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Player Characters

His appearance in Mobile

Diehärte Klaus is the protagonist of Langrisser III. As a young boy, he dreamed of becoming a knight and at the age of 12 was sent to study swordsmanship and chivalry under William and Geriord in the Kingdom of Larcuss. The game begins with his knighting ceremony.



A young and innocent girl. Even after her father, the Duke William, is murdered at the floating castle's surrender, she hides her sadness and behaves brightly. She cares for Diehärte as if he were her older brother.

His appearance in Mobile

Lewin is the son of Raymond, one of the feudal lords of Larcuss Kingdom. He looks like a child but has the steel nerves of an adult. His battle experience comes from fighting with Diehärte. He succeeds Elthlead Kingdom, which he helps to revive.


A knight who has earned the title “Blademaster,” Gilbert joins forces with Diehärte and company in Scenario 3 when the necromancer Grove calls back one of his daughters, Coty, as an undead spirit. He vowed to give up his sword when his daughter perished, but Grove's cruelty reminds him there is a time for battle.

    Silver Wolf



Her appearance in Mobile

Her appearance in Mobile

The original maiden of light, and the guardian of the the South side of the Lushiris Gate.


The archbishop of the Great Temple of Light, and the father of Sophia. He also guards the East Lushiris Gate Entrance.

His appearance in Mobile

The guardian of the West Lushiris Gate Entrance, with the ability to shapeshift into various demonic creatures.



The avatar of Lushiris. See the main index for more information.

His appearance in Mobile


Her appearance in Mobile

The princess of Barral, and the fiancée of Diehärte.

    Do Kahni 
One of the Shika Tribe leaders who aids Sophia in guarding the Southern entrance of Lushiris Gate.

His appearance in Mobile

  • Official Couple: With Varna. Their bloodline would eventually produce Werner.
  • Revenge Before Reason: In one route, the loss of his loved ones provokes him into wielding Alhazard and becoming an incarnation of Bozel.

Her appearance in Mobile

Kingdom of Larcuss


    Geriord & Layla
Geriord, holding Layla
Geriord is the personal guard of Duke William, and a high-ranking soldier in the Order of Knights of Larcuss. He is also engaged to Layla.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: After a battle that leaves him severely wounded, Geriord is infected with a parasite by Rag, becoming his minion.
  • The Dividual: In Mobile, they act together as a single unit.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Geriord breaks out of his brainwashed state to save Layla's life, at the cost of his own.


Diehärte's uncle and Lewin's father, as well as the viscount of Larcuss. He later becomes the founding king of Elthlead, takes on the reign name of Sieghart, and is the soul imprinted on Langrisser at the time of its forging.

    Klaus Senior 

A member of the royal family of the Kingdom of Larcuss. After Raymond takes over the territory to found the Kingdom of Elthlead, Richard appears to assert his claim the throne, but the truth is that Richard has died and the Velzerian commander Feraquea is using his appearance to throw the kingdom into chaos.

Rigüler Empire

    Heinrich Kleist IV 


The crown prince of Rigüler, and the cousin of Altemüller von Eigil. He killed his uncle and attempts to kill his father for a chance at the throne, but is ultimately defeated.

  • Came Back Strong: After he is killed, Chaos revives him as the incarnation of Bozel seen in the earlier Langrisser games.

Originally, Geier is one of the four generals under Field Marshall Altemüller and the commander of the Rigüler airships. However, he detests taking commands from a man younger than him, and plots with Paul in order to assassinate him.
  • Came Back Strong: After Altemüller kills him for his treachery, he is brought back by Chaos' forces, and becomes one of the great demon generals of Velzeria.


Her appearance in Mobile
Varna's sister, who constantly compares herself to her. At one point, she is held hostage in order to blackmail Varna and have her try to poison Altemüller, which does not go as intended.
  • Ascended Extra: She is not playable in III, but she is in the Mobile game.

Kingdom of Barral




The avatar of Chaos. See the main index for more information.

Her depiction in Mobile
One of Boser's underlings, known as the "Master of Changes".
  • Master of Disguise: Her specialty, using illusion magic to disguise herself as the lost (and dead) Prince Richard in an attempt to claim the throne.
  • The Chick: The only female Velzerian commander.

One of Boser's underlings, known as the "Worm Master".

One of Boser's underlings, known as the "Angel of Death".
  • Kick the Dog: His preferred targets to revive as minions are those close to the Army of Light, so that they'll have to slay their fallen loved ones to get to Grove.
  • Necromancer: His specialty.

Shika Tribe

    Keh Shikairo 
The head shaman of the Shika Tribe, who is determined to sacrifice Sophia to their Shika god. After Sophia is saved, she resurrects him to help her fight Rag.

    Ka Shind 
The Shika shaman responsible for creating an anti-magic fog. He is defeated by General Emerick, but reappears under the command of Rag, who intends to use him to usurp the position of the tribe's Shaman Chief.

Other Characters

Gilbert's dead daughter. Coty is raised as a spirit by Grove, but she manages to regain her humanity. Grove is not able to use her as a puppet so he disposes of her, further enraging Gilbert.

Time Warp

    Ledin, Chris, and Namu 
The protagonists of Langrisser I.

    Erwin, Liana, and Cherie 
The protagonists of Der Langrisser.

Muscle Men

    Adon, Samson, and Valan 
A trio of Macho Camp men, originating from the game Cho Aniki.

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