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Here's the main character page for the Langrisser series.

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Recurring Characters

Jessica's depiction in Langrisser Mobile
Voiced by: Ao Takahashi (Japanese, Mobile)
Jessica is known to the world as a well-respected and powerful mage, although her true identity is that of the human avatar of the Goddess Lushiris. Although she serves Lushiris, Jessica is charged with using her own judgment to support the human worldview and decide what is best to do at any given time.

By using a spell of rebirth, Jessica artificially extends her lifespan to more than a thousand years to watch over the soul word Langrisser. However, her body still has limits, requiring her to occasionally reincarnate while retaining her memories.


The avatar of Chaos that exists only to do his god's bidding, bringing terror and destruction to mankind. He's always searching for the demon sword Alhazard to complete his mission.

Different incarnations of Böser make appearances throughout the Langrisser series, sometimes using pseudonyms such as “The Dark Mage Faelart” and “The Sorceror Gambino”.

  • Born-Again Immortality: Unlike Jessica, who is one individual with a supernaturally extended lifespan, Chaos chooses a new vessel for Böser when the previous one dies. In times following a Böser's death but before Chaos has selected a new soul, any human who grabs Alhazard can be transformed into a new Böser.
  • Composite Character: In Mobile, the summonable Bozel is a collective memory of his past incarnations, unlike "The Sorcerer Gambino" that is currently in the Hebril Empire.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Some games spell his name as Bozel.

Gods and Goddesses

The goddess of Light.

The god of the monsters, although it would be a mistake to describe him as good or evil. Chaos is essentially an evolutionary force that appears to prevent the world from stagnating.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Although his influence usually leads to war against the Light, he is not truly malevolent.

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