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Player Characters

Voiced by: Ryo Horikawa (Japanese, PlayStation/Saturn), Ryotaro Okiayu (Japanese, Mobile)

The young prince of Castle Baldea, and a descendant of Lewin. He flees from the surrounded castle before it falls to Kaiser Digos of the Dalsis Empire.


Updated portrait from Langrisser I & II for Playstation 4 & Nintendo Switch
A veteran knight of the Baldea kingdom. When the Dalsis Empire attacks, he receives orders from King Illzach to escape the castle with Ledin.
  • Crutch Character: Volkoff is a member of the exclusive Sword Master class, can use all three of the basic troop types (Soldier, Horseman, and Archer), and is nigh-unkillable by himself. However, he can't gain any experience, so he is best used to fend off enemies too strong for Ledin in the early game.

Voiced by: Akiko Hiramatsu (Japanese, PC Engine), Yuko Minaguchi (Japanese, PlayStation/Saturn), Ayane Sakura (Japanese, Mobile)

A traveling cleric who is attacked by the Shika Tribe on the road. Ledin and Volkoff come to her rescue and promise to protect her.

  • Big Damn Heroes: During Mission 4 when Ledin's party is attacked by slimes, Chris comes to their aid with an army of Guardsmen, whose flaming weapons are more effective against the monsters than your standard blades and arrows.
  • Red Shirt: During the escort mission to Salrath, Chris' only troops are of the Civilian class, who have absolutely no offensive capabilities and are easy prey for the Shika barbarians. They may get a lucky kill every once in a while, but are only good as meat shields.


The female commander of Baldea's Royal Guard. During Castle Baldea's fall, she guides Ledin and Volkoff outside the castle, before she goes back to save King Illzach.

  • Dragon Rider: She's one of two characters who can be promoted to the Dragon Knight class. The other, Lance, becomes this once he joins your party.

The Duke of Salrath, and an old friend of King Illzach. After he receives word of Baldea castle's fall, he moves to rescue Ledin. Hawking's greatest dream is to see Salrath prosper.

Once the commander of Salrath's guard, Thorn left his family as per request of Lord Hawking to serve under Prince Ledin.

The envoy of Lushiris. See the main index for more information.

A sea pirate who is released from Baldea's prison by King Illzach to help defend the castle against the assault of Kaiser Digos.

The commander of the patrol forces at Fort Anzel. When the Dalsis army attacked, he rallied his men to hold out for their prince; after the fierce battle, he then joined in his lord's fight.

    Lance Kalxath
Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue (Japanese, PlayStation/Saturn), Tsuguo Mogami (Japanese, Mobile)

A General of Dalsis, and the commander of Laias and Laetitia. He frequently crosses paths with Ledin. After the story, he starts a relationship with Namu and creates the country of Kalxath, which is an important location in later games.

  • Easy Amnesia: In the epilogue, it's stated that an injury in the final battle left him with amnesia, and he wandered the land until reuniting with Namu.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: When faced as an enemy, he and his Royal Soldiers are stronger than your average troops, and take a coordinated effort to be brought down.


Dalsis Empire


The Kaiser of the Dalshis Empire. He launches an attack on Baldea in order to capture the legendary sword Langrisser. His ultimate goal is the unification of El Sallia, and it appears that he'll stop at nothing.

    Sir Galius 

A colonel of Dalsis that often assists Lance as leader of his reinforcements.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Laias' last appearance is after Lance has been defeated at Twin Castle, securing him an escape route. His whereabouts afterwards are unknown.

Her depiction in Langrisser Mobile
A colonel of Dalsis that works under Lance.
  • Ascended Extra: She is playable in Langrisser Mobile.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: After the empire falls, she dies protecting Lance from a monster ambush during their escape.


Updated portrait from Langrisser I & II
The king of Baldea, who is also charged with protecting Langrisser with his life until Kaiser Digos arrives. He fights valiantly to protect Langrisser, but also to gain time for his son's escape. Ultimately, however, he falls in battle.


The envoy of Chaos. See the main index for more information.


Shika Tribe

    Doh Motov 

    Kah Iroh 
The Shaman commander who is in charge of the attack on Salrath.

Characters Introduced in Remakes

A new heroine and playable character introduced in the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch remake of the original game.

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