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One of the key elements of Langrisser Mobile is exchanging tickets, earned through gameplay or a cash payment, to summon key characters from previous titles as part of the player's army. However, information on those characters should be on their respective pages of origin; this page is reserved for characters originating in this game. Additionally, some playable characters may not currently be available in all regions where the game can be played.


Playable Characters from Previous Titlesnote :

  • All Langrisser games: Jessica, Bozel
  • Langrisser I: Ledin, Chris, Narm, Lance, Leticia
  • Der Langrisser: Elwin, Hein, Scott, Lester, Rohga, Liana, Cherie, Keith, Aaron, Lana, Leon, Imelda, Egbert, Vargas, Sonya, Bernhardt, Laird
  • Langrisser III: Diehärte, Tiaris, Silver Wolf, Luna, Sophia, Pierre, Lewin, Kirikaze, Emerick, Dios, Freya, Altemüller, Anna, Liffany, Varna, Gerrold & Layla, Jügler, Feraquea
  • Langrisser IV And V: Angelina, Shelfaniel, Listell, Ranford, Landius, Rachel, Sigma, Lambda, Serena, Wiler, Gizlof
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky: Kloe, Estelle, Joshua, Olivier, Leonhardt, Renne
  • Sakura Wars: Sakura, Sumire, Iris


The Swordsmith Union

A youth who lives in a village in the Kalxath region. He ends up getting caught up in a war when he has to save his childhood friend. His group, named the "Swordsmith Union" by the spirit of Elwin, must journey the world and relive the memories associated with the shattered Langrisser in order to reforge the blade.

  • Battle Butler: One of his alternate outfits makes him look like one.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: He has the blood of the Demon Tribe.
  • Happily Adopted: Was abandoned in the forest as a child, and taken in by Grenier's father.
  • Heroic Lineage: The Langrisser IV Gate of Fate quests reveal he's a descendant of Landius and Listell, after hinting it because of his Orphan's Plot Trinket and demon traits.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: The primary protagonist and capable of wielding the Langrisser. His main class line also uses swords.
  • Orphan's Plot Trinket: When he was left in the woods as a babe, he only had a red scarf and a sword.
  • Player Personality Quiz: One taken when initializing the game determines his class options, though he will always have a sword-focused option.


One of the few surviving Descendants of Light. Due to her ancient blood, she is being hunted by the Hebril Forces. Together with her childhood friends, Matthew and Grenier, she embarked on an adventure to escape from Hebril's Army.

  • Bare Your Midriff: Her main outfit leaves her naval exposed.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: According to the Hero's Legacy entries unlocked by increasing her Bond, she was initially thrilled at leaving her boring village life when the adventure starts, but is quickly dismayed by how often she sees innocent people suffering along the way.
  • The Chosen One: The only person in the modern age capable of channeling Lushiris, opening and closing Time Rifts, and reforging the Langrisser.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Tends to be snarky towards her friends. It's even weaponized in her personal ability, Quip, which lowers a nearby enemy's defense after her turn.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: She's aware that the original Langrisser was forged with the spirit of Raymond/Sieghart, and is prepared to give her own soul if necessary to reforge the blade.
  • Medium Awareness: She recognizes a divergent Time Rift as an alternate route from the original game, as well as where the Trails in the Sky guests originate from.
  • Ninja Maid: One of her alternate outfits makes her look like one.
  • White Mage: Her main class line focuses on healing and Holy magic, though her other class options give her more offense-focused abilities.

Captain of the Village Guards, and childhood friend of Matthew and Amelda, often playing the Big Brother. When his Father, the mayor of his Village, is in trouble, he leads the guards to defend the Village, bringing himself into the war.

  • Badass Normal: He can't wield the Langrisser like Matthew, nor does he have powers like Amelda. Despite this, he always strives to be there for his True Companions.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Tries his best to protect Matthew and Amelda with his strength. This is also reflected in his default abilities, learning Guard early on and getting a defense bonus whenever he takes a hit.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: One story mission has him bitten by one of Rag's parasites and falling under his control, though the matter is quickly dealt with and he survives.
  • Chef of Iron: One of his alternate outfits makes him look like one.

A member of the Demon Tribe. Due to Matthew's blood connection to the Demon Tribe, she find herself interested in him. She possesses amazing powers, using them to fight on the front lines, killing all in her path.

  • Anti-Antichrist: She is capable of wielding the Alhazard, and thus is pivotal to the plans of this generation's Bozel, but would rather just have fun with Matthew.
  • Genki Girl: She has a perky personality, and considers battles as playtime.
  • Malevolent Masked Men: She's secretly the Demon General, the masked and hooded figure that antagonizes the Swordsmith Union throughout the story.
  • Promoted to Playable: She does not join as part of the main story, but was added as a SSR-tier summonable hero at the same time as Jugler.

A magician working with Jessica to restore an ancient city that used to fly. Though untalented in regular forms of magic, her magitek engineering skills are superb; one of the game's bonus modes is defeating her automatons for experience rewards.

  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Her research methods are a tad kooky, such as keeping living remains of blob monsters in test tubes.
  • Promoted to Playable: Doesn't join in the main story, but was added as a SSR-tier summonable hero later.

Unaligned NPCs

The Village Elder
The leader of Dovalu Village. Grenier's father by birth, and Matthew's adoptive father. He also acts as an uncle for Amelda, who knows little about her own heritage.

The Aniki Gym
A set of muscular fitness gurus, led by the cast of Cho Aniki. Originally encountered while trying to help with Angelica's experiments, a bonus mode allows them to be fought in exchange for items that increase a unit's power.

Ibbas Union

One of the two best generals of the Ibbas Merchant Union, a country held together by trade deals and mercenary funds. Though the area is considered neutral territory, McAvoy decides to take matters into his own hands when he hears that enemies of the Empire are trying to restore ancient technology, worried that it might also be used against Ibbas.

  • Came Back Wrong: Dies at Geier's hand while defending the city of Carmen from demons, and is brought back by Bozel's servant Grove as a revenant in constant pain.
  • Recurring Boss: Antagonizes the Swordsmith Union repeatedly early on, under the assumption that they'll cause trouble for Ibbas.


A mercenary employed by the Ibbas Union, often acting as McAvoy's informant. However, his true allegiance is with the Empire, and spreads misinformation so that Ibbas impedes the protagonists' journey.

A Fairy, and the other greatest general of the Ibbas Union. A missive from McAvoy following a demon attack on the Ibbas city of Carmen convinces her to assist the Swordsmith Union with their task.

  • Mercy Kill: She eventually puts the revenant McAvoy out of his misery.
  • Promoted to Playable: She was just an NPC during the first year of the game's release, but a recent event on the Chinese servers allows her to be recruited.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Had deep feelings for McAvoy, who gets killed and turned into a revenant.

Sissy White
The chief financial officer of Ibbas, as well as its youngest general. First mentioned negotiating with the Empire, she assists the Swordsmith Union after Alustriel advocates for them.

The Hebril/Hyborean Empire

An honorable general of the Empire, whose valor is often ignored in favor of Bozel (also known as "The Sorcerer Gambino")'s willingness to go to extremes.

  • Anti-Villain: Treats the Swordsmith Union with respect, though he lacks the authority to help their cause, and his ties to Yulia prevent him from turning against the first.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a few battle marks on his face, but none that disfigure him.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Upon learning the extent of what the empire is doing to Yulia, he defects and assists the Union with the hope of eventually saving her.

King Stein
The king of the Empire, who trusts his royal adviser Bozel/Gambino and sends his army to capture the "false prophet" Amelda.

  • We Hardly Knew Ye: After Bozel amasses enough power to revive his Velzerian commanders, he has the King assassinated.

The newest pope of the Empire. Bodamicus is very protective of her.

  • Religion of Evil: The church she's pope of serves Chaos, and considers the worship of Lushiris to be a pagan religion.

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