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Unlike other games in the series, which occur centuries apart, the events of Langrisser IV and Langrisser V occur within the same generation and share multiple characters; as such, their character pages have been combined.

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Player Characters in IV

His appearance in Mobile

Landius is a Crimzoninan, and the primary protagonist of Langrisser IV. He is the only protagonist in the series who is not a Descendant of Light; however, he is still able to harness the full power of the Langrisser sword.

He was born in Recrio village, a riverside hamlet on the frontier of the Regenburg Federation. Recrio was a village inhabited by both humans and Crimzonian Landers. Landius and his sister Emily were washed away from the village when Aizel flooded it to wipe out the Crimzonian Landers.

In Langrisser V, he is allied with the Kingdom of Caconsis.


The true son of the Gohtal village chief, who calls Landius his older brother and Rachel his older sister. He is somewhat a narcissist and a ladies' man, and is a little too trusting. He ends up falling for Shelfaniel and, because of that, becomes involved in the fate of Caconsis kingdom.

    Mc Claine

McClaine is a wandering mercenary who joins the entourage early in the story of Langrisser IV. One day, while walking through a forest with his sister, they were both knocked out and abducted by Omega. The result of a year of experiments while trapped in Gizlof's laboratory replaced the left side of McClaine's body with machinery, turning him into a cyborg. The people in his village were terrified of him and drove him out. From then on he grew out his hair to cover his robotic left eye.

In Langrisser V, he is allied with the Kingdom of Caconsis. He is still searching for his sister Mariandel.


A princess of the kingdom of Caconsis. She is the younger sister of Shelfaniel, and the daughter of King Caconsis and Queen Caconsis.

In Langrisser V, she is still alongside her sister in the Kingdom of Caconsis.



A princess of the kingdom of Caconsis. She is the elder sister of Angelina and the daughter of King Caconsis and Queen Caconsis.

In Langrisser V, she is now ruling the Kingdom of Caconsis.


Ricky's elder sister. While not of direct blood relation, she always calls Landius her elder brother. When Gizlof attacked Gotahl village, her father, the village chief, boarded her up in the church to protect her. However, she was still kidnapped by Gizlof. She's very innocent and a little childish.

A general in the Caconshis army. She has feelings for Wiler; though never expressed, you can hear it in her words. She is a very graceful woman. Due to her involvement in the army, she comes to fight alongside with Landius.

Serena appears later in Langrisser V as a general in the Caconshis army, the programmed enemy of Werner and Lambda.

His appearance in Mobile

An aristocrat in the military who graduated the Federation academy at the top of his class. He doesn't boast this excellent background. Younger brother of Clifford.

Ranford is also one of the main protagonists of Langrisser V.

The avatar of a goddess, that has made appearances throughout the series. See the main index for more information.

In Langrisser V, she is not tied to any of the main factions.


Her appearance in Mobile

A mid-ranking commander in the Velzerian forces. Although she does have her own merits, she fails so many missions that Böser treats her as a problem child. After she is defeated by Landius she decides to follow him, since going back to Böser would mean her certain death. She becomes a valuable asset for the team, teaching them about the culture and tactics of the demon tribe.

A low-ranking commander in the Velzerian forces who follows Listell. He has the ability to transform into many different kinds of monsters. He joins Landius after being defeated, since going back to Böser would mean his certain death.

A 40-year-old self-proclaimed strategist. In actuality, he is a weak and crooked thief. After swindling King Caconsis, he goes independent and is picked up by Böser. Although Böser grants him fantastic power, he is unable to grant Ivar a brain.

Kingdom of Caconsis

Admiral of the Caconsis army. He is a brilliant tactician, however he's far too weak to actually participate in battle. After his schooling he began his career with the Caconsis Kingdom as an admiral.

In Langrisser V, he is the programmed enemy of Werner and Mariandel.

An able man that struggles to serve the incompetent King Caconsis. In reality, he is a spy sent by Gizlof to facilitate the take over of Caconsis. While he hates King Caconsis, he had nothing against Angelina and Shelfaniel.

    King Caconsis 
The father of Angelina and Shelfaniel. He never fails to mention or make it clear that he is the king. He's quick to act and slow to think and that proves to be a bad combination. He sees everyone around him, even his own wife and daughters, as means to get what he wants with no thought of the consequences. He is easily assuaged by hollow flattery and simple words, which is why Wiler and the others find it far easier to work around him instead of with him.

    Queen Caconsis 
The queen of the Caconsis, mother of Angelina and Shelfaniel. She has a gentle personality that is not into politics, but has a keen eye for strategy. She tries to persuade her husband to act but it's useless.

Regenburg Federation

An extremely ambitious man. For many years he has been making his plans, and that makes him only more effective at carrying them out. He manipulates and uses people to no end.

The son of Gizlof. He is sent all over the place to carry out Gizlof's bidding. After the Death of Aldan, he is to marry Princess Rozenciel which will lead to him becoming the future king, a part of Gizlof's schemes.

Landius' brother, who was separated from her when Aizel flooded Recrio village to wipe out the Crimzonian Landers. Her parents give both her and Landius a pendant so they might find each other if they survived the flood. With the village ruined and her father dead, Emily is sent to an orphanage, and eventually released to attend a military academy.

In Langrisser V, she is promoted to general by Queen Rozenciel after Ranford is promoted to Marshal. Later in the story, she assists in exposing Russel's plot against Ranford and secures his release from jail.

The Federation king who is reduced to a sickly puppet by Gizlof.

Prince of Regenburg and first in line for the throne, and Princess Rozenciel's younger brother. He doesn't know people very well, and is deprived of his ascension by Gizlof and Kreuger.

The princess of the Regenburg Federation, the sister of Fredrick and the daughter of Cleoness. At the start of the story she is seen to be deeply in love with General Aldan.

In Langrisser V, after the deaths of Fredrick, Kreuger and Gizlof, Rozenciel assumes sole leadership of the Federation and promotes Ranford to marshal and Emily to general. She also appoints Russel (who has been replaced by a demon) as the new prime minister to replace Gizlof.

A valiant general of Regenburg who climbed the ranks through competence, not status. A friend of Ranford.

Though he dies during the events of IV, Valk is resurrected by Grove in V as a zombie; however, Ranford take his feelings aside and defeats him, making his his good friend finally rest in peace.

Valk's loyal aide-de-camp. His calm personality contrasts with his general's.

One of the four generals of the Regenburg Federation. His is the most favored suitor of Princess Rozenciel and he treats Prince Fredrick like a younger brother.

An admiral of the Regenburg Federation. He is responsible for holding Shelfaniel, Angelina, Wiler, and Serena hostage at the beginning of Langrisser IV.

The son of the Regenburg Prime Minister and a candidate for marrying princess Rozenciel.

In Langrisser V, he reappears suddenly in Regenburg and is given the prime minister title by queen Rozenciel partly for the unjust execution of his father. However, this is actually the demon Ferakia under disguise, while the real Russel was left alive wandering aimlessly somewhere.


Other Characters

    Gotahl Elder 
The father of Rachel and Ricky, and the step-father of Landius.

The avatar of Chaos, who has appeared since the series' beginning, this time using the alias “The Dark Mage Faelart.” He uses the conflict between the Federation and Caconsis Kingdom in Yeless to push the continent into total war. This incarnation is ultimately slain by Landius, but before dying sends Alhazard flying to an unknown location.

The dark god guiding Gizlof and empowering his ambitions. He belongs to a lower tier of deities than Lushiris and Chaos.

Glaaz is the right arm of Gendrasil, with the power to control humans' bodies and bind to their shadows.

The god of monsters, first referenced in Langrisser I.

The spirit of Raymond from Langrisser III, now within the Langrisser, and using his reign name.

Muscle Men

The twin brother of Samson and the younger brother of Valan.

The twin brother of Adon and the younger brother of Valan. He is a body builder who loves shaving his head, wearing handcuffs and chastity belts and covering himself in Vaseline. The hole on his head is capable of emitting a powerful beam of manly proteins.

In the original Chou Aniki game by Masaya, he fights against an army of body builders who attack the Star Prince.

The older brother of Samson and Adon and the heir to throne of the Star Prince. He is supposed to be the strongest man in the Ultimate Invincible Galaxy. He is the leader of the Aniki group that appears throughout the Langrisser series.

A magician's apprentice originating from Der Langrisser. Although he is seen with the Muscle Men in IV, he does not reappear with them in V.

Player Characters in V

    Werner / Sigma
Werner is the protagonist of Langrisser V and only son of the Duke of Eigil in Rigüler Province. Formerly the head of the Knights of Kalxath, he was falsely accused of the murder of Kalxath's kaiser, and fled to Yeless while his family was executed and their lands incorporated into the Empire of Kalxath. He entered the service of Gizlof, who later subjects him to his enhanced human experiments and turned Werner into a super soldier named Sigma with no memories. Sealed away in Gizlof's lab during the events of IV, he is reawoken by Lainforce and Aizel, and flees with fellow experiment Lambda in order to uncover the truth.
  • Amnesiac Hero: Gizlof purged Werner's memories when reviving him and transforming him into Sigma.
  • Back from the Dead: Allowed himself to be killed by a vengeful Clarett when she tracked him down to Yeless, but was revived by Gizlof as the super-soldier Sigma.
  • Clear My Name: The Kaiser was killed by a stranger that disabled Werner and then placed the bloody sword into his hand, leading him to be blamed for the crime and his family to be executed while he fled.
  • Clingy MacGuffin: In order to keep the revived Sigma from deteriorating, Gizlof created a copy of the Langrisser for him to wield, its power keeping his body stable.
  • Heroic Lineage: Is the descendant of Altemüller and Varna from Langrisser III.

A woman experimented on for her strong magical abilities. Gizlof amplified her magic potential and fused her cells with samples taken from the World Tree, enabling her to communicate with plants. Through his experiments, Gizlof boosted her magic powers and purged her memories, assigning her the code number Δ-052. The effects turned her hair from blonde to purple.
  • The Reveal: Her lost memories are eventually restored by Jessica's magic after helping Clarett to regain control of Kalxath, revealing that she is McClaine's long-lost sister Mariandel.

The second son of Rockwell, Lord of Reynolds in the Federation. His elder brother is Alvince.

A woman that first appears to be in charge of mercenary forces. However, it is soon discovered her mission is to come in contact with Werner and obtain the copy of Langrisser created by Gizlof. She is actually a working-class person from Crimzo, the Red Moon, that cut ties with Lainforce following the flooding of Recrio Village.

The daughter of the kaiser of Kalxath, who was murdered four years before the events of Langrisser V. She pursued his apparent murderer, Werner, and was eventually successful in stabbing him through the heart. However, while seeking assistance to deal with the rise of demons, she fatefully crosses paths with the reanimated Sigma.
  • Clear My Name: She gets charged with complicity in her father's murder by the power-hungry Gilmore, which leads to her and Werner working alongside each other to uncover the truth of her father's murder.
  • Heroic Lineage: Is a descendant of Luna, [[Namu, Lance, and Cherie.


A mysterious figure whose plans are often only seen pieces, his ultimate goal is unknown, but he will stop at nothing to achieve it.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: He is actually the Prince of Crimzonia.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Crimzonia is on the verge of destruction because of the loss of energy and and the recent summoning of Chaos, and he will stop at nothing to save it, including kidnapping Lambda and having her extract energy from the World Tree.

A subordinate of Lainforce in the military of the Rochefort province. He is a very serious, taciturn character who appears in Werner's way time and again.

One of Lainforce's most trusted men. Zero is involve in a variety of duties for Lainforce, in particular he is seeking an ancient ship. At another point he employs Goldry to take out a tunnel toward Reynolds.

A mysterious person who first appears with Brenda and orders to contact Werner and Mariandel. It is later revealed that he is also looking for the two sacred swords, Langrisser and Alhazard.

Kingdom of Kalxath

The count of Salrath, who is known as a trustworthy man who cares for his people.

The former cabinet minister who, upon Kalxath's kaiser's death, gained control of Rigüler Province's lands and usurped the throne of the Kalxath’s Empire with the help of Grove.
  • Evil Chancellor: Is power-hungry, and considers himself entitled to the throne.

Duke Quaid is a corrupt aristocrat in the Empire of Kalxath. He abuses his position and delights in torturing villagers and levying unbearable taxes.

Clarett’s fiancé, who she hopes will help them, only to find out that he (like many others nobles of Kalxath) is working for the Gilmore. When Eric and Clarett meet up again with each other, she convinces him to stop working for Gilmore and to help her. After joining the group, Eric works primarily as messenger between Count Lenard and Princess Clarett, and as a sort of guard for Clarett.
  • Double Agent: He eventually reveals that he's spying on the party for Gilmore, as Gilmore had forced him to take a drug that would drive him mad if more doses aren't taken regularly.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Knowing that he’ll eventually go mad without Gilmore's drugs, and wanting to atone for his sins, Eric goes to destroy Gilmore’s magic canon, the original version of Gal Shok. Doing so costs him his life.

    Kaiser Kalxath 
Clarett's deceased father, and former leader of Kalxath.

The head commander of the Aerial Squad of Gilmore's reorganized Kalxath Empire.

Regenburg Federation (Members introduced in V)

Ranford's father who is the Lord of Sutherland in the Regenburg Federation. As a young explorer, he and his friend Rockwell stumbled on the ruins of Crimzonian technology during their last adventure and inadvertently activated a “blood curse” when they removed a crystal.

The Lord of Reynolds and father of Alvince and Alfred. He was a friend of Ranford in his earlier years.

The heir to the Rockwell home and Alfred's older brother. He pursues Alfred suspecting him of being their father's killer. Upon receiving an invitation from Lainforce, the three-country alliance is formed and the Federation is forever changed.

A servant of Ranvelt.

Velzerian Evils

A Riguler general from Langrisser III. Following his original death, Geier was resurrected through the demonic powers of Chaos and becomes one of the three strongmen of Velzeria.

A Velzerian necromancer who survived the events of Langrisser III.

One of Böser's three dark servants, revealed to have survived the events of Langrisser III.

Other Characters Introduced in V

Omega is an orphan who was taken in and raised by Gizlof. He has a severe inferiority complex about having lost his position as Gizlof's favorite.

A man known to have a sour reputation before joining the Caconsis army. He first appears at a toll both, where he tries to extort more money out of Alfred and Clarett, the latter whom he offers alternative ways to pay, but is promptly denied causing to bring out the troops that begins a battle that soon drags in Werner and Mariandel. Though he is beaten, he will eventually track down Sigma and his entourage again, starting another battle in the middle of populated city.

    Crystal Bearer 
The unnamed mother of Landius and Emily. When Aizel floods Recrio, she takes Landius and the Sage's Crystal and tries to escape from the rising waters. Her husband stays behind to guard Emily. Brenda finds her during her search for survivors. Her crystal and child are entrusted to the Gohtal village elder.

    Polian Mother 

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