long gone by the time of Destiny of Remnant, and had a statue of him placed at the Hall of the Twelve within Tintagel.
  • Magical Eye: He's rumored to be Silver Eye Warrior as well.
  • One-Man Army: Vorlois is described to be a large and incredibly powerful warrior, in addition to being an intelligent strategist.
    • Legend had it that he served as the King of Vale's personal bodyguard before forming the Knight Order.

Other Known Remnant Knights of Legend

    Lord Emmanuel 

    Luc Arc 

    Blade Strike (Lorenzo Arc) 

    Blade Work 

    Ray Storm 

    Dead Shot 

    Shield Wall 

    Wind Walker 


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